Program for Session 14d

Tuesday 16th August PM: Floor 3 / Poster Area

14d (Poster): Links between surface processes and the evolution of Earth’s biogeochemical cycles

3081  Nitrogen Fixation through Early Earth History
Martin-Torres FJ & Delgado-Bonal A
3082  The Paleozoic Minimum in 87Sr/86Sr Ratio in the Capitanian (Middle Permian): Records from the Mid-Panthalassa Paleo-Atoll Limestones
Kani T, Kofukuda D & Isozaki Y
3083  Modeling Oceanic Anoxia/Euxinia Induced by Massive CO2 Injection
Ozaki K & Tajika E
3084  Geochemical and Isotopic Composition of Quartzites Near the MCT Zone (Garhwal Himalaya, India): Implications to their Provenance & Deposition
Rai SK, Singh SK & Sachan HK
3085  Carbon Biogeochemical Cycle in the Impounded Wujiang River, China
Wang B, Liu C-Q & Wang F
3086  Surfacial Geochemical Features of Elements in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Wang Y
3087  Mobilization and Re-distribution of Major and Trace Elements during Extreme Weathering of Basalt in Guangzhou Province, South China
Xiao Z
3088  Chemical and Isotopic Composition of Lower Vindhyan Organic Rich Sediments: Role of Chemical Alteration and Grain Size Distribution
Dalai TK
3089  Balance of Cenozoic Carbon Cycle Maintained by Basalt Weathering
Li G

Wednesday 17th August AM: Floor 2 / Terrace 1

14d (Oral): Links between surface processes and the evolution of Earth’s biogeochemical cycles
Session chaired by Martin Kennedy & Sasha Turchyn

11:00  Enhanced Chemical Weathering during Early Triassic in Response to the Collapse of Terrestrial Ecosystem after the End-Permian Mass Extinction
Ikeda M, Sakuma H, Tada R & Takahasi S
11:15  Mycorrhizal Weathering through Space and Time: Implications for the Long-Term Carbon Cycle
Taylor L, Banwart S, Leake J & Beerling D
11:30  Invited: Geochemical and Ecological Models of Plant-Driven Chemical Weathering: Insights into the Sinks for Atmospheric CO2
Keller CK, O'Brien R, Balogh-Brunstad Z & Bormann B
11:45  Rates and Mechanisms of Oxygen Consumption by Fresh Volcanic Material in the Marine Environment
Hembury D, Palmer M & Fones G
12:00  Keynote: Land Colonisation and Earth System Change: A Recurring Pattern
Lenton T