Program for Session 21f

Tuesday 16th August PM: Floor 4 / Poster Area

21f (Poster): Fluid flow in the Earth’s crust

4090  A Possible Model of Accelerated Dehydration by Fluid Migration in Deformed Amphibolite Associated with Oeyama Ophiolite
Akai R
4091  Quantification Non-Linear Flow and Transport in Fractures Based on Boundary Layer Theory and MIM
Chen Z, Li H & Li R
4092  Water Table Fluctuations with Soil Temperature Changes in a Laboratory Experiment
Cheng D-H
4093  U and Sr Isotopic Variations at a Deep Underground Laboratory, Homestake Mine, SD
Cruz M, Maher K, Olsen N, Jones T, Conrad M & Sonnenthal E
4094  Paleohydrological Communication between Baksa Gneiss and Overlying Carboniferous Sediments
Fintor K
4095  Reactive Fluid Flow and Time-Integrated Fluxes in an Upper Crustal Magmatic-Hydrothermal System, Krušné Hory Mts., Central Europe
Hermanska M & Dolejs D
4096  Geochemistry of Fluids from the Bruce Nuclear Site: Evidence for a Geologically Ancient Ordovician Porewater System
Kennell L, Al T, Clark I & Jensen M
4097  Helium in Michigan Basin Sediments: A Tracer for Pore Fluid Migration and Age
Mohapatra R, Clark I, Jackson R, Raven K & Jensen M
4098  Geochemical and Isotopic Analyses of Non-Volcanogenic Hot Springs in Central Japan
Kusuda C, Iwamori H, Kazahaya K, Morikawa N, Takahashi M, Takahashi H, Ohwada M, Ishikawa T, Tanimizu M & Nagaishi K
4099  Isotope Distribution of Dissolved Carbonate Species in Serbian Thermal Waters
Miljevic N, Golobocanin D, Colic J & Martinovic M
4100  Flux Rates for Water and Carbon during Greenschist Facies Metamorphism
Skelton A
4101  Excess Argon Systematics Under HP – LT Conditions: A Tracer for Metamorphic Fluid Connectivity?
Smye A, Warren C, Bickle M & Holland T
4102  Intracrystal Microstructures in Alkali Feldspars from Apparently Fluid Deficient Felsic Granulites: A Chemical and TEM Study
Tajcmanova L, Abart R, Wirth R, Habler G, Morales L & Rhede D

Wednesday 17th August AM: Floor 4 / Conference Hall

21f (Oral): Fluid flow in the Earth’s crust
Session chaired by Alasdair Skelton, Andrew Putnis & Jay Ague

09:30  δ18O Zoning in Eclogite Garnet
Russell A, Kitajima K, Strickland A, Medaris Jr. LG, Spicuzza M & Valley J
09:45  Halogen Concentrations and δ37Cl in Apatite as a Fluid Probe to Decipher Fluid-Rock Interaction
Layne G, John T, Whitehouse M, Austrheim H & Kusebauch C
10:00  Invited: Deformation of Garnet in Eclogite: Dominant Mechanisms and the Active Role of Fluids
Smit M, Scherer E, John T & Janssen A
10:15  Keynote: What can Equilibrium Thermodynamics Tell us About Metasomatic Alteration?
Evans K
10:45  B-Bearing Fluids: Caught in the Act
Dutrow B, Henry D, Gable C, Travis B & Foster T
11:00  Fluid-Flow Controls of Low δ57Fe Hydrothermal Iron Mineralization
Matthews A, Erel Y, Stern D, Ryb U & Avni Y
11:15  REE and Stable Isotope Constraints on Formation of Metamorphic Quartz Veins: A Case Study from the Rhenish Massif (Germany)
Wagner T, Boyce A & Erzinger J
11:30  Evidence of K-Fe Metasomatism in the SW Scottish Highlands
Kleine B, Skelton A & Pitcairn I
11:45  Isotopically-Zoned Zircons: Records of Fluid/Melt Flow in the Lower Crust, Kapuskasing Uplift
Bowman J, Moser D, Valley J, Wooden J, Kita N & Mazdab F
12:00  The Nature of Fluid Flow through Vertical Formations in the Aureole of the EJB Pluton, White Mountains, California
Nabelek P & Morgan S
12:15  Depth- and Pressure Dependent Permeability in the Upper Continental Crust – Data from the Urach 3 Geothermal Well
Stober I

Wednesday 17th August PM: Floor 4 / Conference Hall

21f (Oral): Fluid flow in the Earth’s crust
Session chaired by Alasdair Skelton, Andrew Putnis & Jay Ague

14:00  The Effect of Post-Depositional Fluids on Ediacaran Sedimentary Carbonate in South China
Zhao Y & Zheng Y
14:15  U/Pb Dating of Geodic Calcites: A Tool for Paleohydrological Reconstructions
Pisapia C, Deschamps P, Hamelin B, Battani A, Buschaert S & David J
14:30  Mineralizations Monitor Depth and Composition Variations of Paleohydrothermal Fluid Systems
Markl G & Staude S