Program for Session 11c

Tuesday 16th August PM: Floor 3 / South Hall

11c (Oral): Metal solubility in geofluids and ore-forming silicate melts
Session chaired by Jacob Hanley, Zoltan Zajacz, A.E. Williams-Jones & James Webster

14:00  Keynote: A New View on Sulfur Speciation in Geological Fluids at Elevated Temperatures and Pressures
Pokrovski G, Dubrovinsky L & Dubessy J
14:30  Heavy Metal Fractionation in High Temperature Fumaroles
Mavrogenes J & Henley R
14:45  Invited: Preferential Partitioning of Copper into the Vapor Phase: An Artifact?
Lerchbaumer L & Audetat A
15:00  Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Copper(I) Complexation in Chloride/Sulfide Fluids
Mei Y, Sherman DM, Brugger J & Liu W
15:15  Zinc and Cadmium Behavior in Low-Density Fluids
Bazarkina E, Pokrovski G, Akinfiev N & Zotov A
15:30  An Experimental Study of the Stability of Hydrosulfide Species of Fe(II) at Hydrothermal Conditions
Migdisov A, Zezin D & Williams-Jones A
15:45  Chemistry of Li-Na-K-OH-H2O Brines up to High Concentrations and Temperatures
Lassin A, Christov C, André L & Azaroual M
16:00  Speciation and Thermodynamic Properties of Manganese(II) and Nickel(II) Chloride Complexes in Hydrothermal Fluids: In situ XAS Study
Tian Y, Brugger J, Liu W, Etschmann B, Borg S, Testemale D, O'Neill B & Ngothai Y
16:15  An EXAFS and ab Initio Study of Aquated Cd2+ and Chlorocadmium(II) Complexes up to 300℃
Seward T, Lemke K, Henderson M, Charnock J & Sadjadi A
16:30  Invited: Monitoring Beam-Induced Radiolysis Effects on Transition Metal Complexes in Hydrothermal Fluids
Anderson A, Mayanovic R, Frank M & Pascarelli S
16:45  XANES Investigation of Selenium Speciation in Silicate Glasses
Wykes J, O'Neill H & Mavrogenes J

