Program for Session 10h

Wednesday 17th August AM: Floor 3 / Chamber Hall

10h (Oral): Geochemical frontiers of the Rock/Water/Hydrocarbon system
Session chaired by Bruce Yardley & Christian Ostertag-Henning

09:30  The Stability and Structure of Mg2+ Bicarbonate and Carbonate Ion Pairs – An Experimental and Theoretical Study
Stefansson A, Lemke K, Benezeth P & Schott J
09:45  Metastable Phase Equilibria for the Aqueous System Containing Lithium, Rubidium and Chloride at 298.15 K
Yu XD, Zeng Y, Zhang JQ & Yang JY
10:00  Solubility of Carbon Dioxide in Aqueous Fluids at Subcritical Pressure: Testing the Models
Rosenqvist J, Kilpatrick A & Yardley B
10:15  Recent Advances in Kinetics of Water-Rock Interaction and Applications to Geological Carbon Sequestration
Zhu C, Lu P & Liu F
10:30  Kinetic Experiments of Some Silicate Mineral Dissolutions in Water from a Subcritical to a Supercritical State
Zhang R, Hu S & Zhang X
10:45  Invited: Reactivity of Mafic and Ultramafic Rocks with CO2-charged Fluids and the Autocatalytic Reduction of CO2 to Form CH4
Rosenbauer R, Oze C, Jones C, Thomas B, Goldsmith J & Bischoff J
11:00  Thermodynamic Consequences of the Injection of CO2-H2S Gas Mixtures in Sulfur-Rich Hydrocarbon Reservoirs
Uteyev R, Richard L, Randi A & Pironon J
11:15  On the Use of Nucleation Barriers in Numerical Simulation of Water-Rock Interactions
Bertier P, Weber C & Stanjek H
11:30  Keynote: Analogues between Water in Granite Melts and Petroleum Formation
Lewan M
12:00  Effects of Water on the Thermal Stability of Hydrocarbons and the Composition and Isotope Characteristics of the Gas Products
He K, Zhang S & Mi J
12:15  Alteration of Oil by Gas: Experiments in Fused Silica Capillary Capsules
Bourdet J, Eadington P, Burruss R & Chou I-M

Wednesday 17th August PM: Floor 3 / Chamber Hall

10h (Oral): Geochemical frontiers of the Rock/Water/Hydrocarbon system
Session chaired by Bruce Yardley & Christian Ostertag-Henning

14:00  A Simulation Study of Hydrocarbon Gas Generation from Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis with Varying Carbon Source and Hydrogen in a Gold Tube System
Zhang S & Mi J
14:15  Keynote: The Significance of Rotliegend Brines in Mineralizing Processes and Hydrocarbon Systems in the Southern Permian Basin
Lüders V, Plessen B, Vonhof H & Schneider J
14:45  Geochemical Signatures of Thermochemical Sulfate Reduction – Ketones and Sulphur Species
Germerott S, Ostertag-Henning C & Behrens H
15:00  A Study on the Effect of Pore Geometry on Mineral Changes
Pedersen J, Jettestuen E, Vinningland JL, Madland M, Cathles L & Hiorth A
15:15  Fluid Pressure Versus Rock Pressure: Their Influence on Metamorphic Reactions
Wheeler J, Llana-Funez S & Faulkner D

Wednesday 17th August PM: Floor 2 / Poster Area

10h (Poster): Geochemical frontiers of the Rock/Water/Hydrocarbon system

2028  The FeS/H2S System – A Model for a Primitive DMSO Reductase
Alpermann T, Qi Z, Poppitz W & Weigand W
2029  Inorganic and Organic Occurences from Diagenesis of the Güvenç Formation Shales in the Adana basin,Turkey
Buyukutku A & Albayrak M
2030  Application of the Correspondence Analysis to Determine Anomalous Elements and Samples
Darabi Gholestan F, Ghavami-Riabi R & Asadi-Haroni H
2031  Two Easy Methods in Evaluation of an Exploration Data Set
Ghavami-Riabi R, Khalo-Kakai R & Asadi-Haroni H
2032  Albite Precipitation in Mudstones – Comparison of Natural and Synthetic Systems
Hellevang H, Thyberg B & Jahren J
2033  New Insights on the Origin of Unresolved Complex Mixtures
Hu SZ, Li SF, Wang JH, Zhang DM & Ma J
2034  Oil-Source Correlation for Severely Biodegraded Oils in Biyang Depression, China
Li SF, Hu SZ, He S & Zhang DM
2035  Impact of Parent Rocks and Diagenetic Evolution on Sandstone Reservoir Quality with Low to Very Low Permeability
Luo JL
2036  Using Discrimination Analysis for Anomaly Separation and Distinguish the Mineralized Factors
Majlesi MJ, Memarzadeh M, Ghavami-Riabi R & Asadi-Haroni H
2037  Transformation of Nitrogen during Sediment Burial History
Ostertag-Henning C & Illing C
2038  Desorption of Quinoline from Clay: An Investigation of the LoSal™ Mechanism
Pedersen C, Hem C & Stipp S
2039  The Solubilities and Phase Diagram of the Aqueous System Containing with Vanadate at 298 K
Peng Y & Zeng Y
2040  Quantitative Identification of Reservoir Fluid Properties and Boundary Shifts by Laser-Induced Fluorescence
Su J, Zhang S & Zhu G
2041  Sulphate Reduction Induced by Hydrogen Under Hydrothermal Conditions
Truche L, Berger G & Cartigny P
2042  Potential-Ph Diagram for the V-Cl-H2O System at High Chlorine Concentration
Wang RL, Zeng Y & Zhang SH
2043  Phase Equilibrium for the Aqueous System Containing Ammonium, Magnesium and Chloride at 323.15 K
Zeng Y, Yu XD, Yang JY & Hong J
2044  Large Area Multi-Stage Quasi-Layer Petroleum Accumulation in Carbonate Reservoirs in Tazhong Area, Tarim Basin
Zhu G, Zhang S, Wang Y & Su J