Program for Session 11e

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 2 / Poster Area

11e (Poster): Biogeochemistry and Geomicrobiology of Ore Deposits - sponsored by SGA

2106  The Molybdenum Isotopic Indication of Low-Medium Temperature Hydrothermal Ore-Forming Systems: A Case Study on the Dajiangping Pyrite Deposit, Western of Guangdong Province, China
Song S, Hu K, Wen H & Zhang Y
2107  Geochemistry of the Artic Loki’s Castle Hydrothermal Vent Products
Cruz MI, Dias Á, Relvas J, Carvalho C, Fonseca R, Pedersen R & Barriga F
2108  Microbial Induced Mineralization in Co-rich Ferromanganese Crusts from the Scotia Sea
González FJ, Somoza L, Maldonado A, Torres T & Ortiz JE
2109  River Red Gum Biogeochemical Expression of Buried Broken Hill Type Mineralisation
Mitchell C & Hill S
2110  Microbial Communities as Palaeoenvironmental Indicators during Black Shale-Hosted Manganese Ore Formation
Polgári M, Hein JR, Németh T, Gutzmer J, Hahn T, Müller A, Vigh T & Bíró L
2111  The Effect of Iron-Oxidizing Bacteria on the Stability of the Gold-Thiosulfate Complex
Shuster J, Smith A, Bolin T & Southam G
2112  Biogeochemical Footprint of the Ta-, and Nb-Bearing Carbonatite, Blue River Area, British Columbia, Canada
Simandl G, Fajber R & Dunn C
2113  The Weathering of Platinum from Nuggets and Platinum Immobilisation by Cupriavidus metallidurans
Campbell G, Reith F, MacLean L & Southam G
2114  Mineralogy of the Sodic-Calcic Hydrothermal Alteration Host Rocks of the Esfordi, Choghart and Chadormalu Magnetite-Flourapatite Deposits, Bafq Area, Central Iran
Taghipour S, Kananian A & Donovan J
2115  Biogenic Supergene Galena-Rich Ore in the Las Cruces Deposit, Spain
Tornos F, Miguelez NG, Velasco F & Videira JC

Tuesday 16th August AM: Floor 3 / South Hall

11e (Oral): Biogeochemistry and Geomicrobiology of Ore Deposits - sponsored by SGA
Session chaired by Gordon Southam

09:30  Keynote: The Geomicrobiology of Gold: Fundamental Processes to Industrial Applications
Reith F, Grass G, Zammit C, Southam G & Brugger J
10:00  Microbially Enhanced Ore Weathering and Surface Anomaly Development
Leslie K, Ihlenfeld C, Oates C, Barr J & Fowle D
10:15  Biogeochemistry as a Regional Mineral Exploration Tool: Northeast Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia
Reid N, Lintern M, Noble R, Anand R, Gray D, Sutton G & Jarrett R
10:30  A Microbially-Mediated Deep Terrestrial Nitrogen Cycle at Henderson Mine, CO
Swanner E & Templeton A
10:45  The Microbiology and Biogeochemistry of Sulfidic Mine Dumps
Schippers A