Tuesday 16th August PM: Floor 2 / Poster Area

11c (Poster): Metal solubility in geofluids and ore-forming silicate melts

2078  Experimental Research of Metal Mercury Solubility in Water
Alekhin Y, Zagrtdenov N & Mukhamadiyarova R
2079  Behavior of Mercury in Thermal Sources of Kamchatka
Alekhin Y, Lapitsky S & Mukhamadiyarova R
2080  Sources of Chemical Elements in Fumarols of Active Volcanic Regions (Ebeco Volcano, Paramushir Island)
Abrosimova N & Bortnikova S
2081  Magama Composition and Crystallization Conditions of the Rare-Metal Granites from Khaldzan-Buregtei Massif of Peralkaline Rare-Metal Igneous Rocks
Andreeva I
2082  Rare Earth Elements Fractionation as Proxies of Unconformity Uranium Deposit Mineralized Fluids
Bonhoure J & Pourret O
2083  Sulfur Isotope Composition of the Bagirkacdere Lead-Zinc Deposit, Biga Peninsula, Turkey
Bozkaya G
2084  Mineralizing Fluids of the Barite-Fluorite Mineralization at the S Edge of the Thuringian Basin, Germany
Brey M, Majzlan J, Bakker R & Prochaska W
2085  Gallium Oxide Solubility in Vapor and Indicators of Heterogeneous Fluid Filtration
Bychkov A, Nekrasov S, Nikolaeva I & Matveeva S
2086  The Alteration and the Fluid Inclusion Characteristics of the Çavdır (Burdur) Copper Mineralization, SW Turkey
Cansu Z & Emre H
2087  Hydrothermal Copper Mineralization in the Gyeongnam Mineralized District, Korea
Choi S-H
2088  Strontium and Sulfur Isotopes in Celestite from Likak Deposit, SW Iran
Ehya F, Shakouri B, Espahbod MR & Asgariyan H
2089  Gold Ore-Forming Fluids and Metallogeny in the Zhaoyuan-Laizhou Concentration Region of Jiaodong Peninsula, Eastern China
Fan H-R, Hu F-F, Jiang X-H, Yang K-F & Lan T-G
2090  Arsenic Distribution in an Unconformity Related Hydrothermal Vein System
Fußwinkel T, Wenzel T, Wagner T, Wälle M & Lorenz J
2091  Black Reef and Witwatersrand Gold Fingerprint, South Africa
Gauert C, Batchelor D, Fuchs S & Kloess G
2092  Tin-Bearing Skarns with As Mineralization at the South-Eastern Margin of the Bohemian Massif
Hrazdil V, Houzar S & Cempírek J
2093  Solubility of Gold in Granitic Silicate Melts at 850℃, 100MPa
Hu XY, Bi XW & Cai GS
2094  Fluid Evolution in the Byngi Gold Deposit, Central Urals, Russia
Klyukin Y, Murzin V & Bodnar R
2095  Gold-Ore Resources of Uzbekistan: Systematization and Regularities of Deposits’ Location
Koneev R
2096  Fluid Inclusion Study of a Sediment-Hosted Copper Ore Deposit in the Lubin Area (Poland)
Kostylew J & Heinrich C
2097  Fluid Equilibria in Water–Salt (Sodium Fluoride, Sulfate, Carbonate) –Silicate Systems
Kotelnikova Z & Kotelnikov A
2098  Cu Isotope Fractionation in Primary and Secondary Copper Minerals from the Coka Marin and Bor Mining Areas (East Serbia)
Lazarov M, Weyer S, Pacevski A & Horn I
2099  Origin of Hydrothermal Fluids of Uranium Deposits Hosted in Granite: Constraints from Oxygen Fugacity Conditions
Ling H-F
2100  Solubility and Species of Zn and Pb in Water-Chloride Fluids at T-P Conditions of Granite Magmas Degassing
Lukanin O, Kurovskaya N & Ryzhenko B
2101  The Origin of Darreh-Zanjir Lead-Zind Deposit, Central Iran
Moore F, Sajedian E & Taghipour B
2102  Fluid Inclusion Analysis by Laser Ablation ICPMS: How Consistent are Element Ratios?
Guillong M, Pettke T & Danyushevsky L
2103  REE Behavior during the Formation of Sn-W Deposits
Popova J, Bychkov A, Nekrasov S & Sushchevskaya T
2104  High-Temperature Gold Deposits of Transbaykalia (Russia): Ore Fluids Compositions and its Connection with Magmatic Process
Prokofiev V, Akinfiev N & Zorina L
2105  An Experimental Study on the Effect of Melt Composition on Partitioning Behavior of Copper in Magmatic – Hydrothermal Systems
Shang L, Li H & Fan W
2106  Mineral Chemistry of the Skarn Type Ores from Furong Tin Deposit in Hunan Province, P.R. China
Shuang Y, Chen J & Li H
2107  Contrasting Halogen Geochemistry of Barren and Mineralized Breccias of the Sudbury Igneous Complex, Ontario
Stewart RC, Hanley JJ & Ames DE
2108  W-Sn Ores of the Svetloye Deposit: Mode of Formation from Isotope, Fluid Inclusion and Modeling Studies
Sushchevskaya T, Bychkov A, Ignatiev A, Matveeva S, Popova J, Prisyagina N & Velivetskaya T
2109  FT-ICR/MS and Quantum Chemical Studies of Aqueous Polyoxometalates
Taczkowska M, Lemke K, Sadjadi S & Seward T
2110  Ore-Magmatic Hydrothermal Systems of Massive Sulphide Deposits of Southern Urals: Melt and Fluid Inclusion Data
Vikentyev I, Karpukhina V, Naumov V & Borisova A
2111  Nd-Sr-Pb Isotopic and Elemental Geochemistry of Silicalites from the Sulphide Ore Deposit in the Guangdong Region, China
Wang Y, Li H, Wang Y, Chen Y, Zhng M & Wang H
2112  Quantitative Exploration of the System MgCl2-H2O Using Cryogenic Raman Spectrum
Yang D & Xu W
2113  A LA-ICP-MS Study of Garnet from the Nihe Iron Deposit, Anhui Province, China
Zhang L, Zhou T, Fan Y, Yuan F, Ma L & Qian B
2114  Characteristics of Metallogenetic Fluids and Genesis of Nongping Gold-Copper Deposit in Eastern Yanbian, Northeastern China
Zhao HL, Ren YS, Ju N & Wang H

