Program for Session 03c

Tuesday 16th August AM: Floor 1 / Club D

03c (Oral): Mantle Redox and the Deep Carbon Cycle
Session chaired by Yingwei Fei, Dan Frost & Bob Luth

11:45  Formation of Diamond from Oxidized Fluids/Melts: δ13C-N SIMS Study of an Eclogitic Diamond from the Jericho Kimberlite, Canada
Smart KA, Chacko T, Stachel T, Stern R & Muehlenbachs K
12:00  The Abiogenic Generation of Low δ13C Reservoirs in the Deep Earth
Mikhail S, Shahar A, Hunt SA, Verchovsky AB, Franchi IA, Basu S & Jones AP
12:15  Subducted Oceanic Crust Exhumed from the Lower Mantle
Kohn S, Walter M, Araujo D, Bulanova G & Smith C

Tuesday 16th August PM: Floor 1 / Club D

03c (Oral): Mantle Redox and the Deep Carbon Cycle
Session chaired by Yingwei Fei, Dan Frost & Bob Luth

14:00  C- and S-Transfer in Subduction Zones: Insights from Diamonds
Aulbach S, Stachel T, Heaman L, Creaser R, Thomassot E & Shirey S
14:15  Efficient Carbon Leaching in Silicate through Fluid/Melt Migration and Implications for Diamond Formation
Fei Y, Zhang C & Tao R
14:30  Keynote: Redox Variable Trace Elements
O'Neill H, Berry A & Mallmann G
15:00  Systematic Underestimation of the Oxidation State of MORB Glasses
Sossi P & O'Neill H
15:15  High-Pressure Calibration of the Oxygen Fugacity Recorded by Garnet Bearing Peridotites
Stagno V, McCammon C & Frost D
15:30  Redox-Freezing and -melting of Carbonates in the Deep Mantle and the Role of Transient Carbides
Rohrbach A & Schmidt MW
15:45  Melting in the Peridotite and Eclogite, Coexisting with Reduced C-O-H Fluid at 3-16 GPa
Litasov K, Shatskiy A & Ohtani E
16:00  Medal: Silicate Melting in the Earth’s Deep Upper Mantle Caused by C-O-H Volatiles
Dasgupta R, Tsuno K, Withers AC & Mallik A
16:45  Methane Solubility Under Reduced Conditions in a Haplobasaltic Liquid, Applicable to Degassing of Magma Ocean
Ardia P, Withers AC, Hirschmann MM & Hervig RL

Tuesday 16th August PM: Floor 1 / Poster Area

03c (Poster): Mantle Redox and the Deep Carbon Cycle

1013  Comparing Carbon Isotopic Signatures between Meteorites and Terrestrial Mantle Samples: Need for Reassessment of Carbon Composition of Earth’s Mantle
Basu S, Mikhail S, Jones A & Verchovsky AB
1014  Experimental Investigation of the Stability of Fe-Rich Carbonates in the Lower Mantle
Boulard E, Menguy N, Auzende A-L, Benzerara K, Bureau H, Antonangeli D, Corgne A, Morard G, Siebert J, Perrillat J-P, Guyot F & Fiquet G
1015  Graphite-Bearing Norites (Cortegana Igneous Complex, SW Spain): Mantle-Derived Carbon or Crustal Contamination?
Piña R, Crespo-Feo E, Ortega L, Barrenechea JF & Luque FJ
1016  The Deep Carbon Cycle Confronted to Mantle Electrical Conductivities
Hammouda T, Gaillard F, Guillot B, Tarits P, Sator N, Micoulaut M & Hautot S
1017  Polycrystalline Diamonds Witness Redox Processes in the Earth’s Mantle
Jacob D, Wirth R & Enzmann F
1018  Redox Conditions of Formation of Osmium-Rich Alloys from Dunite and Chromitite of the Guli Massif (Maimecha-Kotui Province, Russia)
Malitch K, Kadik A, Badanina I & Zharkova E
1019  Native Iron in Association with Forsterite, Experimental Research
Nikolenko E & Zhimulev E