Program for Session 08h

Monday 15th August AM: Floor 2 / Meeting Hall V

08h (Oral): Geochemical Processes at Mineral-Water Interfaces - Insight from Macroscopic, Spectroscopic, and Computational Methods: Surface Alteration and Dissolution
Session chaired by Jeffrey Catalano, Udo Becker & Jean-François Boily

09:30  Interfacial Reactions during Olivine Replacement
King H, Satoh H, Geisler T, Tsukamoto K & Putnis A
09:45  Dissolution/Precipitation Processes during Low-Temperature Mineral Weathering
Ruiz-Agudo E, Urosevic M, Putnis CV, Cardell C, Rodríguez-Navarro C & Putnis A
10:00  Study on Mineral Surface Reacted with Water at High Temperatures Above 300°C
Hu S, Zhang R & Zhang X
10:15  Glass Composition Impact on Water Reactivity at the Glass Surface
Rebiscoul D, Bruguier F, Magnin V & Gin S
10:30  Borosilicate Glass Alteration Driven by Magnesium Carbonates
Debure M, Frugier P, De Windt L & Gin S
10:45  The Double Effect of Mg on the Long-Term Alteration Rate of a Nuclear Waste Glass
Thien B, Godon N & Ayral A
11:00  Modeling Glass Alteration Layers
Frugier P, Gin S, Rajmohan N & Debure M
11:15  Reliance of the Rate of Dissolution of the SON68 Glass on SiO2(aq): New Quantification Using Interferometry
Icenhower J, Steefel C, Luttge A, Ryan J & Pierce E
11:30  Invited: How Crystalline Matter Dissolves: Contours of a Comprehensive Stochastic Model
Luttge A, Arvidson RS, Kurganskaya I & Fischer C
11:45  Modeling the Dissolution and Growth of Whole Mineral Grains
Arvidson RS & Luttge A
12:00  Phyllosilicate Dissolution Kinetics: Experimental Observations and Kinetic Monte Carlo Modeling
Kurganskaya I, Arvidson RS & Luttge A
12:15  Holographic Interferometry Study of the Inhibition of Gypsum Dissolution
Pachon-Rodriguez EA & Colombani J

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 2 / Meeting Hall V

08h (Oral): Geochemical Processes at Mineral-Water Interfaces - Insight from Macroscopic, Spectroscopic, and Computational Methods: Mineral Growth and Ion Adsorption
Session chaired by Jeffrey Catalano, Udo Becker & Jean-François Boily

14:00  Coffinitization of Uraninite – A Review and Discussion of Observations on Different Scales
Evins LZ & Jensen KA
14:15  Evidence for the Formation of a Fluorapatite Surface Layer on Nano-Sized Hydroxyapatite after the Exposure to an Aqueous Solution
Sternitzke V, Kaegi R, Hering JG & Johnson CA
14:30  Molecular Model of Kinetic Isotope Fractionation during Surface-Controlled Growth of CaCO3 from Aqueous Solution
Nielsen L, DePaolo D & De Yoreo J
14:45  An Experimental Study on the Role of the Tetrahedral SO42-, CrO42- and SeO42- Anions in the CaCO3 Polymorphism
Fernández-González Á, Fernández-Díaz L, Sánchez-Pastor N & Prieto-Rubio M
15:00  Novel Insights into the Ion Sorption Properties of Calcite in Aqueous Solutions Using Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy
Villegas-Jimenez A, Hazen R & Sverjensky D
15:15  Speciation of Trivalent Metal Ions at the Silica/Water Interface Studied by Second Harmonic Generation
Jordan D, Saslow S & Geiger F
15:30  Evaluation of Surface Complexation Parameters for Eu3+ on Muscovite and Orthoclase
Britz S, Noseck U, Brendler V & Stockmann M
15:45  Keynote: Cation Adsorption at the Muscovite-Electrolyte Solution Interface
Fenter P, Lee SS, Schmidt M, Soderholm L, Wilson R, Park C, Nagy K & Sturchio N
16:15  Ion Desolvation as a Mechanism for Kinetic Isotope Fractionation
Hofmann AE, Bourg IC & DePaolo DJ
16:30  Alkali Metal and H2O Dynamics at Clay-Water Interfaces: Lessons from NMR
Bowers G, Kirkpatrick RJ & Singer J
16:45  Stability of Cu Adsorbed onto Clay Surfaces: An Experimental and Computational Study
Goncalves M, Martins D & Parker S

