Program for Session 10g

Thursday 18th August PM: Floor 3 / Chamber Hall

10g (Oral): Organic and inorganic fluid-fluid-rock interactions in CO2 storage systems.
Session chaired by Axel Liebscher, Andrea Vieth-Hillebrand & Ann-Kathrin Scherf

16:00  Potential for Mineral Trapping during CO2 Storage in Sedimentary Basins
Aagaard P, Hellevang H, Alemu BL, Pham VTH & Sundal A
16:15  Numerical Simulation of Alteration Patterns Induced by Sequestration of CO2 in a Carbonate-Hosted Saline Aquifer
Alt-Epping P & Diamond LW
16:30  Thermodynamic Study for CO2 Storage in Deep Saline Aquifers
Ji X & Zhu C
16:45  Reactive Transport Modeling of Natural Carbon Sequestration in Ultramafic Tailings
Bea SA, Mayer KU, Wilson SA & Dipple G

Thursday 18th August PM: Floor 2 / Poster Area

10g (Poster): Organic and inorganic fluid-fluid-rock interactions in CO2 storage systems.

2001  Evaluation of Thermodynamic Data and Activity Coefficient Models for the Geochemical Modeling of CO2 Storage Systems
Gimeno MJ, Acero P, Gutierrez V, Auque LF, Asta MP & Gomez J
2002  On the Potential for CO2 Mineral Storage in Continental Flood Basalts
Pham V, Hellevang H & Aagaard P
2003  Carbonation of Forsterite and Serpentine: Modeling the Optimum Conditions in Terms of pH and Temperature
Declercq J & Oelkers E
2004  Analysis and Application of Water-Rock-CO2 Reaction Using Basalt to Underground CO2 Sequestration
Katayama T, Shikazono N, Takaya Y & Kato Y
2005  Long-Term CO2-Exposure Experiments – Mineralogical Results and Reactive Geochemical Modeling
Fischer S & Liebscher A
2006  Study of Geochemical Reaction of Rocks the Under the Supercritical CO2-Rock-Groundwater System
Baek K, Kang H, Park J & Lee M
2007  Study for the Geochemical Reaction of Bukpyong CO2 Sequestration Site, Korea
Park J, Kang H, Park M & Lee M
2008  Experimental Studies on CO2 Sequestration in Basaltic Rocks with a Plug Flow Reactor
Galeczka I, Wolff-Boenisch D & Gislason S
2009  Effects of Organic Ligands and Temperature on the Kinetics and Mechanisms of Olivine Carbonation
Sissmann O, Daval D, Martinez I, Brunet F, Findling N & Guyot F
2010  Effects of Non-Supercritical CO2 on Leaching of Potential Microbial Substrates from Macromolecular Organic Matter
Sauer P, Glombitza C & Kallmeyer J
2011  Alteration of Carbonates in Saline Aquifers due to CO2 and Accessory Gases at Geological Storage Conditions
Risse A, Heeschen K, Stadler S & Ostertag-Henning C
2012  Formation of Carbonate Minerals during Magmatic/Hydrothermal Alteration of Volcanic Rocks at Unzen Volcano, Japan
Simonyan A, Dultz S, Behrens H, Fiebig J & Voges K
2013  The Isotopic Composition of Carbon and Oxygen in Calcite of Veinlets and Host Rocks within the Limits of the Kokhanivka Oil Field Carpathian Foredeep, Ukrainе
Naumko I, Zagnitko V & Belets'ka Y
2014  Reaction of Silicate with Released CO2 by Inorganic Precipitations of Marine Carbonate in Sandstone: Evidence from 87Sr/86Sr, δ18O and δ13C Isotopes in Calcareous Sandstone
Minami M, Tanaka T, Takeuchi M & Mito S
2015  Effect of Temperature and Mineralogical Composition on the Reactivity of Shale: A Comparison Study of Potential Caprock from Two Potential CO2 Storage Sites
Alemu B, Aagaard P & Hellevang H
2016  Carbonation of Steel Slag II
van der Laan S, Liebske C, Kobesen H, Berryman E, Williams-Jones A & Migdisov A

Friday 19th August AM: Floor 3 / Chamber Hall

10g (Oral): Organic and inorganic fluid-fluid-rock interactions in CO2 storage systems.
Session chaired by Axel Liebscher, Andrea Vieth-Hillebrand & Ann-Kathrin Scherf

09:30  Can Seawater Promote in situ Mineral Sequestration?
Wolff-Boenisch D, Wenau S, Oelkers E & Gislason S
09:45  Mineral Alterations due to Accessory Gases in the Geological Storage of CO2
Heeschen K, Risse A, Stadler S & Ostertag-Henning C
10:00  An Experimental Study of Brine-CO2 Metal Fractionation: Applications to the Geological Storage of CO2
Rempel K, Liebscher A, Heinrich W & Schettler G
10:15  Carbonation of Steel Slag I
Berryman E, Williams-Jones A, Migdisov A & van der Laan S
10:30  Fault Zone Stability in Cap Rocks Affected by CO2
Blume J, Eckhardt J-D, Stosch H-G, Neumann T, Balthasar K, Mutschler T & Triantafyllidis T
10:45  Keynote: Oxygen Isotope Exchange between H2O and Super Critical CO2: Lab Experiments and Field Evidence
Johnson G, Mayer B, Nightingale M & Shevalier M
11:15  Geochemical Monitoring of Reactive Percolation Experiments Using Carbon Stable Isotopes
Myrttinen A, Jeandel E, Ukelis O, Dimier A, Becker V, van Geldern R & Barth JAC
11:30  Adsorption of Organic Ligands on Silicate Mineral Surfaces in the Presence of CO2 and Water: Insight into Olivine Dissolution Rates
Johnson N, Thomas B, Maher K, Bird D, Rosenbauer R & Brown G
11:45  Effects of Organic Ligands on Supercritical CO2–Induced Phlogopite Dissolution and Secondary Mineral Formation
Jun Y-S, Shao H & Ray J
12:00  Magnesite Growth Inhibition by Organic Ligands: Complexation and Adsorption
Gautier Q, Bénézeth P, Jordan G, Berninger U-N & Schott J
12:15  Organic and Inorganic scCO2-rock Interactions – Results from Laboratory Experiments
Scherf A-K, Schulz H-M, Vieth-Hillebrand A & Group K