Program for Session 12h

Thursday 18th August PM: Floor 2 / Poster Area

12h (Poster): Geochemistry of ice sheets and their basal environments

2094  Spatial and Temporal Tritium Variability at Vostok Station
Fourre E, Jean-Baptiste P, Petit J-R, Lipenkov V, Winkler R & Landais A
2095  A 50-year Record of PGEs in Antarctic Snow
Soyol-Erdene T-O, Huh Y, Hong S & Hur SD
2096  Study on Glaciochemical and Microparticle Characteristics of Three Snow Pits in East Antarctica
Zhou L, Li Y & Jiang S

Friday 19th August AM: Floor 2 / Terrace 1

12h (Oral): Geochemistry of ice sheets and their basal environments
Session chaired by Jeff Severinghaus & Barbara Stenni

09:30  Medal: Krypton and Xenon in Air Bubbles from Ice Cores as Tracers of Past Ocean Temperature
Severinghaus J & Kawamura K
10:15  Keynote: Past Fire Reconstructions in Ice Core through the Determination of Specific Molecular Markers
Barbante C
10:45  Glacial Interglacial Aerosol Input over Antarctica and the Global Hydrological Cycle
Petit JR & Delmonte B
11:00  Invited: How are Oceanic δ18O Changes Imprinted in Ice Core Records ?
Jouzel J, Hoffmann G, Landais A, Stenni B, Masson-Delmotte V & Waelbroeck C
11:15  A 700 Year Record of Accumulation Rates at Dome A, Antarctica
Jiang S, Li Y, Cole-Dai J & Ferris D
11:30  Volcanic, Solar Activity, and Atmospheric Circulation Influences on Cosmogenic 10Be Fallout at Vostok and Concordia (Antarctica) over the Last 60 Years
Baroni M, Bard E, Petit J-R, Magand O & Bourles D
11:45  Spatio-Temporal Variation of Total Mercury Concentrations in Antarctic Snowpack
Han Y, Huh Y, Hong S, Hur SD & Motoyama H
12:00  Stable Isotopes of Snow Precipitation at Concordia Station (East Antarctica)
Dreossi G, Stenni B, Braida M, Scarchilli C, Valt M, Cagnati A, Frezzotti M, Bonazza M, Genoni L, Frosini D, Karlicek D & Udisti R
12:15  Seasonal Shifts in Concentration, Age, and Lability of Carbon Exported from the Greenland Ice Sheet (GrIS)
Bhatia M, Das S, Charette M, Xu L & Kujawinski E