Program for Session 08c

Wednesday 17th August PM: Floor 1 / Poster Area

08c (Poster): Biogeochemical Processes within Floodplain and Deltaic Sediments

1075  Potential for Manganese Oxidation in Shallow Groundwater Induced by Water Table Fluctuation
Farnsworth C, Voegelin A & Hering J
1076  Release of Trace Metals in Soil Suspensions as Affected by Redox Potential and Temperature
Hindersmann I & Mansfeldt T
1077  Sulfur, Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopic Variation in the Drinking Water Source of Beijing
Ji H, Zhu X, Li H, Lu F & Xin X

Thursday 18th August AM: Floor 2 / Meeting Hall V

08c (Oral): Biogeochemical Processes within Floodplain and Deltaic Sediments
Session chaired by Scott Fendorf, Shawn Benner & Ruben Kretzschmar

09:30  Keynote: Transport of Solutes through Hydraulically and Chemically Heterogeneous Sediments of the Bengal Basin
Michael H
10:00  Deltaic Landforms and Stratigraphic Controls on Groundwater Arsenic
Weinman B, Goodbred S, van Geen A & Singhvi A
10:15  Invited: Does Monsoon Rainfall Drive Arsenic Mobilization and Organic Carbon Release in Bangladesh Aquifers?
Planer-Friedrich B, Haertig C, Lissner H, Steinborn J, Suess E, Hassan MQ, Zahid A, Alam M & Merkel B
10:30  Invited: The Hydrogeochemistry of Pond and Rice Field Recharge: Implications for the Arsenic Contaminated Aquifers in Bangladesh
Neumann RB, Ashfaque KN, Polizzotto ML, Badruzzaman ABM, Ali MA & Harvey CF
10:45  Invited: Arsenic Contamination of Groundwater in Vietnam: Delta-Wide Survey and 3D Geospatial Modeling
Berg M, Winkel LHE, Trang PTK, Lan VM, Stengel C, Amini M, Ha NT & Viet PH
11:00  Invited: Predicting Spatial and Temporal Concentrations of Arsenic within the Mekong Delta
Kocar B, Benner S & Fendorf S
11:15  Redox Transformations of Cu in Periodically Flooded Soils
Fulda B, Voegelin A & Kretzschmar R
11:30  Episodic Estuarine Hypoxic Events: Integrating the Biogeochemistry, Hydrology and Climate on a Sub-Tropical Floodplain, Eastern Australia
Wong V, Johnston S, Walsh S, Morris S, Burton E, Bush R, Sullivan L & Slavich P
11:45  Invited: The Role of Microbial Sulfidogenesis in Shaping Iron-Sulfur-Arsenic Interactions within Floodplain Soils
Burton E, Johnston S & Bush R
12:00  The Effect of Flood-Induced Redox Oscillations on Arsenic Mobility in a Calcareous Fluvisol
Parsons C, Couture R-M, Omoregie E, Roman-Ross G & Charlet L
12:15  Mercury Colloid Formation in a Floodplain Soil
Hofacker A, Voegelin A & Kretzschmar R