Program for Session 11d

Monday 15th August AM: Floor 3 / South Hall

11d (Oral): Dating of mineral deposits and fluid flow in the lithosphere
Session chaired by Robert Creaser & Keiko Hattori

09:30  Mineral Evolution: What's New?
Hazen R, Downs R, Golden J, Grew E, McMillan M, Ralph J & Sverjensky D
09:45  Causes and Consequences of Zn, Fe and S Isotope Fractionation in a Large Hydrothermal System: The Navan Orebody, Ireland
Gagnevin D, Boyce A, Barrie C, Menuge J & Blakeman R
10:00  Nitrogen Isotopes and Geochronology of the Musselwhite Au Mine, Canada
Hollings P, Isaac C, Biczok J, Maas R & Friedman R
10:15  Venting History and Accumulation Rates of Hydrothermal Sulfide from the Endeavour Segment, Juan de Fuca Ridge
Jamieson J, Hannington M, Kelley D, Clague D & Holden J
10:30  Dating of Submarine Hydrothermal Deposits by ESR and U-Series Methods
Toyoda S, Sato F, Nakai S, Takamasa A & Ishibashi J
10:45  The Zircon Fission Track Constraint on the Mineralizing Ages of the Jiapigou Gold Deposits, Northeastern China
Yuan W, Deng J & Huang Z
11:00  Invited: Zircon Rim Response to Metamorphic and Hydrothermal Regime-Change
Schneider D & Schmitt A
11:15  Geochronological, Geochemical and Growth Constrains of Alpine Clefts from U-Th-Pb in Monazite
Janots E, Berger A, Gnos E, Whitehouse M & Lewin E
11:30  Monazite Dating of Base-Metal Mineralization, Earaheedy Basin, Western Australia
Muhling J, Fletcher I & Rasmussen B
11:45  SIMS U-Pb Ages for Heterogenite from Katanga (DRC): Implications for the Genesis of Co-U Deposits in Shinkolobwe
Decrée S, Deloule E, De Putter T, Dewaele S, Mees F & Marignac C
12:00  Palaeomag-Dating of Kupferschiefer Ore at Sangerhausen, Germany – An Epigenetic, Late Jurassic Age for Stratabound Cu-Mineralization
Borg G, Walther S, Kawasaki K & Symons D
12:15  Olympic Dam U-Cu-Au Deposit, Australia: New Age Constraints
Maas R, Kamenetsky V, Ehrig K, Meffre S, McPhie J & Diemar G

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 3 / South Hall

11d (Oral): Dating of mineral deposits and fluid flow in the lithosphere
Session chaired by Robert Creaser & Keiko Hattori

14:00  Keynote: Fluids on the Loose – Capturing Meaningful Geochronology in Sulfides
Stein HJ
14:30  Re-Os Dating and Trace Element Characteristics of Pyrite from The Lisheen Pb-Zn Deposit, Ireland
Hnatyshin D, Creaser R & Wilkinson J
14:45  Re-Os Ages of Besshi-Type Massive Sulfide Deposits Associated with in situ Basalt as a New Age Constraint for Ridge Subduction
Nozaki T, Kato Y, Suzuki K, Takaya Y & Nakayama K
15:00  Age of the Pueblo Viejo Epithermal Deposit, Dominican Republic: Re-Os Isotope Data for Sulfides from the Moore and Monte Negro Deposits
Kirk J, Kesler S & Ruiz J
15:15  Re-Os Constraints on Gold Mineralisation Events in the Neo-Archaean Storø Supracrustal Belt, Southern West Greenland
Scherstén A, Szilas K, Creaser R, Næraa T, van Gool J & Østergaard C
15:30  A Discussion on Ore-Forming Fluid Sources by Gas Composition of Inclusion and Stable Isotope in Qinglong Antimony Deposit, Guizhou China
Hu Y-Z, Wang X-L & Wang J-J
15:45  Noble Gas Isotopes of Tungsten-Tin Polymetallic Deposits in South China: Constraints on Origins of Ores and Related Granites
Hu R-Z, Bi X-W & Jiang G-H
16:00  Single-Grain Muscovite Rb-Sr Age of Xushan W Deposit, Central Jiangxi, China, and its Geological Implication
Hua R, Li G, Wei X, Wang X & Huang X
16:15  In situ U-Pb Dating of Scheelite: Constraints on the Age and Genesis of the Felbertal Tungsten Deposit
Raith J, Gerdes A & Cornell D
16:30  TIMS U-Pb Dating of Bastnäsite, Calzirtite and Tantalite as a Powerful Tool for Timing of Rare-Metal Granites and Carbonatites (Eastern Siberia)
Salnikova E, Yakovleva S, Kotov A & Plotkina J
16:45  U-Pb Dating of Columbite-Tantalite from Variscan Rare-Elements Granites and Pegmatites
Melleton J, Gloaguen E, Frei D & Lima A

