Program for Session 20g

Tuesday 16th August PM: Floor 4 / Poster Area

20g (Poster): Applying synchrotron science to geosciences

4064  Volatile Release from Crustal-Xenolith during Subvolcanic Magma Transport
Berg S, Troll VR, Annersten H, Freda C, Mancini L, Blythe L, Muñoz Jolis E & Barker A
4065  The Speciation of Marine Particulate Iron Adjacent to Active and Passive Continental Margins
Lam PJ, Ohnemus DC & Marcus MA
4066  Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction of Nano-Crystalline MgO Powder to 65 GPa
Marquardt H, Speziale S, Reichmann HJ & Liermann H-P
4067  Radiation Damage in Biotite: Defined by Micro XAS and XRD
Pattrick R, Geraki T, Charnock J, Pearce C, Mosselmans F, Pimblott S & Droop G
4068  Time Resolved Luminescence of Framework Silicates
Taylor R, Finch A, Mosselmans F & Quinn P
4069  Spinels Under Elevated Pressures and Temperatures – A Synchrotron Study
Wehber M, Lathe C & Schilling F
4070  Evaluation of Rock Properties and Rock Structures in the Micron-Range with Sub-Micron X-Ray Computed Tomography
Zacher G, Halisch M, Oliver B & Mayer T

Wednesday 17th August AM: Ground Floor / Small Theatre

20g (Oral): Applying synchrotron science to geosciences
Session chaired by Max Wilke & Hanns-Peter Liermann

09:30  Keynote: High Pressure Geochemistry in Laser-Heated Diamond Anvil Cells with Synchrotron Light
Dubrovinsky L
10:00  In situ Insights to Partitioning of Highly Siderophile Elements between Silicate and Iron Rich Liquids at Extreme Conditions
Petitgirard S, Borchert M, Andrault D, Appel K & Liermann H-P
10:15  In situ SXRF Determination of Trace Element Abundances in Aqueous Fluid at 1 – 3 GPa and 300 – 500°C: Applications to Subduction Zone Element Cycling
Simon A, Tanis E, Tschauner O, Frank M, Chow P, Xiao Y, Shen G & Hanchar J
10:30  Direct Measurement of Ce3+/Ce4+ and Eu2+/Eu3+ in Hadean Zircons by XANES
Tailby N, Trail D, Cates N, Mojzsis S, Bell E, Harrison TM & Watson EB
10:45  Initial Results from a New Time Resolved Microfocus XEOL Facility at the Diamond Light Source
Mosselmans F, Taylor R, Finch A & Quinn P
11:00  Two- and Three-Dimensional Imaging of Platinum-Group Minerals at Submicrometer Scale with Synchrotron X-Ray
Kogiso T, Suzuki K, Suzuki T & Uesugi K
11:15  Synchrotron Rapid Scanning X-Ray Fluorescence of Soft-Tissue Fossils
Edwards N, Barden H, Manning P, Sellers W, van Dongen B, Bergmann U & Wogelius R
11:30  Invited: High-Pressure Microbiology in the Synchrotron Light
Daniel I, Picard A, Testemale D & Hazemann J-L