Tuesday 16th August AM: Floor 2 / Meeting Hall V

08h (Oral): Geochemical Processes at Mineral-Water Interfaces - Insight from Macroscopic, Spectroscopic, and Computational Methods: Fundamental Interfacial Processes
Session chaired by Jeffrey Catalano, Udo Becker & Jean-François Boily

09:30  Electrolyte Adsorption to Goethite-Water Interfaces
Criscenti L & Hart D
09:45  Hydroxyl Group Reactivity at FeOOH/Gas and FeOOH/Water Interfaces
Boily J-F
10:00  Keynote: Probing Mineral-Water Interfaces with Computer Simulation
Kerisit S, Rosso K & Felmy A
10:30  A Bond-Valence View of Interfacial Structure and Reactivity
Bickmore B
10:45  Interfacial Thermodynamics: Inherent Limitations of Classical Adsorption Theories
Pan G
11:00  A Comparison of the Reactivity at the Solid-Solution Interface of Nano- and Micro-Crystalline TiO2 Phases
Ridley M, Machesky M & Kubicki J
11:15  First Principles Investigation of Manganese Oxide Surface Chemistry
Oxford G & Chaka A
11:30  A Unified Surface Structural Model for Ferrihydrite: Proton, Electrolyte, and Arsenate Adsorption
Villalobos M & Antelo J
11:45  Tungstate Polymerization and its Role in Sorption on Iron and Aluminum Oxyhydroxides
Lorenz E, Hur H & Reeder R
12:00  First-Principles Simulation of Arsenate Adsorption on the (1-12) Surface of Hematite
Blanchard M, Morin G, Lazzeri M, Balan E & Mauri F
12:15  Ternary Surface Complexes Probed by Attenuated Total Reflection-Infrared Spectroscopy
Lefevre G, Mercier-Bion F, Zhao Y, Vladimir S, Jerome R & Eric S

Tuesday 16th August PM: Floor 2 / Meeting Hall V

08h (Oral): Geochemical Processes at Mineral-Water Interfaces - Insight from Macroscopic, Spectroscopic, and Computational Methods: Organic Ligands and Complex Systems
Session chaired by Jeffrey Catalano, Udo Becker & Jean-François Boily

14:00  Monte Carlo Study of Aggregation of Alkyltrimethylammonium Ions at the Montmorillonite-Water Interface
Klebow B & Meleshyn A
14:15  Heating Organoclays: Does it Affect their Potential to Interact with Organic Compounds in Aqueous Environment?
Borisover M, Yariv S, Bukhanovski N & Lapides I
14:30  Invited: Surface Complexation Evidence that Amino Acids Prefer Special Sites on Oxide Surfaces
Sverjensky D, Hazen R, Azzolini D, Lee N & Klochko K
14:45  Surface Structures on Rutile Guide Organic Molecule Attachment
Livi K, Schaffer B, Azzolini D, Hardcastle T, Seabourne C, Scott A, Sverjensky D, Hazen R & Brydson R
15:00  The Role of Mineral Surface Chemistry in the Prebiotic Selection of Pentose Sugars
Klochko K, Sverjensky D, Hazen RM & Cleaves HJ
15:15  Mechanisms of Cd Sorption to Montmorillonite (Na-SWy-2) Clay Affected by Ionic Strength and Microbial Ligand
Song Z, Bunker B & Maurice P
15:30  Linking Structural Isomerism of Organic Ligands to the Precipitation and Structure of Ferrihydrite
Mikutta C
15:45  Comparing the Surface-Promoted Hydrolysis of Phosphate Mono- and Diesters on Goethite
Kenney J & Persson P
16:00  Enzymatic and Abiotic Hydrolysis of Glucose Phosphate Adsorbed on Goethite
Olsson R, Giesler R, Loring JS & Persson P
16:15  Interactions of Phosphate and Phosphonate with the Calcite Surface
Stelling J, Nothstein AK & Neumann T
16:30  Modeling the Effects of Fertilization and pH on Dissolved Inorganic Phosphorus in Soils
Gerard F, Devau N, Le Cadre E & Hinsinger P
16:45  Adsorption Behaviour of Copper in Natural Composite Sedimentary Materials
Maia F & Gonçalves M

