Program for Session 10b

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 2 / Poster Area

10b (Poster): Biogenic gas and biogeochemical routes to cleaner energy

2045  Active Methanogenesis in the Subsurface during Development Process
Shuai Y, Zhang S, Mi J & Liu M
2046  Methane Formation in Abandoned Coal Mines: Role of Acetogens and Acetoclastic Methanosarcinales
Beckmann S, Lüders T, Krüger M, Von Netzer F, Engelen B & Cypionka H
2047  A Study of the Column Bioleaching of Xianshan Uranium Ore
Chen G, Liu J & Sun Z
2048  Comparison of Biomass Used in Polish Power-Plants with Other Types of Biomass
Gasek R, Wilczynska-Michalik W & Michalik M
2049  Geochemical Characteristics of Natural Gas Reservoired in Lower Triassic Jialingjiang Formation in Naxi-Hejiang Area, Southern Sichuan Basin, China
Huang S & Tao X
2050  Chemical Composition of Low-Temperature Biomass Ash
Michalik M, Gasek R & Wilczynska-Michalik W
2051  Chemical Composition of Biomass Used in Co-combustion with Coal in Polish Power-Plants
Wilczynska-Michalik W, Gasek R & Michalik M
2052  Origins and Sources of CO2 in Natural Gas in Eastern Sichuan Basin, China
Wu X

Tuesday 16th August AM: Floor 3 / Chamber Hall

10b (Oral): Biogenic gas and biogeochemical routes to cleaner energy
Session chaired by Bill Mahaffey & Dariusz Strapoc

09:30  Keynote: Analysis of Methanogen Communities
Baresi L
10:00  Importance of Syntrophic Acetate Oxidation during Thermophilic Municipal Solid Wastes Anaerobic Digestion
Mazeas L, Grossin-Debattista J, Qu X, Guenne A, He P, Budzinski H, Le Munier M & Bouchez T
10:15  'Biogenic Natural Gas' Formation in a Pressurized Lab Scale Reactor
Lindeboom R, Weijma J, vanLier JB & Zagt K
10:30  Microbial Conversion of Oil, Coal and Shales into Methane – A Future Energy Resource
Krüger M, Gründger F, Siegert M, Schulz H-M & Richnow H-H
10:45  Review on Biogeochemistry of Microbial Coal-Bed Methane
Strąpoć D
11:00  Microbial Diversity and Physiology of Alberta Coal Seams
Budwill K & Koziel S
11:15  Chemical Compound Classes Supporting Microbial Methanogenesis in Coal
Furmann A, Picardal F, Schimmelmann A, Brassell S & Mastalerz M
11:30  Is Microbial Degradation of Heavy Hydrocarbons a Major Source of Methane in CBM Reservoirs? Evidence from Australia
Faiz M, Amanda M, David M & Phil H
11:45  Biogeochemistry of Devonian Shale Gas Resources of the Midwest USA: Antrim and New Albany Shales
Martini A, Petsch S, McIntosh J, Kirk M, Schlegel M, Damashek J & Miller S
12:00  Enhancing the Bioavailability of Subbituminous Coal
Urynowicz M & Huang Z
12:15  Enhanced in situ Methanogenesis and Microbial Community Analysis of Coal Beds
Sevinsky J & Mahaffey W