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Theme 20: Frontiers in Mineralogy and Mineral Physics

Falko Langenhorst (University of Bayreuth)
Catherine McCammon (University of Bayreuth)

Team members:
Astrid Holzheid (University of Kiel), Gregor Markl (Universität Tübingen), F. Michael Meyer (RWTH Aachen), Ronald Miletich-Pawliczek (Universität Heidelberg), Marcus Nowak (Universität Tübingen)

Theme 20 sessions:

20a: Unraveling P-T-t Paths: Pseudosections Versus Classical Phase Petrology
Convenors: Sönke Brandt, Niels Jöns
Keynote: Patrick O´Brien (University of Potsdam)
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20b: Magnetic Properties of Chemical Interfaces and Nano-Crystals in Natural Systems
Convenors: Suzanne McEnroe, Ann Hirt

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20c: Interplay between Plastic Rock Deformation and Mineral Reactions
Convenors: Rainer Abart, Bjorn Jamtveit, John Wheeler
Keynote: Oliver Pluemper (University of Oslo)
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20d: Advances in Experimental and Computational Approaches to Mineral-Fluid Interactions
Convenors: David Dolejs, Juraj Majzlan
Keynote: Thomas Driesner (ETH-Zurich)
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20e: Diffusion Controlled Processes: Nature, Experiment and Theory
Convenors: Ralf Dohmen, Jiba Ganguly
Keynote: James Van Orman (Case Western Reserve University)
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20f: Melts and Glasses: From Deep Earth Interiors over Environmental Applications to Volcanological and Geophysical Challenges
Convenors: Roberto Moretti, Daniel Neuville
Keynote: Bjorn Mysen
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20g: Applying Synchrotron Science to Geosciences
Convenors: Max Wilke, Hanns-Peter Liermann
Keynote: Leonid Dubrovinsky (Bayerisches Geoinstitut, University of Bayreuth)
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20h: Abundance and Distribution of Critical High-Tech Metals in Ore Minerals
Convenors: F. Michael Meyer, Jens Gutzmer
Keynote: Ulrich Schwarz-Schampera (BGR (Fed. Inst. Geosci. Nat. Resources), Hannover)
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20i: Advanced Study of the Physical Properties of the Mantle Materials, and Applications to the Earth's Structure, Composition and Dynamics
Convenors: Tomoo Katsura, Stanislav Sinogeikin
Keynote: Yanbin Wang (University of Chicago)
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20j: Structure, Elasticity and Thermodynamics of Minerals
Convenors: Michael A. Carpenter, Tiziana Boffa Ballaran, Alan Woodland
Keynote: Boriana Mihailova (University of Hamburg)
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20k: Petrology and Geochemistry of Rutile
Convenors: Thomas Zack, Daniel F. Stockli, Alicia Cruz-Uribe
Keynote: Craig Manning (UCLA, US)
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Theme 20 related sessions:

03b: Estimating the Deep Mantle Water Budget from Geochemistry, Geophysics, and Geodynamical Modelling
Convenor: Bruno Reynard
Keynote: Hikaru Iwamori (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
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03d: Cratonic Mantle Processes: Insights from Diamonds and Xenoliths
Convenors: Maya Kopylova, Paolo Nimis
Keynote: Dmitri Ionov (Universite Jean Monnet)
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03f: Physics and Chemistry of the Deep Earth
Convenors: Tetsuya Komabayashi, James Van Orman
Keynote: Sang-Heon Dan Shim (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
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06e: Deep Subduction of Crustal Rocks into the Mantle: Observations, Experiments, Models
Convenors: Larissa Dobrzhinetskaya, Shah Wali Faryad, Taras Gerya, Alexei Perchuk
Keynote: Dirk Spengler (Kyoto University, Japan)
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08a: Natural, Synthetic, and Incidental Nanoparticles, their Surface Characteristics, and their Interactions with Earth and Life
Convenors: Mike Hochella, Laurent Charlet, Frank von der Kammer, Jamie Lead
Keynote: Kevin Wilkinson (University of Montreal)
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08e: Current Challenges in Predicting Trace Metals Mobility in the Environment
Convenors: Thorsten Schäfer, Christophe Tournassat, Thorsten Stumpf
Keynote: Luc Van Loon (PSI)
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08i: Mineral Nucleation: From the Atomic to the Planetary Scale
Convenors: Juan Diego Rodriguez-Blanco, Teresa Roncal-Herrero, Karina Krarup Sand
Keynote: Young-Shin Jun (Washington University in St Louis)
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08k: Water Structure and Hydrogen Bonding on Mineral and Nanoparticle Surfaces
Convenors: Glenn Waychunas, Alejandro Fernandez-Martinez
Keynote: Andrey Kalinichev (Laboratoire SUBATECH - Ecole des Mines de Nantes)
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09d: Petrological and Geochemical Indicators of Magmatic Processes and Eruption Trigger Mechanisms
Convenors: Olivier Bachmann, Christian Huber
Keynote: Dan Morgan (Leeds University)
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09h: Volcanic Glass Heterogeneity: Primary and Secondary Causes, and Uses
Convenors: Kim Berlo, Victoria Smith, Olivier Reubi
Keynote: Diego Perugini (Universita Perugia)
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10h: Geochemical Frontiers of the Rock/Water/Hydrocarbon System
Convenors: Bruce Yardley, Christian Ostertag-Henning
Keynote: Mike Lewan (USGS (Denver, USA))
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11f: Natural and Synthetic Platinum-Group Minerals (PGM): Tracers of Processes at High and Low Temperatures – Sponsored by IMA COM and SGA
Convenors: Oskar Thalhammer, Federica Zaccarini, Juraj Farkaš
Keynote: Alexandre Raphael Cabral (Technical University of Clausthal)
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11g: The Rare Earth Elements: Their Deposits, Geochemistry, and Environmental Impact
Convenors: Michael Bau, Ulrich Schwarz-Schampera, James R. Hein
Keynote: Toshihiko Ohnuki (Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute)
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17f: Microbial Catalysis of Mineral Dissolution and Precipitation
Convenors: Liane Benning, Renata van der Weijden, Steeve Bonneville, Carsten Mueller
Keynote: Benedicte Menez (IPGP Paris)
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19a: Radioactivity in the Environment: Damage, Solution, and Relativistic Effects
Convenor: David Dixon
Keynote: Richard Martin (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
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19b: Large and Complex Atomistic Systems: Physics, Algorithms, and Hardware
Convenors: Adri van Duin, Paolo Raiteri
Keynote: Bill Goddard (Caltech)
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19c: Modeling Transition Metal Compounds: Oxides, Sulfides, and Interfaces
Convenors: Rossitza Pentcheva, Ronald Cohen
Keynote: Udo Becker (University of Michigan, Dept. of geol. Sciences)
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19d: Dynamics of Earth Materials: From Isotope Fractionation to Spectroscopy
Convenors: Razvan Caracas, David Dixon

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19e: Simulation of Geofluids from Melts to Aqueous Solutions
Convenors: Lars Stixrude, Ariel Chialvo
Keynote: Peter Kusalik (University of Calgary)
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19h: High Pressure Behavior from Impacts to Interiors
Convenors: Nico de Koker, Kanani Lee
Keynote: Burkhard Militzer (University of California, Berkeley)
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Scope of theme:
Organised by the German Mineralogical Society (DMG), this theme explores how state-of-the-art investigations in mineralogy and mineral physics have expanded our understanding of properties and processes occurring on the Earth's surface to its deep interior. Sessions focus on recent developments and breakthroughs in both experimental and theoretical approaches to provide an up to date snapshot of the state of the science.