Program for Session 13b

Wednesday 17th August PM: Floor 2 / Poster Area

13b (Poster): Aerosols, clouds and precipitation

2090  Anions Dramatically Enhance Proton Transfer Across the Air-Water Interface
Hoffmann M, Mishra H, Enami S, Neilson R, Goddard W & Colussi A
2091  Does Aerosol Alter Entrainment Mixing in Warm Cumulus?
Small J, Jonsson H & Chuang P
2092  Combustion Aerosol over Marine Stratus: Long Range Transport, Subsidence and Aerosol-Cloud Interactions over the South East Pacific
Clarke A, Freitag S, Brekhofskikh V, Snider J, Campos T, Kazil J & Feingold G
2093  A Possible Evidence of Urbanization Effect on the Light Precipitation in the Mid-Korean Peninsula
Eun S-H, Kim B-G, Chae S-H & Park J-C
2094  Dependence of Adiabaticity of Stratiform Clouds Upon Stability, and its Relationship to Aerosol-Cloud Interactions
Kim Y-J, Kim B-G, Miller M & Song C-K
2095  Atmospheric Aerosol as the Source of Nitrate Deposits in Turpan-Hami Basin, China: Evidence from Oxygen and Nitrogen Isotopic Compositions
Li Y, Qin Y, Liu F & Hou K
2096  Ship Emissions and their Influence on Large Scale Cloud Fields
Peters K, Quaas J, Stier P & Grassl H
2097  Estimating Aerosol Forcings Using the MACC Aerosol Reanalysis
Quaas J & Bellouin N
2098  The Combined Use of CALIOP, MODIS and OMI Aerosol and Cloud Products for Calculating Direct Aerosol Radiative Effects
Redemann J, Vaughan M, Shinozuka Y, Russell P, Livingston J & Remer L
2099  Impact of Aerosols on the Equilibrium Response of the Climate System
Sousa Santos G & Bey I

Thursday 18th August PM: Floor 2 / North Hall

13b (Oral): Aerosols, clouds and precipitation
Session chaired by Patrick Chuang & Johannes Quaas

14:00  Keynote: Aerosol, Clouds, Precipitation, Radiation, and Climate; A Global Perspective
Stephens G
14:30  Invited: Robust Aerosol Indirect Effects Inferred from Remotely-Sensed Cloud Properties Acquired during VOCALS
Zuidema P, Leon D & Painemal D
14:45  Invited: Interaction of Particulate Pollution and Precipitation
Flossmann A & Wobrock W
15:00  Modeled Response in Radiative Properties of Shallow Convective Clouds due to Perturbations in Meteorological State Variables and Atmospheric Aerosol Loading
Engström A & Ekman A
15:15  Invited: Cloud Condensation Nuclei Concentrations and Actual Supersaturations in Real Clouds
Baltensperger U, Jurányi Z, Emanuel H, Gysel M, Bukowiecki N & Weingartner E
15:30  Cloud Processing Measured with Sulfur Isotopes during HCCT 2010
Harris E, Sinha B, Hoppe P, Crowley J, Borrmann S, Foley S, Gnauk T, Van Pinxteren D & Herrmann H
15:45  Invited: The Barbados Cloud Observatory: Controls on Precipitating Shallow Cumulus Convection
Nuijens L, Serikov I, Hirsch L & Lonitz K
16:00  Invited: Projection of Future Climate Change by Aerosols along the Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs) with a Global Climate Model
Takemura T
16:15  Invited: Cloud-Aerosol Interactions in Operational NWP: Presently Simple, but the Future is Complicated
Field PR, Wilkinson J, Shipway B & Hill A
16:30  Anthropogenic Aerosols and the Weakening of the South Asian Summer Monsoon
Ming Y, Bollasina M & Ramaswamy V
16:45  Invited: Evaluating New Particle Formation, Growth, and CCN Formation in Global Models
Adams P, Westervelt D, Riipinen I, Pierce J & Trivitayanurak W