Wednesday 17th August AM: Floor 3 / South Hall

11c (Oral): Metal solubility in geofluids and ore-forming silicate melts
Session chaired by Jacob Hanley, Zoltan Zajacz, A.E. Williams-Jones & James Webster

09:30  Gold Scavenging by Liquid Bismuth Melts
Cockerton AB & Tomkins AG
09:45  The Transport of Gold in Petroleum: An Experimental Study
Fuchs S, Migdisov A & Williams-Jones A
10:00  The Effect of Cl on the Solubilty of Au and Pd in Andesitic Melts
Botcharnikov R, Linnen R, Guillong M, Holtz F & Kamenetsky V
10:15  The Solubility of Au and Cu in Andesite Melts
Zajacz Z, Candela PA, Piccoli PM, Wälle M & Sanchez-Valle C
10:30  New Insights into Gold Transport in HCl-Bearing Vapour at Elevated Temperatures
Hurtig NC, Migdisov A & Williams-Jones A
10:45  Invited: The Solubility of Gold in Water-Hydrogen Sulphide Vapours
Zezin D, Migdisov A & Williams-Jones A
11:00  The Effect of Sulfur on PGE Solubility in Silicate Melts
Laurenz V, Fonseca ROC, Ballhaus C, Jochum KP & Sylvester PJ
11:15  Hydrothermal Processes beneath the Merensky Reef and UG2 Chromitite, Bushveld Complex, RSA
Adlakha E, Hanley J & Heinrich C
11:30  Experimental Constraints on Magmatic Wolframite
Che X, Linnen R & Wang RC
11:45  Chemical Limits of Trace Elements in Pyrite
Deditius A, Kesler S, Reich M, Utsunomiya S & Ewing R
12:00  Tin Substitution in Chalcopyrite and Sphalerite from Hydrothermal Sulfides
Evrard C, Moussa N, Fouquet Y & Rinnert E
12:15  Mineral Textures and Fluid Inclusion Characteristics of Ore Samples from the Guanajuato District, Mexico
Moncada D & Bodnar R

Wednesday 17th August PM: Floor 3 / South Hall

11c (Oral): Metal solubility in geofluids and ore-forming silicate melts
Session chaired by Jacob Hanley, Zoltan Zajacz, A.E. Williams-Jones & James Webster

14:00  Distribution of Rare Elements in Mineral-Forming Environments of Rare-Metal Granites
Badanina E, Borisova A, Thomas R & Syritso L
14:15  Fluoride Complexation of Yttrium Under Hydrothermal Conditions
Loges A, Migdisov A, Wagner T, Williams-Jones A & Markl G
14:30  Acid-Base Fractionation in the Model Cl-Bearing Granite
Aranovich L & Novikova M
14:45  Invited: Molybdenite Deposition in Bingham Canyon Deposit: Role of Sulfur, Redox and pH Chemistry in Magmatic-Hydrothermal Fluids
Seo JH, Guillong M & Heinrich CA
15:00  Ion Association in Hydrothermal Systems: Strontium Chloride, Hydroxide and Acetate to 350 ºC and 20 MPa
Arcis H, Zimmerman G & Tremaine P
15:15  Origin of Early Hydrothermal Fluids Associated with the Sudbury Structure Deduced from Individual Fluid Inclusion Sr Isotope Analysis
Hanley J, Oberli F & Pettke T
15:30  Composition of the Earliest Hydrothermal Fluids Circulating along the South Range of the Sudbury Igneous Complex, Canada
Lefort D, Hanley J & Seo JH
15:45  Albitite Related to Iron Oxide Mineralization: Melt Inclusion Evidence for a Magmatic Origin
Tomé CM, Tornos F & Wälle M
16:00  U-Series Disequilibrium in Groundwater as a Vector for U Mineralisation
Murphy M, Dosseto A, Turner S & Schaefer B
16:15  Conditions for Uranium Transport in Unconformity-Related U Deposits
Richard A, Rozsypal C, Banks DA, Mercadier J, Cuney M, Boiron M-C & Cathelineau M
16:30  Advancing Studies of the Origin and Role of Hydrocarbons in Ore-Forming Systems
Kerr M & Hanley J
16:45  Boron Isotope Geochemistry of Subseafloor Hydrothermal Ore Deposits, Agrokipia B, in Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus
Kawahata H, Yamaoka K, Matsukura S & Ishikawa T