Program for Session 11b

Thursday 18th August AM: Floor 3 / South Hall

11b (Oral): Ore Deposits and the Role of the Lithospheric Mantle - Sponsored by SGA
Session chaired by Wolfgang Dereck Maier, Sisir K. Mondal, Thomas Oberthür & Marco Fiorentini

09:30  Keynote: Ore Deposits and the SCLM
Griffin W, Begg G, O'Reilly S & Pearson N
10:00  Invited: Ore Metals from the Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle?
Arndt N
10:15  Invited: Metallogenic Provinces: Products of Asthenosphere-Thermal Boundary Layer-Lithosphere Interactions
Kerrich R
10:30  Intra-Cratonic Lithospheric Deformations – Heterogeneities, Faulting and Rayleigh-Tylor Instabilities
Gorczyk W, Hobbs B, Zhu G, Ord A & Gessner K
10:45  Gold Mobility in the Mantle: Constraints from Sulfides in Pyroxenites and Lherzolites
Saunders J, Pearson N & O'Reilly S
11:00  Gold Contents of the Cratonic Sub-Continental Lithospheric Mantle: Implications for Orogenic Gold Deposits
Maier W, Kontinen A & McDonald I
11:15  Low Oxygen Fugacity Mantle Derived Auriferous Fluids for Archaean Orogenic Gold Deposit of Ajjanahalli, Chitradurga Schist Belt, Dharwar Craton, India
Sarangi S, Sarkar A, Balaram V & Srinivasan R
11:30  Sulfide Mineralogy of West Greenland Kimberlitic Mantle Xenoliths
Mondal SK, Bernstein S & Rosing MT
11:45  Melting and Melt/Rock Reaction of Sulphides in Middle Atlas Spinel Peridotite Xenoliths
Westner K, Wittig N, Klemd R, Brätz H & Osbahr I
12:00  Possible High-PGE-Au Silicate Melt/Aqueous Fluid in Mantle Wedge: Inferred from Ni Metasomatism in Avacha Peridotite Xenolith
Ishimaru S, Arai S, Borisova AY & Tamura A

Thursday 18th August PM: Floor 3 / South Hall

11b (Oral): Ore Deposits and the Role of the Lithospheric Mantle - Sponsored by SGA
Session chaired by Wolfgang Dereck Maier, Sisir K. Mondal, Thomas Oberthür & Marco Fiorentini

14:00  Keynote: Chalcophile Elements in Magmas and Magmatic Sulfide Deposits: Can We see the Mantle Signals?
Barnes S, Maier W & Fiorentini M
14:30  Invited: Mechanisms for the Attainment of Sulfide Saturation in Magmas Derived from Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle
Ripley E
14:45  Invited: Is the Platinum in the Bushveld Complex Derived from the Lithospheric Mantle ?
Barnes S-J, Maier W & Curl E
15:00  Can Multiple Sulfur Isotopes be Used as a Tracer of Sub-Continental Lithospheric Mantle in the Bushveld?
Penniston-Dorland S, Farquhar J, Polley G, Mathez E & Kinnaird J
15:15  Sudbury Asteroid Impact Triggered the Emplacement of Endogenous Magma that Produced a Giant Ni-Cu-PGE Deposit
Latypov R
15:30  Petrogenetic Implications from PGE in the Layered Mafic Dufek Intrusion and Related Sills of the Ferrar Large Igneous Province, Antarctica
Hanemann R, Viereck-Goette L & Mukasa S
15:45  PGE Distribution in Base-Metal Sulfides from the Merensky Reef of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa
Osbahr I, Oberthur T & Klemd R
16:00  Multiple Magma Inputs and Sulfur Sources in the Development of the BIC Intrusion, Northern Michigan, Midcontinent Rift System
Donoghue K & Ripley E
16:15  Hydrothermal Alteration and Ni Sulphide Formation in the Bon Accord Ni-Oxide Body, Barberton, South Africa
Wildau A, Williams-Jones AE & Tredoux M
16:30  Sr-Nd-Hf-Pb Isotope Systematics of the Oyu Tolgoi Cu-Au Deposit (Mongolia)
Dolgopolova A, Seltmann R, Armstrong R, Belousova E & Pankhurst R

Thursday 18th August PM: Floor 2 / Poster Area

11b (Poster): Ore Deposits and the Role of the Lithospheric Mantle - Sponsored by SGA

