Program for Session 13a

Tuesday 16th August AM: Floor 2 / North Hall

13a (Oral): Organics in the mix: multicomponent aerosol processes
Session chaired by Gordon McFiggans & Douglas Worsnop

09:30  Keynote: Compact Representation of Complex Organic Aerosol Processes
Donahue N
10:00  Gas Phase Low Volatility Organic Compounds (LVOCs): Measurements from Chambers, Planes and Automobiles
Cross E, Daumit K, Hunter J, Carrasquillo A, Sappok A, Wong V, Herndon S, Jayne J, Worsnop D & Kroll J
10:15  Invited: Aerosol Mass Spectrometer Constraint on the Global Secondary Organic Aerosol Budget
Spracklen D, Jimenez J, Carslaw K, Worsnop D, Evans M, Mann G, Zhang Q, Canagaratna M, Allan J, Coe H, Mcfiggans G, Rap A & Forster P
10:30  Invited: Cloud Droplet Activation of Organic Aerosols: The Role of Molecule Size, Polarity, and Functional Group Composition
Petters M, Ziemann P, Kreidenweis S, Suda S, Carrico C, Faulhaber A, Matsunaga A, Sullivan R, Minambres L & Prenni A
10:45  Insights into Biogenic Secondary Organic Aerosols Produced from Five Structurally Different Precursors
Alfarra MR, Good N, Hamilton J, Wyche K, Monks P, Lewis A & McFiggans G
11:00  Cationic Polymerization of Isoprene on Cloudwater Droplets
Enami S, Mishra H, Hoffmann M & Colussi A
11:15  Increased Stable Carbon Isotopic Ratios of Oxalic, Malonic, and Glyoxylic Acids in the Arctic Aerosols during Polar Sunrise and After
Kawamura K & Barrie L
11:30  CAPRAM Mechanism Development: Evaluation of Prediction Methods for Aqueous Phase Rate Constants and Model Results
Bräuer P, Mouchel-Vallon C, Tilgner A, Aumont B & Herrmann H
11:45  Phases and Phase Transitions of Tropospheric Aerosols
Marcolli C, Song M, Ciobanu G, Zuend A, Ganbavale G, Zobrist B, Luo B, Soonsin V, Krieger U & Peter T
12:00  How do Plant VOC Emissions Affect Atmospheric Nanoparticle Formation?
Dal Maso M, Mentel TF, Kiendler-Scharr A, Kleist E, Tillmann R, Sipilä M, Petäjä T, Hakala J, Liao L, Lehtipalo K, Kulmala M & Worsnop D
12:15  Invited: Factors Affecting the Physical Phase State of SOA Particles from Biogenic and Anthropogenic Precursors
Virtanen A, Saukko E, Lambe A, Massoli P, Onasch T, Wright J, Croasdale DR, Laaksonen A, Davidovits P & Worsnop DR

Tuesday 16th August PM: Floor 2 / North Hall

13a (Oral): Organics in the mix: multicomponent aerosol processes
Session chaired by Gordon McFiggans & Douglas Worsnop

14:00  Source Apportionment of Atmospheric Organic Aerosol by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy: Results from EUCAARI Project
Facchini MC, Finessi E, Decesari S, Paglione M, Hillamo R, Raatikainen T, O'Dowd C, Kiendler-Scharr A & Worsnop DR
14:15  Discrimination of Secondary Organic Aerosol from Different Sources
Heringa M, Chirico R, Platt S, Pfaffenberger L, Barmet P, Slowik J, DeCarlo P, Dommen J, Prévôt A & Baltensperger U
14:30  Invited: Changes in Organic Aerosol Composition with Aging Inferred from Aerosol Mass Spectra
Canagaratna M, Ng NL, Jimenez J-L, Chhabra P, Seinfeld J & Worsnop D
14:45  Novel Approaches to Organic Aerosol Chemical Characterization
Williams B, Zhang Y, Martinez R, Docherty K, Ulbrich I, Jimenez J, Hering S, Kreisberg N, Goldstein A & Worsnop D
15:00  Keynote: Developing a Comprehensive Approach to Chamber Studies of Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation
Ziemann P, Matsunaga A, Aimanant S, Yeh G & Lim Y

Tuesday 16th August PM: Floor 2 / Poster Area

13a (Poster): Organics in the mix: multicomponent aerosol processes

2115  State-Dependent Chemistry of Model Atmospheric Aerosol
Huisman A, Krieger U & Peter T
2116  Simulations of Multicomponent Aerosol Processes on the Regional Scale
McFiggans G, Utembe S, Lowe D, Archer-Nicholls S & Topping D
2117  Oxidized Organic Aerosol Components in Cabauw, Netherlands, during the May 2008 EUCAARI IOP: NMR Spectroscopic Characterization and Factor Analysis
Paglione M, Finessi E, Decesari S, Kiendler-Scharr A, Stocchero M & Facchini MC
2118  Aerosol Particle Phase State Measurement Technique Using a Low Pressure Impactor
Saukko E, Kuuluvainen H & Virtanen A
2119  PM2.5 Chemical Composition at Rural Background Site in Central Europe
Schwarz J, Karban J, Havránek V, Chalupníčková E & Smolík J
2120  Revisiting the Influence of Particle Size on the Equilibrium Composition
Topping D & McFiggans G
2121  Photolysis of iron(III) Carboxylato Complexes – Quantum Yield Determination and Reactivity Simulation in Clouds and Atmospheric Particles
Weller C, Tilgner A & Herrmann H
2122  Influence of Secondary Organic Aerosols (SOA) on “Bromine Explosion” in Smog-Chamber Experiments
Buxmann J, Balzer N, Ofner J, Zetzsch C & Platt U