Program for Session 02k

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 1 / Club A

02k (Oral): Astrobiology and extreme terrestrial environments
Session chaired by Jan Jehlicka & Howell G M Edwards

14:00  Life at the Dry Limit: Microbial Colonization of Evaporites in the Atacama Desert
Wierzchos J, de los Ríos A, Dávila AF, Valea S, Cámara B, Artieda O & Ascaso C
14:15  Molecular Characterization of Archaeal Lipids Across a Hypersaline Gradient
Dawson KS, Freeman KH & Macalady JL
14:30  Keynote: Halophilic Microorganisms: Modern and Ancient, on Earth and in Space
Oren A
15:00  Raman Spectroscopy of Endoevaporitic Microbial Communities from the Atacama Desert
Vítek P, Edwards HGM, Jehlicka J, Carter E, Ascaso C & Wierzchos J
15:15  Raman Spectroscopic Identification of Evaporitic Minerals and Biomarkers Using Miniaturised Portable Devices
Jehlicka J, Vítek P, Oren A & Edwards HGM
15:30  Microbial Sulphur Isotope Fractionation in a Mars Analogue Environment at Rio Tinto, SW Spain
Velasco E, Mason P, Vroon P, Roling W, Amils R & Davies G
15:45  Geochemical Characterization of Biosignatures in Subseafloor Basalts
Knowles E, Staudigel H, McLoughlin N & Templeton A
16:00  Pre-Biotic Organic Matter from Comets and Asteroids
Flynn G & Wirick S

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 1 / Poster Area

02k (Poster): Astrobiology and extreme terrestrial environments

1019  Probable Mars Atmospheric Changes by the Proposed Terraforming Process with Silicon Utilizing Organisms
Das S
1020  Microbial Community Diversity in Oylat Cave and their Roles on Biogeochemical Cycling
Gulecal Y & Temel M