Program for Session 05g

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 1 / Club H

05g (Oral): Duration, tempo and rates of magmatic processes in the crust
Session chaired by Urs Schaltegger & Othmar Müntener

14:00  Keynote: Magma Emplacement Durations and Rates and the Dynamics of Magmatism and Volcanism
Annen C, Blundy J, Caricchi L, Menand T, de Saint-Blanquat M, Schöpa A & Sparks S
14:30  Crystal-Poor vs. Crystal-Rich Ignimbrites: A Competition between Stirring and Reactivation
Huber C, Bachmann O & Dufek J
14:45  Missed Connection: Ignimbrite Seeking Plutonic Relationship
Coleman D, Mills R & Tappa M
15:00  Petrography and Chemistry of Zircons from the Chaltén Plutonic Complex and Implication on the Interpretation of U-Pb Zircon Ages
Ramírez C, Putlitz B, Müntener O & Ovtcharova M
15:15  Time Scales of Magma Differentiation and Implications for the Growth Rate of the Torres del Paine Laccolith
Leuthold J, Müntener O, Baumgartner L, Putlitz B, Ovtcharova M & Schaltegger U
15:30  The Rapid Emplacement of the Val Fredda Complex, Adamello Batholith, N. Italy
Broderick C, Schaltegger U, Günther D & Brack P
15:45  Rapid Assembly of an “S-Type” Batholith in New Zealand: The Plutonic Equivalent of a Supereruption?
Turnbull R, Tulloch A & Ramezani J
16:00  U-Pb Geochronology of the Southern Scandinavian Caledonides: The Mesoproterozoic Espedalen Anorthosite-Gabbro-Norite Massif and Associated Rocks
Corfu F & Heim M
16:15  Revisiting the Age of the Merensky Reef, Bushveld Complex
Scoates J, Wall C, Friedman R & Chamberlain K
16:30  Correlated Uranium Concentration, Radiation Damage, and Increased SHRIMP U/Pb Ages of Zircon
White L & Ireland T
16:45  Dating Granites from the Erzgebirge by Different Methods – A Comparison
Tichomirowa M & Pfänder J

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 1 / Poster Area

05g (Poster): Duration, tempo and rates of magmatic processes in the crust

1068  Geothermobarometric Results at the Northern tip of Antarctic Batholith: Tectonic Implications
Bobadilla H, Calderón M & Hervé F
1069  Zircon U-Pb and Hf Isotopic Constraints on the Magmatic and Tectonic Evolution in Iran
Chiu H-Y, Chung S-L, Zarrinkoub MH, Lin I-J, Yang H-M, Lo C-H, Lee H-Y, Pang K-N, Mohammadi SS & Khatib MM
1070  Bimodal Volcanism of the Northern Frames of the Eastern Link of the Mongolian-Okhotsk Orogenic Belt (Russia)
Derbeko I
1071  U-Pb SHRIMP and Geochemical Data of Granitoids Characterizing the Evolution of Shear Zones in NE Brazil
Guimarães I, Silva Filho A, Silva F & Armstrong R
1072  Zircon U-Pb and FT Dating on Clastic Dykes in the Matsukawa Geothermal Field, Japan, with Reference to the Quaternary Kakkonda Granite
Ito H, Tamura A, Morishita T & Arai S
1073  The Origin of Naxos Migmatites: SIMS U-Pb and O Isotope Analysis of Zircon
Katzir Y, Be'eri-Shlevin Y, Wooden J, Valley J, Kitajima K & Grimes C
1074  Sr and Nd Isotope Disequilibrium in Migmatites and Leucogranites, the Higo Metamorphic Terrane, Japan
Maki K, Shellnutt JG, Wu T-W, Mori Y, Miyazaki K, Yui T-F & Jahn B-M
1075  Apatite Composition of Southern Germany Volcanoes: Clues to Origin and Magmatic Evolution
von der Handt A & Rahn M
1076  ID-TIMS as a Tool for Terrane Provenance Studies in Polyorogenic Complexes: A Case from the SW-Norwegian Caledonides
Roffeis C, Corfu F & Gabrielsen RH
1077  Tracing Episodic Magma Accretion by Zircon 18O/16O Isotopes and U-Pb Dating in the Adamello Batholith, Italy
Skopelitis A, Bindeman I, Ulianov A, Brack P & Schaltegger U
1078  Protracted History of Continental Subduction at the Southern Edge of the Maya Block, Central Guatemala: Petrological and Geochronological Evidences
Solari L, García Casco A, Lee JK & Ortega Rivera A
1079  Intracratonic Carboniferous Granites in the Paleoproterozoic Crust of Lithuania: New SHRIMP U-Pb Zircon Ages
Vejelyte I, Yi K, Cho M, Kim N & Lee T-H
1080  Petrologic Significance of High-Precision Zircon U-Pb Dates from the Skaergaard Intrusive Complex
Wotzlaw J-F, Bindeman IN, Schaltegger U, Brooks CK & Naslund HR
1081  Two Episodes of the Early Cretaceous Magmatic Activity in the Gan-Hang Rift, South China: In situ Zircon U-Pb Dating
Yang S-Y, Jiang S-Y, Jiang Y-H & Zhao K-D