2017  Tectono-Geochemistry Exploration and the Ore-Finding Discovery – A Case Study of the Zhaotong Zn-Pb Deposit, Yunnan, China
Han R-S, Wang X-K & Wang F
2018  Geochemical Anomaly Pattern in the Haojiahe Sandstone-Type Copper Deposit, Yunnan, China
Wu P, Han R-S & Li J
2019  Investigation of Geochemical Properties of Khonj Bentonite Mine (East of Iran)
Abbasnia H & Torshizian HA
2020  Research on Geochemistry Model of Nanhe W-Mo-Cu Deposit in Southwest Section of Qinzhou-Hangzhou Metallogenic Belt
An Y, Zhou Y, Lv W, Tan X, Chen Q, Bai M & Zhang Y
2021  Geochemical Features of the Aladag Fe-Cu-Zn-Pb Skarn Deposit (Ezine/Canakkale-North West Turkey)
Arik F & Aydin Ü
2022  A New Ore Mineral Assemblage from the Shilu Iron-Polymetallic Deposit, Hainan Island, South China
Bakun-Czubarow N, Mikulski S, Xu D, Kusy D & Wang Z
2023  Geological Characteristics and Genesis Discovery of Native Copper in East Tian Mountain, Xinjiang, P.R. China
Cui B, He Z & Zhao L
2024  Pt-Bearing Metabasites from the East Sayan (Russia): Composition and Origin
Damdinov B
2025  Mineral Chemistry and Fluid Inclusion Characteristics of the Kabadüz Ore Veins (Ordu, NE-Turkey)
Demir Y, Sadiklar MB, Uysal I, Ceriani A & Hanilçi N
2026  The Geochemical Characteristics of Beach Sediments of the Finike Gulf (Southwest Turkey)
Durmus ES, Ergin M, Karakas Z, Sozeri K, Eser-Dogdu B & Onal Z
2027  A Study on the Beach Sediments of The Gulf of Fethiye (SW Turkey), Focus on Geochemical Data
Onal Z, Eser Dogdu B, Ergin M, Karakas ZS, Sozeri K & Durmus ES
2028  Geological Characteristics and Fluid Inclusions of Chagangnuoer Iron Ore Deposit in the Western Tian Shan Mountain, NW China
Hong W & Zhang Z
2029  Geochemical Characteristics and Geological Significance of the Basic Intrusive Rocks in Shifengshan Copper Deposit, Yimen, Yunnan, China
Huang J-G, Han R-S & Wang L
2030  Characteristics of the Ruwai Base Metal-Ag Skarn in Tertiary Middle Kalimantan Volcanic Arc, Indonesia
Idrus A, Meyer M, Sindern S, Setidjaji LD & Warmada IW
2031  Research on Chronology and Formation Mechanism of Xiaorequanzi Cu-Zn Field in Tianshan Orogenic Belt, Western China
Ji H, Sun J, Li J, Li H, Chen F & Chen W
2032  EPMA Study of Sulfides in Ultramafic Suites of J.C. Pura Belt, Western Dharwar Craton, India
Kashyap NR & Prabhakar BC
2033  The Differences of Fluid Inclusions between Ore Minerals and Gangue Minerals of Huize Lead-Zinc Deposit, Yunnan Province, China
Li B, Han R, Gu X, Wen S & Sheng R
2034  Two Types of Gold Mineralization from One Ore District: Constraints on the Genetic Model of Yangshan Gold Deposit in Western Qinling, China
Liang J & Sun W
2035  40Ar-39Ar Isotopic Dating of Muscovite from the Hukeng Tungsten Deposit, Jiangxi Province, South China
Liu J, Ma M, Shi G, You H, Zhan Y & Guan Y
2036  Constraints of the Concentration of the Platinum-Group Elements in Pobei Ni-Cu Sulfide Deposit, Xinjiang Province
Liu Y, Lü X, Mei W & Dai Y
2037  Two Contrasting Ore-Bearing Granites: Sn-Bearing Qitianling Granite and W-Bearing Xintianling Granite, Hunan Province, China
Lu J & Zhang R
2038  The Isotope Evidence of Ore-Forming Materials of the Erdaogou Gold Deposit in Beipiao Liaoning Deriving from Magmatic Rocks Mixed by the Crust and Mantle Source
Gong L, Ma G, Zhang G & Chen K
2039  Petrogenesis and Geochemistry of the Dajing Cu-Sn-Pb-Zn-Ag Ore Deposit in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia
Mei W, Lü X, Ai Z, Tang R & Liu Z
2040  Mineralogy and Geochemistry of the Yellice Magnetite Occurrences of Sivas-Central Anatolia, Turkey
2041  First Finds of “Alloclasite” (Fe,Co,Ni) AsS in Ni Sulphides of Bangur Gabbro, Orissa, India
Sunder Raju PV
2042  Trace and Rare Earth Elements Characteristics of Scheelite from the Sanjiazi Tungsten Deposit in Siping Area, Northeastern China
Ren Y-S, Wang H, Ju N & Wu C-Z
2043  Geological Characteristics of the Hukeng Tungsten Deposit, Jiangxi Province, South China
Shi G, Ma M, Liu J, You H, Guan Y & Zhan Y
2044  REE and Isotope (Sr, S, Pb) Geochemistries to Constrain the Genesis of the F-(Ba-Pb-Zn) Ores of the Zaghouan District (NE Tunisia)
Souissi F, Jemmali N, Souissi R & Dandurand J-L
2045  Geochemistry of Lamprophyres in Rare-Metal Districts Related to Granitoids
Stemprok M, Seifert T & Dolejs D
2046  The Geochemical Properties of Manganese Occurences of Isparta, Turkey
Teker Y & Kuşcu M
2047  Rb-Sr and Sm-Nd Isochron Ages of the Dongmozhazhua and Mohailaheng Pb-Zn Ore Deposits in Yushu Area, Southern Qinghai and their Geological Implications
Tian S, Hou Z, Yang Z, Liu Y & Song Y
2048  A Low Sulphur Epithermal Gold Mineralisation in Kisacik-Ayvacik Area (Çanakkale-Turkey)
Vural A, Aydal D & Akpınar İ
2049  Precious Metal (Pt, Pd, and Au) in Fengshan Porphyry Cu-Mo Deposit, China
Wang M
2050  Trace Elements and REE Geochemistry of Copper-Bearing Sandstone in the Middle Submember of the Liuju Member of the Upper Cretaceous Matoushan Formation, Yunnan, China
Li J, Han R & Wu P
2051  Ore-Forming Age and Origin of the Donggou Porphyry Mo Deposit in the Eastern Qinling Orogenic Belt, Central China
Yang L, Chen F & Zhu XY
2052  Pb, C, H, O and S Isotope Geochemistry of the Maoping Carbonate-Hosted Pb-Zn(-Ag-Ge) Deposit in Northeast Yunnan Province, China
Yang G, Zhang Y, Han R & Wu P
2053  Genesis of Ultramafic Related Magnesite in Northwest Turkey along the Izmir-Ankara Suture: A Stable Isotope Study
Yilmaz A & Kuşcu M
2054  Weighting Stream Sediment Geochemical Samples as Exploration Indicator of Deposit-Type
Yousefi M, Kamkar-Rouhani A & Carranza EJM
2055  Characteristic and the Formation Conditions of Chlorite in Granite-Type Uranium Ore-Field, South China
Zhang Z & Guo G
2056  Geogical Significations of Qiatekaer Cu-Ni-Sulfide Mineralized Occurrence in West Kangguer Ductile Shear Belt, Jueluotage Area, Eastern Tianshan, Northwest China
Zhang D, Zhou T, Yuan F & Fan Y
2057  Structure and Mineralization Characteristics of Kangding Gold Orefield, Sichuan Province, China
Zhang. Z, Deng J, Gong Q & Wang Q
2058  Whole Rock and Mineral Composition Constraints on the Genesis of the Giant Hongge Fe-Ti-V Oxide Deposit in the ELIP, SW China
Bai Z-J, Zhong H, Li C, Zhu W-G & Xu G-W
2059  Effects of Grid Size in Interpolating of Geochemical Data
Zuo R
2060  Lead Isotope Composition Variations in Sulfides from Hydrothermal Fields of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: High-Precision MC-ICP-MS Isotope Data
Chernyshev I, Bortnikov N & Chugaev A

