Program for Session 02a

Thursday 18th August PM: Floor 1 / Poster Area

02a (Poster): Redox evolution of the early mantle, oceans and atmosphere

1012  Controls on and Effects of Surface Ocean Oxygenation Prior to the Great Oxidation
Daines S, Clark J & Lenton T
1013  The Lomagundi-Jatuli δ13C-Event Revisited
Illing CJ, Summons RE, Fallick AE, Melezhik VA & Strauss H
1014  Molecular-Scale Mechanism of Mo Isotopic Fractionation during Adsorption on Ferromanganese Oxides
Kashiwabara T, Takahashi Y & Tanimizu M
1015  A Record of Paleoproterozoic Sulfur Cycling from ~2 Ga Zaonega Formation, NW Russia
Meister D, Melezhik VA, Lepland A & Strauss H
1016  Development of the Modern-Style Geochemical Cycle of Uranium by 3.5 Ga: A Solution to the “Lead Paradox”
Ohmoto H, Watanabe Y, Yamaguchi K, Bevacqua D, Johnson I & Rushton T
1017  Long Residence (> 6 Ma) Time of Paleoproterozoic Seawater Sulfate Revealed by in situ and ex situ Sulfur Isotope Measurements
Reuschel M, Whitehouse MJ, Melezhik VA, Lepland A, Fallick AE & Strauss H
1018  Negative Sulfur-MIF Anomalies in Metasomatized Eclogites from Siberia
Thomassot E, Rollion-Bard C, Pearson GD, Assayag N & Fialin M
1019  Iron Isotope Signature of Paleoproterozoic Banded Iron Formation from Quadrilátero Ferrífero, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Vieira LC, Poitrasson F, Trindade RIF & Alkimim FF

Friday 19th August AM: Floor 1 / Club A

02a (Oral): Redox evolution of the early mantle, oceans and atmosphere
Session chaired by David Catling & Bernie Wood

09:30  The Oxidation State of Hadean Melts and Implications for the Composition of Earth’s Early Atmosphere
Trail D, Watson EB & Tailby N
09:45  Invited: Copper Systematics in Arc Magmas and Implications for the Origin of Continents, the Pb-Paradox, and Copper Porphyry Deposits
Lee C-T, Chin E, Bouchet R, Luffi P, Dasgupta R, Morton D, le Roux V, Yin Q-Z, Albarède F & Blichert-Toft J
10:00  Invited: Linking Early Atmospheric Composition to Volcanic Degassing from a Reduced Mantle
Foley S & Eremets M
10:15  Volcanic Gases and Redox Biogeochemistry at the Archean-Proterozoic Transition
Gaillard F, Scaillet B & Arndt N
10:30  Invited: Redox and Early Earth’s Sulfur Cycle
Farquhar J, Claire M, Domagal-Goldman S, Harms B, Poulton S & Zerkle A
10:45  Reconciling the Sulfur Atmospheric Cycle of Early Earth with the Geological Record
Philippot P & Van Zuilen M
11:00  Multiple Sulfur Isotopic Evidence for Multiple Origins of Late Archean and Early Paleoproterozoic Sediment-Hosted Pyrite, Quadrilátero Ferrífero of Minas Gerais
Strauss H, Cabral AR, Cording A & Koglin N
11:15  Experimental Tests for the Origin of Archean Sulfur Mass-Independent Fractionation during SO2 Photolysis
Ono S & Whitehill A
11:30  Ultraviolet Spectra of 32/33/34/36SO2; Implications for the Archaean Atmosphere
Ueno Y, Danielache S, Hattori S, Johnson M & Yoshida N
11:45  Seawater-Derived REY and HFSE Systematics in Archean BIFs
Viehmann S, Hoffmann JE, Münker C, Alexander BW & Bau M
12:00  Origin of Isotopically Heavy Fe in Pyrite from 2.75 Ga Wilgie Mia BIF, Western Australia
Lepland A, Van Kranendonk MJ & Whitehouse MJ
12:15  High Magnitude MIF-S due to Increased Atmospheric p(O2)
Kurzweil F, Hannington M & Strauss H

Friday 19th August PM: Floor 1 / Club A

02a (Oral): Redox evolution of the early mantle, oceans and atmosphere
Session chaired by David Catling & Bernie Wood

14:00  Keynote: Whither the Whiff?
Anbar A, Kendall B, Reinhard C & Lyons T
14:30  Positive Ce Anomalies and U-Enrichment in Archean Volcanics: Implications for Oxygenated Oceans
Said N, Kerrich R & Manikyamba M
14:45  Fe(II) Oxidation Under Very Low O2 Conditions: New Rate Law and its Implication
Kanzaki Y & Murakami T
15:00  Invited: Oxygen Overshoot and Recovery during the Early Paleoproterozoic
Bekker A & Holland H
15:15  Invited: The Anatomy of the Great Oxidation Event
Poulton S, Bekker A, Farquhar J, Zerkle A, Johnston D & Canfield D
15:30  Transitional Oxygenation Recorded in the Paleoproterozoic Turee Creek Group, Western Australia
Williford K, Van Kranendonk M, Ushikubo T, Kozdon R & Valley J
15:45  Abundant Marine Sulphate in the Palaeoproterozoic: Models Come and Go, but the Rock Record Endures
Melezhik V, Fallick A & Rychanchik D
16:00  Freeze-Fry Cycles in the Paleoproterozoic Turee Creek Group, Western Australia
Van Kranendonk M, Lepland A & Yamaguchi K
16:15  Molybdenum Isotopes as Oceanic Paleoredox Proxy of the Paleoproterozoic Shunga Event
Asael D, Rouxel O, Reinhard C, Lyons T & Kump L
16:30  Se Isotope Evidence for Atmospheric Oxidation at ~0.6 Ga
Pogge von Strandmann P, Elliott T, Catling D & Poulton S
16:45  Redox Evolution of the Late Neoproterozoic to Early Cambrian Ocean on Yangtze Platform, China
Chen X, Vance D, Ling H, Archer C, Shields G & Och L