Program for Session 04c

Tuesday 16th August PM: Floor 1 / Poster Area

04c (Poster): Plumes, Mid-ocean Ridges, and Plates: Examining their Dynamics and Interactions with Observations and Models

1031  Chemical Evolution of MORB: New Insights from Old Crust
Brandl PA, Regelous M & Haase KM
1032  Estimating Mantle Temperature from a Global Comparison of Seismic Models and the Petrology of Mid-Ocean-Ridge Basalts
Dalton C, Gale A & Langmuir C
1033  The Origin of an Oceanic Plateau: Isotope Geochemistry (Sr, Nd, Pb and Hf) of Volcanic Rocks from IODP Site U1347 on the Shatsky Rise (Northwest Pacific)
Heydolph K, Geldmacher J & Hoernle K
1034  Geothermobarometry of Basaltic Glasses from Tamu Massif, Shatsky Rise Oceanic Plateau
Husen A, Almeev R, Shimizu K, Sano T, Natland JH, Koepke J & Holtz F
1035  Temporal Variations in Galápagos Plume-Ridge Interaction at the Cocos-Nazca Spreading Center
Herbrich A, Hoernle K, Hauff F, Werner R & Garbe-Schönberg D
1036  Felsic Magma Generation in the Oceanic Crust: A Geochemical Study of Pacific Antarctic Rise Lavas
Freund S, Haase K, Beier C & Regelous M
1037  Preliminary Results of a Recent Expedition to the Australian-Antartic Ridge
Park S-H, Langmuir C, Lin J, Hahm D, Kim S-S, Hong SG & Lee YM
1038  Osmium Isotope Signatures in Peridotites from the Ultra-Slow Spreading SWIR and RTJ
Senda R, Sato H, Nakamura K, Kumagai H & Suzuki K
1039  Sr, Nd, and Pb Isotopes of Basalts along Hotspot-Influenced Central Indian Ridge
Machida S, Orihashi Y, Neo N, Tanimizu M, Unsworth S & Tamaki K
1040  Isotope-Geochemical Features of Enriched Mantle Source of Rift Tholeiites from Bouvet Triple Junction (South Atlantic)
Migdisova N, Sushchevskaya N & Belyatsky B
1041  Plume-Ridge Interaction: Constraints on Melting Dynamics from the Azores and Iceland
Genske FS, Beier C, Turner SP, Haase KM & Schaefer BF
1042  He and Ne Isotopic Ratios from the Terceira Rift (Azores): Constraints on the Boundary between Eurasia and Nubia Mantle Sources
Madureira P, Moreira M, Nunes J, Lourenço N, Gautheron C, Carvalho R, Mata J & Pinto de Abreu M
1043  Melting Condition and Evolution of Fissural Volcanism in the Island of Faial (Azores Archipelago)
Zanon V, Peccerillo A & Pacheco JM
1044  Age and Origin of Alkaline Lavas from Tore-Madeira Rise: Interactions between Complex Lithosphere Motion and Multi-Components Source
Girardeau J, Merle R, Marzoli A & Chiaradia M
1045  Petit Spot-Like Volcanoes Exposed in Costa Rica
Buchs D, Pilet S, Baumgartner P, Cosca M, Flores K & Bandini A
1046  Lithium Isotope Perspective on the Iceland Mantle Plume
Hansen HE, Magna T, Kosler J & Pedersen R-B
1047  Chemical and Isotopic Composition of Cenozoic Hornblende-Bearing Basalts from the Rhön Area (Germany)
Mayer B, Jung S & Stracke A
1048  Cenozoic Intraplate Volcanism in Central Europe Determined by LAB Topography
Abratis M & Viereck-Goette L
1049  The Mesozoic Evolution of the West Iberian Margin as Witnessed by Magma Geochemistry
Mata J, Alves CF, Miranda R, Martins L, Madeira J, Terrinha P, Youbi N, Bensalah M & Azevedo MDR
1050  How Small-Volume Basaltic Magmatic Systems Develop: A Case Study from Jeju, Korea
Brenna M, Cronin SJ, Smith IEM, Maas R & Sohn YK
1051  Volume Control on Magmatic Evolution and Eruption Style Transition, Jeju, Korea
Brenna M, Cronin SJ, Smith IEM & Sohn YK
1052  Geochemical Evidence for Lithosphere Delamination beneath the Central Rio Grande Rift
Byerly B & Lassiter J
1053  The Evidences of the Initial Broken for the Shangdan Ocean: Geochronology and Geochemistry of the Muqitan Formation, in North Qinling
Chen J-L, Xu X-Y, Wang H-L & Li P
1054  Platinum-Group Elements in Basaltic Rocks from the Etendeka Province in N.W. Namibia
Trumbull RB, Keiding JK & Hahne K

