Program for Session 18b

Tuesday 16th August PM: Ground Floor / Small Hall

18b (Oral): New isotopic systems at unprecedented precision
Session chaired by Magali Bonifacie & Joel Baker

14:00  Invited: High-Precision Mg Isotope Measurements of Inner Solar System Materials by HR-MC-ICPMS
Bizzarro M, Paton C, Schiller M & Ulfbeck D
14:15  Measuring the Isotopic Composition of Small (<5 ng) U Samples by MC-ICP-MS
Connelly J & Bizzarro M
14:30  High Precision Ca Isotope Analysis Using MC-ICPMS and TIMS
Schiller M, Paton C & Bizzarro M
14:45  Keynote: Ion Microprobe High Precision Measurements of Oxygen and Magnesium Isotopic Compositions in Extraterrestrial Materials
Chaussidon M & Rollion Bard C
15:15  A New Br Isotope Analytical Protocol: Constraints on the Global Br Cycle
Schaefer B
15:30  Fractionation of Cl and Br Isotopes during Precipitation of Salts from their Saturated Solutions
Eggenkamp H, Bonifacie M, Ader M & Agrinier P
15:45  Invited: Direct Injection Nebulization with MC-ICP-MS: Performances and Prospects
Bouchez J, Louvat P, Paris G, Gaillardet J & Moureau J
16:00  An Isotopic Perspective on Mass Bias and Matrix Effects in MC-ICP-MS
Barling J & Weis D
16:15  Peformance Characteristics of an Enhanced Daly Ion Counting System for TIMS
Palacz Z, Jones T, Tootell D, Guest R & Locke S
16:30  Invited: High Mass Resolution Gas-Source Mass Spectrometry
Young E, Rumble D, Freedman P, Schauble E & Guo W
16:45  Invited: An Absolute Reference Frame for Clumped Isotope Thermometry
Eiler J, Dennis K, Affek H, Passey B & Schrag D

Tuesday 16th August PM: Floor 4 / Poster Area

18b (Poster): New isotopic systems at unprecedented precision

4030  The Cl Isotope Composition of the Mantle Revisited
Sharp Z, Selverstone J & Mercer J
4031  A Review of the Analytical Accuracy of Cl Isotope Measurements in Rocks by Various Techniques: A way to Explain Inconsistency between Results
Agrinier P, Coleman M & Bonifacie M
4032  Clumped Isotope Measurements to Reveal Diagenetic Histories
Jourdan A-L, John C & Davis S
4033  Comparison of Different Evaluation Schemes and Optimization of Instrumental Parameters for Chlorine Isotope Analysis of Organic Compounds Using GC-QMS
Jin B, Laskov C, Rolle M & Haderlein SB
4034  Improved 27Al/24Mg Ratio Measurement Using a Modified Isotope-Dilution Approach
Paton C, Schiller M, Ulfbeck D & Bizzarro M
4035  Mass-Independent Cd Isotope Fractionation during Evaporation
Wombacher F
4036  Absolute Isotopic Composition of Molybdenum Reference Materials Using Double Spike MC-ICP-MS
Mayer A, Proemse B & Wieser M
4037  Advances in High Precision Ca Isotope Ratio Measurements Using TIMS
Bouman C, Tuttas D, Deerberg M & Schwieters J
4038  Cross Calibration of a Pb Multi Ion Counting Array on TIMS
Buchs N, Tuttas D & Bouman C
4039  Developments in Noble Gas Mass Spectrometry
Hamilton D, Schwieters J, Tuttas D, Krumman M, Deerberg M & Lloyd N
4040  Pushing the Limits of AMS Measurements of Cosmogenic Radioisotopes in Natural Systems
Janzen M & Galindo-Uribarri A
4041  Separation of Arsenate and Phosphate for the Measurement of the Isotope Composition of the Oxygen in Arsenate
Tang X, Berner Z & Norra S
4042  High Precision Analysis of all REEs in Chondrites and the Earth
Pourmand A, Dauphas N & Ireland T