Program for Session 14c

Tuesday 16th August AM: Floor 2 / Terrace 1

14c (Oral): Proxies for chemical weathering – studies of active processes
Session chaired by Friedhelm von Blanckenburg & Ed Tipper

09:30  Himalayan Weathering Evolution from LGM to Present
Lupker M, France-Lanord C, Galy V, Lavé J & Kudrass H
09:45  A Paradox between Mg and Li Isotope Ratios during Weathering
Tipper E, Calmels D, Gaillardet J, Louvat P, Capmas F & Dubacq B
10:00  Lithium and Its Isotopes in Central European Rivers
Wiechert U, Ullmann C, Uhlig D, Pfahl T, Ricking M & Becker H
10:15  Tracing Changes in the East Asian Monsoon Using the Mg Isotope Record in a Loess-Paleosol Sequence from Luochuan, China
Wimpenny J, Yin Q-Z, Tollstrup D, Xie L-W & Sun J
10:30  Invited: Contrasting Silicon and Magnesium Isotope Fractionation with Clay Mineralogy in Volcanic Soil Weathering Sequences, Guadeloupe
Delvaux B, Opfergelt S, Georg B, Cabidoche Y-M, Burton K & Halliday A
10:45  The Relase of Hf Isotopes during Weathering
Rickli J, Keech A, Archer C & Vance D
11:00  Invited: The Role of Fluid Residence Times in Controlling the Chemical Fluxes and Isotopic Compositions of Rivers
Maher K, Schneider-Mor A & Oster J
11:15  Isotope Composition of Iron Delivered to the Oceans by Intertropical Rivers: The Amazon River Case
Poitrasson F, Vieira LC, Seyler P, dos Santos Pinheiro GM, Mulholland D, Ferreira Lima BA, Bonnet M-P, Martinez J-M & Prunier J
11:30  Calcium Isotope Fractionation in Alpine Plants
Hindshaw R, Reynolds B, Wiederhold J, Kretzschmar R & Bourdon B
11:45  Calcium Isotope Fractionation during Plant Growth Under Limiting and non Limiting Nutrient Supply
Cobert F, Schmitt A-D, Bourgeade P, Labolle F, Badot P-M, Chabaux F & Stille P
12:00  Stable Strontium (δ88Sr) Isotopic Fractionation during Hydrological Cycling
Pearce C, Parkinson I, Burton K & Gaillardet J
12:15  Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation during Soil Formation: A New Proxy?
Siebert C, Pett-Ridge J, Opfergelt S, Burton K & Halliday A

Tuesday 16th August PM: Floor 2 / Terrace 1

14c (Oral): Proxies for chemical weathering – interpretation of ancient records
Session chaired by Friedhelm von Blanckenburg & Ed Tipper

14:00  Keynote: Reconciling Multiple Constraints on Late Cenozoic Erosion and Weathering Fluxes: Can We do it?
Derry L
14:30  Changes in Global Weathering Indicated by the Ca-Isotope Record of Oceanic Anoxic Events 1a and 2
Blättler CL, Jenkyns HC, Reynard LM & Henderson GM
14:45  Pb Isotopic History of Weathering on Antarctica during the Eocene-Oligocene Transition
Martin E & Basak C
15:00  Hf-Nd Isotope Variations of Late Cenozoic Arctic Intermediate Water Reflect Continental Weathering
Chen TY, Frank M & Spielhagen RF
15:15  Multi-proxy (δ18O, χm , Nd and Pb Isotopes) Study for Paleoclimate and Paleoweathering in the Maldives Area
Meynadier L, Allègre CJ, Gourlan AT & Bassinot FM
15:30  Climatically Driven Changes in Sediment Supply on the SW Iberian Shelf Since the Last Glacial Maximum
Stumpf R, Frank M, Schönfeld J & Haley B
15:45  Large εNd Change in South Indian Seawater Driven by Australian Weathering at 15 Ma
Le Houedec S, Meynadier L & Allègre CJ
16:00  Plio-Pleistocene Evolution of Water Mass Exchange and Erosional Input in the Fram Strait
Teschner C, Frank M, Haley BA, Christl M, Vogt C & Knies J
16:15  Provenance and Grain Size Effects of Siliciclastic Sediments in the Dead Sea Basin from Pb-Sr-Nd Isotopes and Trace Chemistry
Torfstein A, Goldstein S & Stein M
16:30  Sources and Input Mechanisms of Hafnium and Neodymium in Surface Waters of the Atlantic Sector of the Southern Ocean
Stichel T, Frank M, Rickli J, Hathorne E, Haley B, Jeandel C & Pradoux C
16:45  Testing the 'Post-Glacial Weathering Peak' Hypothesis – A Lacustrine Record of 87Sr/86Sr
Keech AR, Vance D, Archer C & Lund SP