Wednesday 17th August AM: Floor 1 / Club E

04c (Oral): Plumes, Mid-ocean Ridges, and Plates: Examining their Dynamics and Interactions with Observations and Models
Session chaired by Kaj Hoernle, Anthony Koppers, William Sager & Christoph Beier

11:30  A “hotspot Highway” in the S. Pacific
Jackson M, Hart S, Konter J, Koppers A, Staudigel H, Kurz M, Blusztajn J & Sinton J
11:45  Effect of Thickness of Oceanic Lithosphere on Chemical Composition of OIBs: Implication for Origin of the South Pacific Magmatism
Shimoda G
12:00  Central Indian Ridge Versus Réunion Hotspot: Do Interaction Processes Account for on and off Axis Geochemical Observations?
Hemond C, Janin M, Murton B, Füri E, Hilton D & Dyment J
12:15  Diverse Mantle Sources for Ninetyeast Ridge Volcanoes
Meleney P, Frey F, Pringle M, O'Brien E, Huang S, Nobre Silva I & Weis D

Wednesday 17th August PM: Floor 1 / Club E

04c (Oral): Plumes, Mid-ocean Ridges, and Plates: Examining their Dynamics and Interactions with Observations and Models
Session chaired by Kaj Hoernle, Anthony Koppers, William Sager & Christoph Beier

14:00  Keynote: Plate- Versus Plume-Driven Processes – South Atlantic DUPAL Revisited
Class C & le Roex A
14:30  New Isotopic Constraints on Amsterdam-St. Paul Hotspot Activity: Evidence for a Deep-Seated Mantle Plume and Implications for the DUPAL Anomaly Origin
Janin M, Hemond C, Maia M, Agranier A, Johnson K & Ponzevera E
14:45  Evidence of Mantle Heterogeneity Underneath Slow-Spreading Ridges? Case Study at 45°N Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Schroth N & Murton BJ
15:00  The Generation of Geochemical Asymmetry in MORB Around Iceland by Radially Symmetric Plume Flow Under an Asymmetric Ridge System
Shorttle O & Maclennan J
15:15  Geochemical Investigation of Gabbroic Xenoliths from Hualalai Volcano, Hawaii
Lassiter J & Gao R
15:30  Highly Depleted Melt Inclusions in Olivine from Shatsky Rise
Almeev R, Portnyagin M, Wengorsch T, Sano T, Natland J & Garbe-Schönberg D
15:45  The Shatsky Rise Supervolcano
Sager W, Sano T & Korenaga J
16:00  Sr, Nd, Hf and Pb Isotope Characterisation of Basalts from IODP Site U1346, Shirshov Massif the Youngest Edifice of the Shatsky Rise, Northwest Pacific
Murphy D, Geldmacher J & Romanova I
16:15  Lithospheric Control on Geochemical Composition of the Louisville Seamount Chain
Beier C, Regelous M, Mahoney J, Vanderkluysen L & Haase K
16:30  Preliminary Results from Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 330 to the Louisville Seamount Trail
Koppers A, Yamazaki T & Geldmacher J
16:45  Origin of the Seamounts Near Futuna Island, SW Pacific
Labanieh S, Chazot G, Etoubleau J, Fouquet Y, Dosso L & Hemond C