Friday 19th August AM: Floor 3 / South Hall

11b (Oral): Ore Deposits and the Role of the Lithospheric Mantle - Sponsored by SGA
Session chaired by Wolfgang Dereck Maier, Sisir K. Mondal, Thomas Oberthür & Marco Fiorentini

09:30  Keynote: Ultrahigh-Pressure Podiform Chromitites as a Possible Deep Recycled Material
Arai S, Ahmed A & Miura M
10:00  Geodynamic Implications of >1 Ga Re-Os Model Ages in PGM from the Dobromirtsi Ultramafic Massif, Central Rhodope, Bulgaria
Gonzalez-Jimenez JM, Griffin WL, Gervilla F, Kerestedjian T, O'Reilly SY & Pearson NJ
10:15  PGE Contents and Spinel Compositions of Different Podiform Chromitites in the Eastern Anatolia Complex, Turkey
Colakoglu AR, Gunay K & Prichard H
10:30  Gold and Palladium Mineralization at Est of Bou Azzer Ophiolite, Morocco
Elghorfi M, Ennaciri A, Maacha L & Oberthur T
10:45  Hydrothermal Co-Ni Mineralization, Associated with Serpentinized Peridotites: Bou Azzer, Morocco
Ennaciri A, Maacha L, Barbanson L & Maier WD