Tuesday 16th August PM: Floor 3 / Poster Area

08h (Poster): Geochemical Processes at Mineral-Water Interfaces: Insight from Macroscopic, Spectroscopic, and Computational Methods

3027  Pyromorphite Formation from Natural and Surfactant-Modified Montmorillonite Adsorbed Lead
Bajda T, Figuła A, Manecki M & Marchlewski T
3028  Kaolinite as a Sorbent for As Natural Contamination
Campredon B, Hurel C & Marmier N
3029  Dissolution Rate of Bunsenite (NiO) in Acid Solutions to 130°C
Bellefleur A, Bachet M, Bénézeth P & Schott J
3030  Behaviour of Dissolved Silica (Adsorption and Coprecipitation) in the Presence of Calcite
Belova D, Karaseva O, Lakshtanov L & Stipp S
3031  VSI Study of Biotite Dissolution at Acidic pH and 25-50˚C
Cappelli C, Cama J & Huertas J
3032  Modelling of Long-Term Diffusion-Reaction in the Callovo-Oxfordian Clay for Radioactive Waste Confinement
Delalande M, Fritz B, Clement A & Michau N
3033  Retention of Colloids at Rough Rock Surfaces
Fischer C, Darbha G, Michler A & Schäfer T
3034  Kinetics of Free Radical Formation at Mineral-Water Interfaces
Gil Lozano C, Fernández Davila A, González Fairén A & Gago Duport L
3035  The Effect of Sulfate Adsorption on the Cation Exchange Capacity of High Porosity Chalks
Megawati M, Hiorth A & Madland MV
3036  Hydrothermal Alteration of Diatomite for the Fixation of Heavy Metal Ions
Höllen D, Grunert P, Klammer D & Dietzel M
3037  Assessment of the Nanoscopic Dissolution Rate of Basic Lead Carbonate (Hydrocerussite)
Katsikopoulos D, Godelitsas A & Astilleros J-M
3038  Uptake and Retention of Mercury by Hydroxylapatite
Kim YJ, Lee HE, Park S-O & Lee YJ
3039  Atomic Force Microscopy Study of the Dissolution of a Calcite Surface in the Presence of Phosphate Ions
Klasa J, Ruiz-Agudo E, Putnis CV, Putnis A, Schofield P & Valsami-Jones E
3040  Mineral Surface Charge Development in Mixed Electrolytes
Kozin P & Boily J-F
3041  Alginate Control on Calcite Precipitation Rate
Lakshtanov L, Bovet N & Stipp S
3042  Arsenic Uptake by Natural Sludge Occurred at Coal Mine Drainage
Lee HE, Kim YJ, Park S-O, Sung YH, Oh SG & Lee YJ
3043  Thermodynamics of Solid Solutions of Carbonates with Non-Isostructural End-Members: The Prediction of Solubility Limits with the Single Defect Method
Vinograd VL, Luchitskaia MI & Winkler B
3044  Mechanical Instabilities Induced by Sulfate Adsorption
Megawati M, Hiorth A & Madland MV
3045  Adsorption and Sorption of Zn2+ on the Surface of Aluminum Hydroxide
Miyazaki A, Numata M, Etou M, Yonezu K, Balint I & YOkoyama T
3046  Synthesis of Lithium Ion-Sieves Using Biogenic Birnessite as a Precusor
Sasaki K, Morioka E & Yu Q
3047  Removal of Fluoride on Mg–Al Mixed Oxides Prepared at Different Temperatures
Moriyama S, Sasaki K & Hirajima T
3048  Change in Lead Sorption during Transformation of Monohydrocalcite to Aragonite
Munemoto T & Murakami T
3049  Precipitation and Surface Complexation in Systems Containing Cu(II), As(V) and Goethite
Nelson H, Sjöberg S & Lövgren L
3050  Water and Ethanol Reactivity on Chalk from Water- and Gas-Saturated Zones
Okhrimenko D, Dalby K, Bovet N & Stipp S
3051  The Interaction of Pd- and Pt-Bearing Chloride Solutions with Sulphide Minerals: XPS, SPM and Electrochemical Study
Romanchenko A, Gaynullova O & Mikhlin Y
3052  Inhibition of Calcite Dissolution Kinetics during Direct Liming of Acid Surface Waters
Schipek M & Merkel B
3053  Growth Rate Effect on Sr/Ca and Mg/Ca Partitioning between Calcite and Fluid: In situ Data
Schmitt A, Gabitov R, Sadekov A & Leinweber A
3054  Hg (II) Sequestration by Ettringite-Type Phases. A Geochemical Modeling and EXAFS Study
Serrano S, Vlassopoulos D, Brad B & Peggy O
3055  Sorption of Hg(II) by Nanocrystalline Mackinawite (Tetragonal FeS)
Bone S, Kwon K, Bargar J & Sposito G
3056  Electrolyte Ion Adsorption at the Hematite/Water Interface: A Cryogenic X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study
Shimizu K, Shchukarev A, Kozin P & Boily J-F
3057  Iron Distribution in the Clay of Weathering Crust of Katalambinskoe Ore Field
Simakova Y, Lutoev V & Lysiuk A
3058  Nanoscale Observations of Dolomite Dissolution
Urosevic M, Ruiz-Agudo E, Putnis CV, Cardell C, Putnis A & Rodríguez-Navarro C
3059  Characterization of Fe(0) Electro-Coagulation Reaction Products Using Synchrotron-Based Techniques
van Genuchten C, Peña J, Addy S, Sposito G & Gadgil A
3060  Arsenic Partition in Redox Gradients Systems with Iron and Sulfur Presence
Vega A, Acevedo S, Leiva E, Rios P, Pizarro G & Pastén P
3061  Effect of Ionic Strength on Ca Isotope and Sr Incorporation into Calcite
Watkins J, DePaolo D, Ryerson F & Gonzales M
3062  Arsenic in Siliceous Deposits Formed from Geothermal Water
Sabita A, Yonezu K, Okaue Y & Yokoyama T
3063  Effect of Oxidation State on Arsenic and Selenium Incorporation into Calcite
Yokoyama Y & Takahashi Y
3064  Structural Effects of Zn2+ on Biogenic Mn Oxides: EXAFS Analysis of Solid Residues after Concomitant Immobilization
Yu Q, Sasaki K, Hirajima T, Tanaka K & Ohnuki T

