Program for Session 07f

Wednesday 17th August PM: Floor 2 / Terrace 2

07f (Oral): Modern analogues for Precambrian marine ecosystems
Session chaired by Sean Crowe & Noah Planavsky

14:00  Multiple Sulfur Isotope Fractionation during Sulfur Cycling in a Warm, Monomictic Lake with Sub-Millimolar Sulfate Concentration
Kamyshny A, Eckert W, Gun J, Lev O, Zerkle A, Mansaray Z & Farquhar J
14:15  Microbial Sulfur Isotope Fractionation in Littoral Sediments: Interpreting δ34S Variability in Archean Rocks
Mason P, Stam M, Laverman A, Pallud C & Van Cappellen P
14:30  Medal: The Many Flavors of Oxygen-Minimum Zones Past and Present
Canfield D
15:15  Fe Isotope Cycling in Ferruginous and Anoxic Lake Pavin (France) from Water Column to Sediment
Busigny V, Planavsky N, Jézéquel D, Louvat P, Michard G, Viollier E & Lyons T
15:30  Invited: Metatranscriptomics of the Green Sulfur Bacteria in a Meromictic Swiss Lake (Lago di Cadagno)
Cox R, Habicht K, Miller M, Storelli N, Tonolla M & Frigaard N-U
15:45  Keynote: Iron Mineralization in Anoxic, Non-Sulphidic Systems
Poulton S
16:00  Invited: Proterozoic Analog Ecosystem and Organic Biomarkers in a Florida Sinkhole
Macalady J, Albrecht H, Welander P, Fulton J, Schaperdoth I, White T, Freeman K, Newman D & Summons R
16:15  Invited: A Precambrian Manganous Sea?
Jones C, Crowe SA & Canfield DE
16:30  High Methane Oxidation Rates in Ferruginous Lake Matano
Sturm A, Crowe S, Jones C, Leslie K, Canfield D, Nomosatryo S, Mucci A & Fowle D
16:45  S Isotope Investigation of a Redox-Stratified System Dominated by Chemotrophic Sulfide Oxidation
Zerkle A, Macalady J, Jones D & Farquhar J

Wednesday 17th August PM: Floor 1 / Poster Area

07f (Poster): Modern analogues for Precambrian marine ecosystems

1063  Microbial Cycling of Sulfur in the Aphotic Zone a Meromictic Lake
Bannon D, Ono S, Templer S & Bosak T
1064  Cr-Isotopes and REE Variations in a Laterite Profile: Implication for Redox Processes and Element Mobility during Weathering
Berger A & Frei R
1065  Sulfate Reduction and Microbial Abundance in Saline, Alkaline Lake Van (Turkey)
Glombitza C & Kallmeyer J
1066  The Nitrogen Isotopic Composition of a Proteozoic Microbial Community
Gueneli N & Brocks JJ
1067  Calibrating S Isotope Fractionation in Sulfate Reducing Bacteria
Johnston DT, Bradley AS, Cummins R, Leavitt WD & Girguis PR
1068  Measuring δ13C in Siderite and Organic Matter of Lake Sediments
Lebeau O, Busigny V, Chaduteau C, Jezequel D & Ader M
1069  Fe-Poor and Sulfide-Rich: Mangrove Lake as a Precambrian Analogue?
Pellerin A, Wing B, Bui TH, Rough M, Mucci A & Canfield DE