Program for Session 21e

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 4 / Conference Hall

21e (Oral): Fluid and solute fluxes across the land, river, lake and ocean interfaces
Session chaired by Henrieta Dulaiova, Thomas Riedel, Natasha Dimova & Hannelore Waska

14:45  Keynote: Submarine Groundwater Discharge, the Subterranean Estuary and Climate Change: Quo vadis?
Bokuniewicz H
15:15  Rapid Seawater Circulation through Animal Burrows in Mangrove Forests – A Significant Source of Saline Groundwater to the Tropical Coastal Ocean
Stieglitz T, Clark J & Hancock G
15:30  The Impact of Sea Level Rise on Salt Water Intrusion into Coastal Aquifers
Rapaglia J, Bokuniewicz H, Vafeidis A & Pick T
15:45  Seepage of Subsurface Brines into a Major Lake System Using Ra and Stable Isotopes of Oxygen and Hydrogen: A Case Study from Lake Huron
Baskaran M, Novell T, Ruberg S, Biddanda B, Johengen T, Hawley N & Klump V
16:00  Rare Earth Elements: Indicators of Redox Conditions and Surface Water-Groundwater Mixing in an Estuarine Wetland
Poh SC & Gasparon M
16:15  Geologic and Hydrologic Control of Porewater Chemistry and Submarine Groundwater Discharge into Indian River Bay, Delaware
Michael H, Fernandez C, Russoniello C, Andres AS, Kroeger K, Krantz D, Banaszak J, Musetto A, Myers K, Konikow L & Bratton J
16:30  Ecosystem-Level Impact Signals of Groundwater Borne Continental Nitrate Transfer to the Ria Formosa Lagoon by Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD) Traced along the Mixing Gradient by a Multi-Indicator Approach
Rocha C, Cristina V-P, Wilson J, Monteiro JP & Scholten J
16:45  Sea Water Circulation in Coastal Aquifers as Inferred from Radium Isotopes: The Dead Sea Case
Kiro Y, Weinstein Y, Yechieli Y & Starinsky A

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 4 / Poster Area

21e (Poster): Fluid and solute fluxes across the land, river, lake and ocean interfaces

4086  Geochemical Mapping of Phosphorus in Drainage Sediments of Pernambuco State, Brazil
Franzen M, Lima E & Cavalcante R
4087  Environmental Geochemistry of Nickel in Stream Sediments in Pernambuco State, Brazil
Cavalcante R, Lima E, Franzen M & Santos S
4088  Environmental Geochemistry and Magnetic Susceptibility in the Estuarine Clastics Sediments of Jaboatao River, Pernambuco, Brazil
Lima M, Lima E, Moraes A, Taboada Castro T, Neumann V, Lima E & Correia P
4089  Brackish Marine Water Intrusion in Deep Fractured Granitic Bedrock
Mathurin F, Kalinowski B, Åström M & Laaksoharju M
4090  Hydrogeological and Geochemical Characterisation of a Mantled Evaporite Karst Based on Hydrogeochemical Data
Acero P, Francisco G, Jorge Pedro G, Maria Jose G, Luis Francisco A & Pedro L
4091  Sampling Technology of Deep Groundwater with Diffusive Gradient in Thin Film (DGT)
Alakangas L, Åström M & Kalinowski B
4092  Fluoride Patterns in a Boreal Stream Influenced by Bedrock and Hydrology
Berger T, Peltola P, Drake H & Åström M
4093  Colloidal Control on the Distribution of Major and Trace Elements in a Small Mountain Stream (Malaval Catchment, Massif Central, France)
Catrouillet C, De Bardon De Segonzac C, Pourret O & Steinmann M
4094  Oxygen Optodes as Fast Sensors for Eddy Correlation Measurements in Aquatic Systems
Chipman L, Huettel M, Berg P, Meyer V, Klimant I, Glud R & Wenzhöfer F
4095  Ecological Impact of Submarine Groundwater Discharge in a Mediterranean Lagoon: Correlations between Radon, Radium and Nitrate in the Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain
Claude C, Baudron P, Mayer A, Gilabert J, Martinez-Vincente D, Radakovitch O, Leduc C, Garcia-Arostegui J-L & Cabezas-Calvo-Rubio F
4096  Measurement of Isotopes and Chemistry in Tunnel Inflow for Study of Water Flow in Fractured Rock
Hokr M & Balvin A
4097  Study on Distribution of Technetium Species and Influence Factors in Groundwater
Huang Z & Yongli W
4098  Seasonal Distribution and Effects of Herbicides on Coral Reefs Around Okinawa, Japan
Kaneshiro A, Fujimura H, Oomori T, Gima S, Higuchi H, Casareto BE, Suzuki Y & Sagawa T
4099  Fate of Nutrients in the Fresh-Saline Water Interface in Coastal Aquifers
Russak A, Sivan O, Yechieli Y, Lazar B & Herut B
4100  The Behavior of Vanadium between Water and Basalt
Terada M & Shikazono N
4101  The Gully Nitrogen Migration and Flux at Northern China City
Song Y & Liu H
4102  Evaluation of Contaminant Transport Parameters at Leningrad Atomic Power Plant Drain Area
Vereschagina E
4103  Using Rare Earth Elements (REE) for Tracing Watermasses
Verheul M & Klaver G
4104  Variation of Silica and Diatoms in Wagner and Consag Basins in the North Part of California Gulf, Mexico
Villanueva-Estrada RE, Estradas-Romero A, Prol-Ledesma RM, Zamudio-Resendiz ME, Rodríguez D, Tobón E & Rentería J
4105  Pathways of Dissolved Organic Matter in the Subterranean Estuary: Evaluation of Organic Geochemical Tracers
Waska H, Seidel M, Dittmar T & Kim G
4106  Study of Evolution Model of Triassic K-Rich Brine in Sichuan Basin
You Z & Hang Z
4107  Modeling of Column Experiments – Influence of Glass Micro Balls
Žabka V, Bruský I & Šembera J
4108  Modeling of Hyporheic Zone of Surface Water – Groundwater with 3S Technology
Zhang J