Program for Session 17g

Thursday 18th August PM: Floor 2 / Forum Hall

17g (Oral): Dynamics, mobility and bioavailability of trace elements in contaminated environments.
Session chaired by Michael Komarek, Melanie Davranche, Carla Koretsky & Martin Mihaljevic

14:45  Invited: How Biogenic Nano-Iron Oxides can Control the Fate of Pollutants
Morin G, Ona-Nguema G, Juillot F, Maillot F, Wang Y, Egal M, Bruneel O, Casiot C, Elbaz-Poulichet F, Calas G & Brown GE
15:00  Fate of As Upon Microbial Fe(III) Reduction of As-Bearing Biogenic Fe Minerals
Muehe EM, Scheer L & Kappler A
15:15  Synchrotron XAS and XRF Study of Microbially Reduced Arsenic and Iron in Iron-Based Remediation Media
Root R, Alday F, Fathordoobadi S, Ela W & Chorover J
15:30  Rapid Weathering of Arsenopyrite in Agricultural Soils
Robson T, Braungardt C & Keith-Roach M
15:45  Arsenic Uptake and Speciation in the Green Marine Alga Ulva lactuca: Development of a Coastal Aquatic Bioindicator
Pham C, Charlet L & Sposito G
16:00  Arsenic and its Compounds in Plants Growing in Soils Contaminated by Mining Activities
Pacáková I, Száková J, Goessler W & Tlustoš P
16:15  Biogeochemical Characterization of Contaminant Mn Sequestration
Herndon E, Martinez CE, Eissenstat D & Brantley S
16:30  Plant Uptake of Metals of Economic Importance: Laboratory Studies
Lintern M, Hough R, Anand R & Ryan C
16:45  Zn Isotope Fractionation in the Soil-Plant System (A pot Experiment)
Couder E, Drouet T, Delvaux B, Maerschalk C, Meeus C & Nadine M

Thursday 18th August PM: Floor 3 / Poster Area

17g (Poster): Dynamics, mobility and bioavailability of trace elements in contaminated environments.

3068  Sorption of Metals on a Novel Synthesized Mn (Oxy)hydroxide
Della Puppa L, Komárek M & Bordas F
3069  Microbial Mobilization of Arsenic from Soil of the Mokrsko Gold Deposit, Czech Republic
Drahota P, Redlich A, Falteisek L, Rohovec J & Čepička I
3070  Behaviour of Tc(VII) in Aqueous Solutions in the Presence of Iron Oxides and Microorganisms
Druteikienė R, Lukšienė B, Pečiulytė D & Baltrūnas D
3071  Effect of Initial Al Concentration, pH and Silicic Acid on the Formation and Stability of Tridecameric Al Polymer
Etou M, Hagiwara S, Saito T, Okaue Y & Yokoyama T
3072  Relation between Cobalt Fractionation and its Accumulation in Metallophytes from South of Central Africa
Faucon MP, Collinet G, Jitaru P, Verbruggen N, Shutcha M, Mahy G, Meerts P & Pourret O
3073  Bioavailability of Tungsten in Soils and Tailings of Mining Areas with Distinctive Paragenesis (Northern Portugal)
Favas P, Pratas J & Gomes E
3074  Temporal Dynamics of Arsenic-Bearing Phases during the Suspended Transport
Grosbois C, Courtin-Nomade A, Robin E, Bril H, Tamura N, Schäfer J & Blanc G
3075  Antimony and Arsenic Behaviour Upon Microbial Dissolution of Mining Waste
Grybos M, Kierczak J, Rakotoarisoa O, Courtin-Nomade A & Bril H
3076  Microbial Arsenic Transformation Associated with Soda Lake in Khovsgol, Mongolia
Hamamura N, Itai T, Damdinsuren N, Reysenbach A-L & Inskeep W
3077  Mineralogical Study of Arsenic Carrier in Coal Combustion By-Products of Kyjov-Poša Impoundment (Slovakia)
Hovorič R, Jurkovič Ľ & Hiller E
3078  Mobility and Bioavailability of Some Potentially Harmful Elements Around an Industrial Contaminated Environment (Estarreja, Portugal)
Inácio M, Silva E & Pereira V
3079  Cu Isotopes Suggest Cu Reduction during Acquisition in Higher Plants
Jouvin D, Weiss D, Bravin MN, Louvat P, Hinsinger P & Benedetti MF
3080  Geochemistry of Tin in the Southern Part of the Silesian Upland
Kucharzyk J, Bureć-Drewniak W, Jaroń I, Narkiewicz W & Pasieczna A
3081  The Influence of Biofilms on Fluid Flow and Contaminant Transport in Porous Media
Kurlanda H, Yang S, Ngwenya B, Butler I & Elphick S
3082  Coupling δ34S [SO42-] and [206Pb / 207Pb]: Origin of Trace Metals in the Urban Orge River, France
Le Pape P, Ayrault S, Michelot J-L & Quantin C
3083  Arsenic Partition in the Native and As-Sorbed Sediment
Lin C, He M, Li Y & Liu X
3084  A Novel Mutant Strain of Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans Adapted to Extremely Low pH
Liu Y, Li J, Xu L, Chen G & Liu J
3085  Analysis of Heavy Metals in Floodplains of the Morava and Jizera Rivers
Matys Grygar T, Novakova T, Lukesova V & Mihaljevic M
3086  Column Experiments for Biosorption by Immobilized Carrier Beads Using Bacillus sp. And Polysulfone to Remove Pb from Aqueous Solution
Park S, Lee H, Kim I & Lee M
3087  Study for TPH Removal Efficiency of Landfarming Process Using Indigenous Microorganisms to Diesel Contaminated Site
Park M, Park S & Lee M
3088  Uranium in Aquatic Plants from Uranium Contaminated Water in Central Portugal
Pratas J, Favas P & Prasad MNV
3089  Modern Sedimentation Rate and Heavy Metal Accumulation in Jiaozhou Bay Sediments
Qi J
3090  The Bioavailability of Selenium and Risk Assessment for Human Selenium Poisoning in Se-High Areas, China
Qin H, Zhu J & Su H
3091  Relationship between Incidence of Esophageal Cancer in Maravehtapeh Region (Northeast of Iran – Golestan Province) and Concentration of Trace Elements in Sediments
Sharifi N & Moore F
3092  Pb Sources of Bivalves from Western Canada, Mexico and Hawaii
Shiel AE, Byrne AC & Weis D
3093  The Bullets Weathering in Microscale
Tejnecký V, Drábek O, Drahota P, Bakardjieva S, Jehlicka J & Borůvka L
3094  Phytoavailability and Bioaccumulation of Vanadium in the Soil in Panzhihua Region, SW China
Teng Y, Yang J & Xu Z
3095  Accumulation of Trace Elements in Paddy Soil and Dry Land Under Different Geological Background
Tu C, He T, Liu C-Q & Lang Y-C
3096  Lead Sources in Lower Silesia (S.W. Poland): Isotopic Study of Soils, Basement Rocks and Anthropogenic Materials
Tyszka R, Pietranik A, Kierczak J, Ettler V & Mihaljevic M
3097  Lead, Zinc and Antimony Leaching from Glass-Works Fly Ash in Simple Organic Acids
Udatny M, Mihaljevic M & Strnad L
3098  Effect of Low-Molecular-Weight Organic Acids on Thallium Mobility in Soil – A Model Rhizosphere Solution Approach
Vanek A, Galuskova I & Komarek M
3099  Bacterial and Fungal Communities Colonizing Mercury Sulfide Surfaces
Vazquez-Rodriguez AI, Santelli CM, Brooks SC & Hansel CM
3100  Arsenic Mobility in Coal-Combustion Ashes Mixed with Agricultural Soil
Veselská V, Peťková K, Bolanz R, Majzlan J, Jurkovič Ľ, Lalinská B, Hiller E & Ďurža O
3101  Heavy Metals and Arsenic in the Soils in the Area of Narva Power Plants: Distribution and Controlling Factors
Vinne L-E, Bityukova L & Schvede H
3102  Spatial Pollution Gradients in Central Europe after 25 Years of Decreasing Industrial Emissions
Voldrichova P, Novak M, Erbanova L, Prechova E, Veselovsky F & Blaha V
3103  Relationship between the Longevous Population and Trace Element in the Soils of Xiayi County, China
Li Y, Zou X & Wang W
3104  Risk Element Sorption in Soil Amended by Urban Particulate Matter
Zimmermannová D, Száková J, Komárek M & Sysalová J

