Program for Session 14b

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 2 / Terrace 1

14b (Oral): The geochemistry of landscape evolution: linkages between regolith formation, erosion, and chemical fluxes.
Session chaired by George Hilley & Christian Mavris

14:45  Keynote: From Seconds to Millennia: Weathering and Erosion of the Highly Dynamic Soils of Alpine Areas
Egli M & Alewell C
15:15  Influence of Cyanide on Granite Weathering
Wongfun N, Plötze M, Brandl H & Furrer G
15:30  Weathering and Pore Water Evolution in the Foreland of Retreating Glacier, SW Spitsbergen
Kwaśniak-Kominek M, Manecki M, Rzepa G & Czerny J
15:45  Invited: Supply-Limited and Kinetic-Limited Chemical Erosion
Riebe CS, Ferrier KL, Hahm WJ & Kirchner JW
16:00  Vadose Zone Controls on Weathering Intensity and Depth: Observations from Granitic and Basaltic Saprolites
Goodfellow B, Hilley G, Chadwick O, Schulz M & Shelef E
16:15  Speed Limits to Soil Weathering and CO2 Withdrawal
Dixon J & von Blanckenburg F
16:30  Permafrost Active Layer Dynamics Inferred from Major Element Geochemical Signatures in Six Arctic Alaskan Rivers
Douglas T, Jacobson A, McClelland J, Barker A, Khosh M & Lehn G

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 3 / Poster Area

14b (Poster): The geochemistry of landscape evolution: linkages between regolith formation, erosion, and chemical fluxes.

3001  Geochemistry and Mineralogy of the Arid Region, Hormozgan Province (Southern Iran), in Relation with Geo-Pedological Factors of Soil Evolution
Abbaslou H, Martin F, Abtahi A & Javad PoorgohardiI M
3002  The Landscape Change of Salt and Alkaline Land in Semi-Arid District Before and after Flooding
Bao C, Xu L, Wu Y & Zhang S
3003  Different Paths of Chemical Alteration during Grusification of Granites from S Poland
Kajdas B & Michalik M
3004  Proxies for Chemical Weathering: Plio/Pleistocene Red Clay Deposits from Hungary
Kovács J, Raucsik B, Újvári G, Varga A & Varga G
3005  Exploring Fracture Dominated Flow and Spatially Variable Chemical Weathering in the Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory, Colorado, USA
Langston A, Tucker G, Anderson RS & Anderson S
3006  Sr and Nd Isotope Studies on Sediment Core Samples from Cauvery Delta, South India: Evidence for Monsoon Induced Changes in Provenance
Malik ZA, Srinivasan B & Singh P
3007  Relationship between Water Saturation and Mineral-Water Contact Area of a Sandstone
Nishiyama N & Yokoyama T
3008  A 4-Dimensional Landscape Geochemical Framework for the Remote Arid Landscapes of Australia's Musgrave Province
McLennan SM & Hill S
3009  The Lower Regolith Boundary Revisited in Unmatched Detail with a New Global Lithological Map
Moosdorf N, Hartmann J & Lauerwald R
3010  Trace Element Mobility during Spheroidal Weathering of Dolerite Dykes from Central Portugal
Trindade M, Rocha F, Prudêncio M & Dias M
3011  Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Tertiary Sedimentary Rocks from Kerala, South India – Implications to REE Behaviour Under Intense Chemical Weathering
Singh P & Lakshmidevi CG
3012  Reactive Transport Analysis on Chemical Weathering of a Porous Rhyolite
Yokoyama T