Program for Session 03f

Monday 15th August AM: Floor 1 / Club D

03f (Oral): Physics and Chemistry of the Deep Earth
Session chaired by Tetsuya Komabayashi & James Van Orman

11:30  Medal: The High Conductivity of Iron and Thermal Evolution of the Earth’s Core
Hirose K, Gomi H, Ohta K, Labrosse S & Hernlund J
12:15  Heat Flow in the Laser-Heated Diamond Anvil Cell and the Thermal Conductivity of the Lower Mantle
Rainey E, Kavner A & Hernlund J

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 1 / Club D

03f (Oral): Physics and Chemistry of the Deep Earth
Session chaired by Tetsuya Komabayashi & James Van Orman

14:00  Invited: Dynamics and Evolution of the Earth's Core and Lowermost Mantle
Buffett B
14:15  The Melting Curve of MgO from Shock Temperature Experiments
Asimow PD & Fat'yanov OV
14:30  Keynote: Nature of Mantle Heterogeneities
Shim S-H, van der Hilst R, Grocholski B, Catalli K, Cao Q & Shang X
15:00  Crystal Chemistry of Fe3+ in (Mg,Fe)SiO3 Perovskite and Implications for Lower Mantle Properties
Hummer D & Fei Y
15:15  Spin Transition in Fe-Bearing Perovskite: Implications for the Lower Mantle
Caracas R
15:30  Phase Relations of an Fe-Ni Alloy Determined in an Internally-Heated Diamond Anvil Cell
Komabayashi T, Hirose K & Ohishi Y
15:45  Causes and Consequences of Outer Core Compositional Stratification
Helffrich G & Kaneshima S
16:00  Compressibility Change in Fe-Rich Melt and Implications for Core Formation Models
Sanloup C, van Westrenen W, Dasgupta R, Maynard-Casely H & Perrillat J-P
16:15  Invited: Kinetics of the Reaction Perovskite + Ferropericlase = Ringwoodite
Dobson D, Badro J, Meibom A & Mariani E
16:30  TAPP: Retrograde Mg-Perovskite from Subducted Lithosphere?
Armstrong L & Walter M
16:45  Characterising the Earth: Exploiting Seismology and Mineral Physics
Kennett B

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 1 / Poster Area

03f (Poster): Physics and Chemistry of the Deep Earth

1023  Al and Fe Substitution in MgSiO3 Perovskite: An 27Al and 29Si NMR Study
Palke A, Stebbins J, Frost D & McCammon C
1024  An Empirical Approach to Estimate Melting Temperature and Its Pressure Dependence of Some Rocks of Oman Ophiolite Suite
Arafin S, Singh R & George A
1025  An Experimental Study of Minettes and Associated Mica-Clinopyroxenite Xenoliths from the Milk River Area, Southern Alberta, Canada
Funk SP & Luth RW
1026  First-Principles Simulations of Alkali Aluminosilicate Liquids
Ni H & de Koker N
1027  Volume and Ionic Conductivity Measurements of H2O Ice at High Pressure and Temperature
Sugimura E, Komabayashi T, Ohta K, Hirose K, Sata N, Ohishi Y & Dubrovinsky LS
1028  Crustal Contribution to the Geo-Neutrino Flux at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNOLAB)
Phaneuf C, Mareschal J-C, Perry C & Jaupart C
1029  Geoneutrino Observations and the Earth Energy Budget
Mareschal J-C, Phaneuf C, Perry C & Jaupart C
1030  Real Composition of the Earth’s Lower Mantle
Kaminsky F
1031  Pressure Dependence of Electrical Resistivity of Cummingtonite from the World’s Deepest Kola Super Deep-Borehole (KSDB-3), Russia
Parthasarathy G & Gorbatsevich F