Friday 19th August AM: Floor 2 / Forum Hall

17g (Oral): Dynamics, mobility and bioavailability of trace elements in contaminated environments.
Session chaired by Michael Komarek, Melanie Davranche, Carla Koretsky & Martin Mihaljevic

09:30  Cr(VI) Adsorption on γ-Alumina
Koretsky C & Reich T
09:45  Bacterial Cells can Biosorb and Accelerate the Transport of Heavy Metals Mixtures in Soils
Desaunay A & Martins JMF
10:00  Bioavailability and Toxicity of Metals in an Estuary Contaminated by Acid Mine Drainage
Braungardt C, Money C & Achterberg E
10:15  Sediment Diagenesis Modelling in a AMD Contaminated Reservoir
Torres E, Couture RM, Shafei B, Ruiz Cánovas C & Ayora C
10:30  Post-Deposition Diffusion of 137Cs in Lake Sediments
Klaminder J, Appleby P & Renberg I
10:45  Stability and Transformation of Pb Smelter Fly Ash in Soils
Ettler V, Mihaljevic M & Sebek O
11:00  Trace Metal Concentrations and Pb Isotopes of Sediments from Barkley Sound, British Columbia
Ikehata M, Shiel AE & Weis D
11:15  Selenium Uptake in Otoliths from Cold-Water Fish Species Captured Downstream from Coal Mining
Friedrich L, Halden N & Palace V
11:30  Environmental Geochemistry of Cu in Agricultural Soils Treated with Cu-Based Fungicides
Komarek M & Cadkova E
11:45  Strontium Incorporation into Carbonate Granules Secreted by Earthworms
Brinza L, Mosselmans FW, Schofield P, Quinn PD & Hodson ME
12:00  Agricultural Impact on P and Metal Availability in Stream Sediments
Hund SV, Shiel AE, Brown S, Lavkulich LM & Weis D
12:15  Dissolution Kinetics of Pd and Pt from Automobile Catalysts by Naturally Occurring Complexing Agents
Mihaljevic M, Sebek O, Strnad L, Ettler V, Jezek J, Stedry R & Drahota P