Themes and Sessions

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Theme 01: Cosmochemistry, planet formation

Meenakshi Wadhwa (Arizona State University)
Marc Chaussidon (CNRS)

Team members:
Jérome Aléon (CNRS, Orsay), Fred Ciesla (Univ. of Chicago), Ko Hashizume (Univ. Of Osaka), Frederic Moynier (Washington University), Ghylaine Quitté (CNRS, Lyon), Ed Young (University of California)

Theme 01 sessions:

01a: The Disc Epoch: Sources and Compositions of Early Solar System Materials
Convenors: Jérome Aléon, Ko Hashizume
Keynote: Sylvie Derenne (Univ. Paris)
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01b: From Gas and Dust to Planetesimals: Processes and Timescales
Convenors: Fred Ciesla, Ed Young
Keynote: Audrey Bouvier (Arizona State University)
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01c: From Planetesimals to Planets
Convenors: Ghylaine Quitté, Frederic Moynier
Keynote: David Stevenson (Caltech)
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01d: Mars and the Moon: New Discoveries from Sample Science to Recent Missions
Convenors: Anne Peslier, Tomas Magna, Carsten Münker
Keynote: Zach Sharp (University of New Mexico)
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Theme 01 related sessions:

02e: Timing and Conditions of Core Formation in the Primitive Earth
Convenors: Caroline Fitoussi, Mathieu Touboul
Keynote: David Rubie (Univ. Bayreuth)
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02f: Primordial Differentiation and Destruction of Hadean Silicate Reservoirs
Convenors: Guillaume Caro, Vickie Bennett
Keynote: Geoff Davies (Australian National University)
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02g: What was the Source of Earth’s Volatiles?
Convenors: Sean Raymond, Bernard Marty
Keynote: Kevin Zahnle (NASA ARC)
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02k: Astrobiology and Extreme Terrestrial Environments
Convenors: Jan Jehlicka, Howell G M Edwards
Keynote: Aharon Oren (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem )
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03a: Experimental Constraints on the Origin and Evolution of Earth’s Early Mantle and Core
Convenors: James Badro, Mike Walter
Keynote: Bernie Wood (University of Oxford)
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03c: Mantle Redox and the Deep Carbon Cycle
Convenors: Yingwei Fei, Dan Frost, Bob Luth
Keynote: Hugh O'Neill (Australian National University)
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03g: Stable Isotope Fractionation at High Pressures and Temperatures
Convenors: Wim van Westrenen, Helen Williams
Keynote: Tim Elliott (Bristol University)
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04b: New Insights into Mantle and Crustal Processes from High Temperature Stable Isotope Techniques
Convenors: Bruce Watson, Anat Shahar, Craig Lundstrom
Keynote: Frank Richter (University of Chicago)
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05a: The Origin of Planetary Crusts
Convenors: Audrey Bouvier, James Day
Keynote: Hilary Downes (University College, London)
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18a: Advances in Resolution and Accuracy of in situ Determination of Isotope Ratios
Convenors: Anders Meibom, Jan Kosler
Keynote: Takafumi Hirata (Kyoto University)
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20e: Diffusion Controlled Processes: Nature, Experiment and Theory
Convenors: Ralf Dohmen, Jiba Ganguly
Keynote: James Van Orman (Case Western Reserve University)
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Scope of theme:
Our understanding of the early evolution of the Solar System has made substantial progress in recent years from a combination of more detailed mineralogical and isotopic characterization of meteoritic materials and of astrophysical observations of young stellar objects and their accretion disks. Models and observations show the importance of processes that took place during the first few million years of the formation histories of solar systems, with accretion and differentiation of planetesimals probably occurring very early. This theme invites contributions that will report on progress from observations and models that allow us to better understand the nature and chronology of processes that have resulted in the formation of planetesimals and planets from the starting gas and dust of the nebula.