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 2 / Poster Area

11d (Poster): Dating of mineral deposits and fluid flow in the lithosphere

2076  Basin Evolution, Lithofacies Palaeogeography and Manganese Mineralization in Heqing Basin, Yunnan Province, Southwest of China
Wen X-P, Han R-S & Yang X-F
2077  Re-Os Geochemistry and Geochronology of the Ransko Gabbro-Peridotite Massif, Czech Republic
Pašava J, Ackerman L & Erban V
2078  Geochemical and Genetic Features of Polymetallic Pb-Zn-Cu-Au-Ag Deposits of Gümüşhane, Turkey
Akçay M & Yaşar R
2079  Detrital Monazite Dating and Trace-Element Compositions Analysis by XRF-Milliprobe: Implication to Provenance Study within Ukrainian Terrain
Andreiev O, Andreiev A & Zinchenko O
2080  U-Pb Cassiterite Dating by LA-ICPMS and a Precise Mineralization Age for the Superlarge Furong Tin Deposit, Hunan Province, Southern China
Bi X, Hu R, Li H, Dong S, Chen Y & Peng J
2081  U-Pb and Th-Pb Dating of Apatite by LA-ICPMS
Chew D, Sylvester P & Tubrett M
2082  The Ag, Fe, and Zn Isotopic Compositions of Ag-Au Ore Deposits in Japan
Fukuyama M, Lee D-C & Yang S-C
2083  Minor Elements in Layered Sphalerite Record Fluid Origin in the Giant Navan Zn-Pb Orebody, Ireland
Gagnevin D, Menuge JF, Kronz A, Barrie CD & Boyce AJ
2084  LA-ICP-MS Zircon U-Pb Geochronology of Granites and its Geological Implication in the Baiganhu W-Sn Deposit, NW China
Gao Y, Li W & Zhang Z
2085  Dating Crocidolite Deposits Using the Argon-Argon-Method
Häring M, Pfänder J & Gutzmer J
2086  Molybdenite Re-Os and Zircon U-Pb Dating of the Mesozoic Xingjiashan Mo-W Deposit in the Jiaodong Peninsular, Eastern China
Hu F-F, Fan H-R, Lan T-G & Yang K-F
2087  Lead Isotopic Compositions for Pb-Zn Deposits in the Eastern South Korea
Jeong Y-J, Cheong C-S, Jo H-J, Choi J-Y, Shin D, Han M-S & Hwang J-J
2088  Rhodochrosite Gemstones: Contrasting Origin and Evolution of Related Fluids
Lecumberri-Sanchez P, Romer RL, Lüders V & Bodnar RJ
2089  Geology and Fluid Origin of Mohailaheng Pb-Zn Deposit in Tibet
Liu YC, Hou ZQ, Yang ZS & Tian SH
2090  Re-Os Age of Molybdenite from the Tatra Mountains, Poland
Mikulski S, Gawęda A & Stein H
2091  The Fluid Inclusion Characteristics and Metallogenic Mechanism of Dashui Gold Deposit in Gansu Province, China
Peng XH, Zhang J, Deng H, Hu Y, Qing C & Zhang L
2092  Sulfur Isotope Data from Beaver Brook Antimony Deposit, Central Newfoundland, Canada: A Hint for the Source of Mineralization?
Sandmann D, Seifert T & Gutzmer J
2093  Geochronology of Continental Volcanic-Type Gold Mineralization in East Tianshan, Western China: Constraints from Ar-Ar Isotope of Shiyingtan Gold Deposit
Sun J, Chen W, Li H, Ji H & Li J
2094  New Characterization of Uranium Mineralogy in Ukrainian Ores
Valter A & Knight K
2095  Re-Os in Pyrite as a Constraint on the Timing of HP Metamorphism during the Tianshan Orogeny (NW China)
van Acken D, Creaser RA, Su W & Gao J
2096  The Geochemistry of Fluid Inclusions in Yimen Sanjiachang Copper Deposits
Wang L, Han R-S, Tang G, Hu Y-D & Huang J-G
2097  Fluid Inclusion Study of Haojiahe Sandstone-Type Copper Deposit, Yunnan Province, China
Wu H-Z, Han R-S & Wu P
2098  Granitic Porphyry Dykes in the Qitianling Batholith, Hunan Province, South China: Evidence for the Multistage Mineralization
Xie L, Wang R, Zhu J & Zhang W
2099  Direct (U-Th)/He Dating of Native Metals
Yakubovich O, Yakovleva S, Salnikova E, Kotov A & Shukolyokov Y
2100  Constraining Timing of Brittle Deformation – A Case Study from Fault Zones in Toki Granite, Japan
Yamasaki S, Zwingmann H, Todd A, Yamada K, Umeda K & Tagami T
2101  Rb-Sr Dating of the Wangpingxigou Pb-Zn Deposit, China
Yao J-M, Chen Y-J, Zhao T-P & Li X-H
2102  Rb-Sr and Sm-Nd Isotopic Ages of Sulphide Deposits in the Guangdong Region, China
Wang Y, Li H, Wang Y, Hu X, Liu D, Tao X & Wang H
2103  ID-TIMS Zircon U-Pb Age of Yulonggou Intrusive Rocks and its Geological Significance in South Qilian Mountains, NW China
Zhang Z, Li W, Gao Y & Guo Z
2104  Geochronology, Geochemistry and Ore-Forming Fluid Characteristics of the Shijinpo Gold Deposit in Beishan Belt, NW China
Zhu J, Lv X, Chen C & Mo Y
2105  Geochemistry and Metallogenesis of Fluid in Liuju Sandstone-Bound Copper Deposit, Dayao, Yunnan, China
Zou H, Han R, Yao Z & Liu M