Program for Session 13e

Thursday 18th August PM: Floor 2 / Poster Area

13e (Poster): Land-atmosphere interactions: the role of aerosols

2106  Modelling Global Trace Gas Emissions from Biomass Burning
Knorr W, Lehsten V & Arneth A
2107  Geochemistry and Mineralogical Composition of the Airborne Particles of Sand Dunes and Dust Storms Settled in Iraq and their Environmental Impact
Awadh SM
2108  Fungal Spore Contributions to Subtropical Aerosol Particles
Chen S-H & Engling G
2109  Monoterpene Emission Dynamics from Arctic to Tropics
Rinne J, Arneth A, Schnitzler J-P & Guenther A

Friday 19th August AM: Floor 2 / North Hall

13e (Oral): Land-atmosphere interactions: the role of aerosols
Session chaired by Almut Arneth, Annica Ekman & Janne Rinne

09:30  Invited: Global Constraints on Biogenic Particles
Heald C, Spracklen D & Guenther A
09:45  Invited: Vegetation and Climate: The Potential Role of Terpene Emissions and Aerosol Particle Formation on Local Climate Conditions
Bonn B
10:00  Primary Biological Organics in Ambient PM in the Southeastern U.S.
Shaw S, Casuccio G, Edgerton E, Lersch T, Rohr A & Thorne P
10:15  Keynote: Biogenic Volatile Emissions and their Contribution to Organic Aerosol Mass
Kiendler-Scharr A, Wildt J, Mentel T, Dal Maso M, Kleist E & Tillmann R
10:45  Invited: Impact of Biological and Mineral Dust Aerosols on Mixed-Phase Clouds
Hoose C, Anquetil-Deck C, Burrows S, Hummel M, Kristjansson JE & Möhler O
11:00  Invited: Putting Constraints on the Life Cycle of Organic Carbon Based on Ecosystem Scale Flux Measurements
Karl T
11:15  Fossil Fuel Derived Deposition Drives Export of Ancient, Labile Carbon from Alaska’s Glaciers
Stubbins A