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Theme 21: Hydrogeochemistry and Global Water Sustainability

Chen Zhu (Indiana University )
Rolf Kipfer (Eawag)

Team members:
Karen Johannesson (Tulane Univ.), Annette Johnson (Eawag), Kirk Nordstrom (USGS), Yanxin Wang (China University of Geosciences)

Theme 21 sessions:

21a: Global Water Sustainability
Convenor: Chen Zhu
Keynote: Leonard Konikow (USGS)
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21c: Application of Noble Gases and Naturally Occurring Radioactive Isotopes in Waters and the Environment
Convenors: Rolf Kipfer, Michael Schubert
Keynote: Werner Aeschbach-Hertig (University of Heidelberg)
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21d: Biogeochemistry of Arsenic and Antimony
Convenors: Karen Johannesson, Annette Johnson, Saugata Datta
Keynote: Montserrat Filella
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21e: Fluid and Solute Fluxes Across the Land, River, Lake and Ocean Interfaces
Convenors: Henrieta Dulaiova, Thomas Riedel, Natasha Dimova, Hannelore Waska
Keynote: Henry Bokuniewicz (MSRC, Stony Brook University)
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21f: Fluid Flow in the Earth’s Crust
Convenors: Alasdair Skelton, Andrew Putnis, Jay Ague
Keynote: Katy Evans (Curtin University of Technology)
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Theme 21 related sessions:

08c: Biogeochemical Processes within Floodplain and Deltaic Sediments
Convenors: Scott Fendorf, Shawn Benner, Ruben Kretzschmar
Keynote: Holly Michael (University Delaware)
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19e: Simulation of Geofluids from Melts to Aqueous Solutions
Convenors: Lars Stixrude, Ariel Chialvo
Keynote: Peter Kusalik (University of Calgary)
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19f: Bridging the Gap between Atomic, Pore, and Continuum Scales
Convenors: Virginie Marry, Carl Steefel
Keynote: Christophe Tournassat (French Geological Survey)
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Scope of theme:
Fundamentals of how aqueous geochemical processes (including those mediated by microorganisms) affect water resources. Water interacts with minerals, soils, sediments, and rocks. The acquisition, mobility and transport of elements and isotopes in water provide valuable signatures to track water cycles at regional and global scales, and the studies of geochemical processes and reactions are also essential for development of remediation technologies for water contaminants.