Tuesday 16th August PM: Floor 3 / Poster Area

14c (Poster): Proxies for chemical weathering – studies of active processes and interpretation of ancient records

3065  Is There Really a Mixing-Zone Stable Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Signal?
Swart P
3066  Analysis of δD and δ18O in Clay Minerals for Reconstructing Paleoenvironmental Parameters
Bauer K, Vennemann T & Mulch A
3067  The δ18O Fingerprint of Spring Water Pathways with Evaporating Recharge Areas
Pacheco FAL & Van der Weijden CH
3068  Si-Isotope Fractionation during Silica Precipitation: An Experimental Approach
Geilert S, Van Bergen MJ & Vroon PZ
3069  Si Isotope Fractionation during Precipitation of Silica by Cyclic Freezing and Adsorption of Monosilicic Acid on Gibbsite
Oelze M, von Blanckenburg F, Höllen D & Dietzel M
3070  Silicon and Oxygen Isotopes: The Maturation of Lacustrine Diatoms
Ziegler K, Dodd J, Sharp Z, Brearley A & Young E
3071  Weathering Effects on the Mineralogical and Geochemical Composition of the New Caledonia Ophiolite
Ulrich M, Muñoz M, Guillot S, Chauvel C, Cluzel D & Picard C
3072  Seasonal Variation in the Clay Mineral and Sr-Nd Isotopic Compositions of the Suspended Sediments of the Lower Changjiang River at Nanjing, China
Mao C, Chen J & Ji J
3073  Large Weakening in Monsoonal Rainfalls over Western India during the Younger Dryas
Cogez A, Meynadier L, Allègre C & Bassinot F
3074  Weathering Intensity in the Mesoproterozoic and Modern Large-River Systems: A Comparative Study in the Belt-Purcell Supergroup
Gonzalez-Alvarez I & Kerrich R
3075  Mineralogic and Climatic Interpretations of the Late Miocene-Pliocene Red Clay Formation on the Chinese Loess Plateau
Ji J, He T, Zhao L, Chen Y & Chen J
3076  Paleoenvironmental Reconstructions of the Yangtze Sea, South China, through the Ordivician and Silurian Transition
Yan D
3077  Petrographic and Geochemicial Characteristics of Dolomites in the Golbogazı Formation (Upper Devonian) at SW of Hadim, (Konya, Turkey)
ÖZKAN AM & Bicer E
3078  Origin of Karstic Dissolution Voids in Jurassic Shallow Marine Carbonates at SW of Ankara, (Turkey)
Delikan A & Orhan H
3079  Mineralogy of Stream Sediments and Soils of Santiago Island, Cape Verde
Cabral Pinto MMS, Silva MMVG, Hernandez R & Ferreira da Silva EA
3080  Geochemical Features of the Fluvial Plain Sediments from the Riverbank Profiles of the Metallogenic Area of Eastern Serbia– Ecological Significance
Gordanic V, Vidovic M, Jovanovic D & Ciric A

Wednesday 17th August AM: Floor 2 / Terrace 1

14c (Oral): Proxies for chemical weathering – interpretation of ocean records
Session chaired by Friedhelm von Blanckenburg & Ed Tipper

09:30  Nd Isotopes vs Magnetic Susceptibility as a Double Proxy for Paleoclimate and Paleoweathering: The Kerguelen Case
Allègre CJ, Meynadier L & Kent DV
09:45  Iron Isotope Composition of the Middle Eocene Ooidal-Oncoidal Ironstones and the Associated Lateritic Paleosols from the Bahariya Depression, Western Desert, Egypt
Salama W, Weryer S, Gaupp R & El Aref M
10:00  Oxidative Weathering Fractionates Chromium Isotopes
Crowe S, Døssing L, MacLean L, Frei R, Fowle D, Mucci A & Canfield D
10:15  High-Resolution, Ultra-Trace and Major Element Chemical Stratigraphy of a New Paleoproterozoic Weathering Profile
Babechuk MG & Kamber BS
10:30  Weathering of Black Shales and Re-Os Isotope Systematics
Georgiev S, Stein HJ, Hannah J, Bingen B, Hatlø V, Rein E, Piasecki S, Weiss H & Xu G
10:45  In situ O & Si Isotopic Microanalysis of Diagenetic Cements: Basin Brines vs. Weathering, Low vs. High T
Pollington A, Kozdon R, Kitajima K, Strickland A & Valley J