Wednesday 17th August AM: Floor 2 / Meeting Hall V

08h (Oral): Geochemical Processes at Mineral-Water Interfaces - Insight from Macroscopic, Spectroscopic, and Computational Methods: Interfacial Redox Processes
Session chaired by Jeffrey Catalano, Udo Becker & Jean-François Boily

09:30  Electrochemically-Driven Lithium Isotopic Fractionation
Black J, Perre E, Umeda G, Dunn B, McDonough W & Kavner A
09:45  Iron Isotope Fractionation in Soil Solutions of a Gleysol
Schuth S & Mansfeldt T
10:00  Combined WAXS/XAFS Measurements for Studying the Reaction of S(-II) with Lepidocrocite
Behrends T, Hellige K, Silveira M & Peiffer S
10:15  Pyrrhotite Oxidative Dissolution: A Microstructural Perspective by FIB-TEM and Surface Topometry
Harries D, Pollok K & Langenhorst F
10:30  Alteration of Arsenopyrite in Sulphuric Acid
Cai Y & Hu X
10:45  Selenium Reduction by Pyrite: pH Effect and Mossbauer Study
Gehin A, Kang M, Greneche J-M & Charlet L
11:00  Invited: Photochemical Transformations of Carboxylates on TiO2 and Iron(III)(hydr)oxide Surfaces
Hug S & Borer P
11:15  Adsorption and Oxidative Transformation of Aromatic Acids by Fe(III)-Montmorillonite
Polubesova T, Eldad S & Chefetz B
11:30  Kinetics of Coupled Fe(II)-Catalysed Ferrihydrite Transformation and U(VI) Reduction
Boland D, Collins R, Glover C, Payne T & Waite D
11:45  Invited: Time-Resolved Metal(loid) Reactivity at Biogeochemical Interfaces
Sparks D, Ginder-Vogel M & Landrot G
12:00  Reduction of Biogenic Uranyl Phosphate Nanoparticles by Three Metal-Reducing Bacteria
Rui X, Boyanov M, Kwon MJ, O'Loughlin E, Dunham-Cheatham S, Fein J, Bunker B & Kemner K
12:15  Using Bacteria to Produce Tailored Magnetic Nanoparticles
Byrne J, Coker V, Telling N, van der Laan G, Vaughan D, Pattrick R & Lloyd J