Program for Session 16h

Tuesday 16th August PM: Floor 4 / Poster Area

16h (Poster): Environmental implications of waste recycling: challenges in preserving soil and water resources.

4013  Remediation of Arsenic Contaminated Soil Using Soil Washing with an Acidic and Reducing Solution
Lee JH, Kim JG, Cho YC, Lee CO & Chae BG
4014  Pilot Scale Feasibility Test for in situ Chemical Oxidation and Biodegradation Process to Remediate the Diesel Contaminated Millitary Site, Korea
Lee H, Kim I, Baek K & Lee M
4015  Assessment of Heavy Metal Contamination in Soils Around Gebze Industrial Area, NW-Turkey
Yaylali-Abanuz G
4016  Study on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Removal Features in Pingshantou Waterplant of Huainan City, China
Gao L & Su G
4017  Veterinary Antibiotics in Pig Feces
Li Y, Li W, Yang M & Lin C
4018  Influences of pH and Oxidation on the Leaching Potential of As, Cu, Pb and Zn from Sediments through a pHstat-Leaching Test in Combination of a BCR 3-Step Extraction
Ho HH, Swennen R & Cappuyns V
4019  The Phase Equilibrium of Ternary System Cd2+, Na+//Cl--H2O at 298 K
Huang Y, Lu D & Zou F
4020  Mineral Composition of the Metallurgical Slag after Steel Production
Jonczy I
4021  The Study on Arsenic Stabilization Using Recycled Mine Sludge
Ko M-S, Kim J-Y, Lee J-S, Ko J-I & Kim K-W
4022  Autotrophic Denitrification Potential: An Experimental Study on Nitrate-N Removal from Groundwater by Pyrite in Mining Wastes as Electron Donor
Liu Y & Li Y
4023  Assessment of Heavy Metal Contamination in Soils Around Chinnaeru River Sub-Basin, Nalgonda District, India
Machender G, Yashoda S, Reddy MN & Govil PK
4024  The Environmental Impact of Sewage Effluent Discharges in the Pracana River – Portugal
Oliveira N, Almeida P, Carvalho N, Silva A, Antunes M, Ferreira A & Albuquerque T
4025  Geochemical and Mineralogical Features of Coal Combustion Wastes (CCW) of Angren Thermal Power Station (TPS) and Possible Ways of their Recycling, Uzbekistan
Rakhmonkulova S & Shukurov N
4026  Study on Decision Support System for Water Pollution Control of ShaYing River
Xie X, Gao L & Liu X
4027  Fluorescence Spectrum Characteristic of the Extractable Humus in Soil from Shannan Developed Area
Gao L & Zhang Q
4028  Study on the Phase Equilibrium of the Quaternary System Cd2+, K+, Na+//SO42--H2O at 298 K
Zou F, Huang Y, Ni S & Zeng Y
4029  Molybdate Sorption from Steel Slag Eluates by Soils
Matern K, Mansfeldt T & Rennert T

Wednesday 17th August AM: Floor 1 / Meeting Hall I

16h (Oral): Environmental implications of waste recycling: challenges in preserving soil and water resources.
Session chaired by Emmanuel Doelsch & Armand Masion

10:15  Invited: Investigation of Copper and Zinc Speciation in Pig Slurry by a Multitechnique Approach
Legros S, Doelsch E, Chaurand P, Rose J, Masion A, Borschneck D, Proux O, Hazemann J-L, Briois V, Ferrasse J-H, Saint-Macary H & Bottero J-Y
10:30  Copper Speciation in Organic Wastes by X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Tella M, Chataing S, Collin B, Diot MA, Bravin MN & Doelsch E
10:45  Keynote: Zeolitization of Aluminosilicate Waste Materials in Soil as a Tool for Soil Remediation
Terzano R
11:15  Redox Conditions in Infiltration Basins of a Large Scale Soil Aquifer Treatment (SAT) of Effluent
Goren O, Gavrieli I, Burg A, Negev I, Guttman J, Kraitzer T, Cikurel H, Kloppmann W, Guerrot C & Pettenati M
11:30  Mobility of Nitrogen and Heavy Metals in Biosolid Amended Soil
Moraetis D, Voutsadaki S, Kotronakis M, Kontolaimakis G, Stamati F, Nikolaidis N & Kalogerakis N
11:45  Invited: The Impact Associated to Wastewaters Treatment Plant Discharges into a Fluvial System (Central Portugal)
Silva A, Carvalho N, Almeida P, Oliveira N, Antunes M, Ferreira A & Albuquerque T