Program for Session 12a

Monday 15th August AM: Floor 2 / North Hall

12a (Oral): Links between CO2 and climate: Carbon cycle feedbacks over time
Session chaired by Ralph Keeling & Hagit Affek

09:30  Climate-Carbon Cycle Feedback during Glacial Cycles
Ganopolski A, Brovkin V, Calov R, Archer D & Manhoven G
09:45  Enhanced Shelf Sediment Weathering during Glacial Periods Damps pCO2 Reduction: A Negative Feedback
Ushie H & Matsumoto K
10:00  CO2 Evasion from the Greenland Ice Sheet: A New Carbon-Climate Feedback
Jacobson A & Ryu J-S
10:15  Oxygen Triple-Isotope Evidence for Enhancement of CO2 Sequestration Efficiency by Diatom-Diazotroph Assemblages in a Giant River Plume
Yeung LY, Berelson WM, Young ED, Prokopenko MG, Carpenter EJ & Yager PL
10:30  Erosion in the Arctic: Enhanced Carbon Sequestration Associated with High Latitude Warmth?
Hilton RG, Galy V, Gaillardet J, Calmels D, Grocke DR & Bryant C
10:45  Keynote: Methane and the PETM: All Good Things Must Come to An End?
Pagani M, DeConto R, Galeotti S & Beerling D
11:15  Mid-Latitude (~50°N) Continental Response to Falling Atmospheric PCO2 during the Eocene-Oligocene Transition
Hren MT, Sheldon ND, Grimes ST, Collinson ME, Hooker JJ, Bugler M & Lohmann K
11:30  The Relationship between Ice Volume, CO2 and Climate in the Middle Miocene
Foster G, Lear C & Rae J
11:45  Orbital Scale Alkenone Based CO2 Records Across the Pliocene Intensification of Northern Hemisphere Glaciation
Badger M, Bowler G, Davis C, Hull A, Potts M, Schmidt D & Pancost R
12:00  Toward Calibrating the Paleosol Carbonate CO2 Barometer for paleoVertisols
Breecker D, Michel L, Yoon J, Mintz J, Driese S & Nordt L
12:15  Are Large Igneous Provinces Net-Sinks for CO2?
Schaller M, Wright J & Kent D

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 2 / Poster Area

12a (Poster): Links between CO2 and climate: Carbon cycle feedbacks over time

2116  Subcrustal CO2 Flux Measurement in the Hranice Hydrothermal Karst
Geršl M, Geršlová E, Hypr D & Kolejka V
2117  Abnormal Positive δ13C Values of Carbonate in Lake Caohai, Southwest China and their Possible Paleoenvironmental Significances
Zhu Z