Program for Session 17a

Thursday 18th August PM: Floor 3 / Poster Area

17a (Poster): Biogeochemical cycling in watersheds

3062  Organic Matter Mineralization and Trace Element Post-Depositional Redistribution in Western Siberia Thermokarst Lakes
Audry S, Pokrovsky O, Shirokova L & Kirpotin S
3063  Biogeochemical Characterization of Mercury (Hg)-Contaminated Sediments at the Bunikasih Gold Mine, West Java Province, Indonesia
Chaerun SK, Hasni S, Sanwani E & Johnson DB
3064  CO2, CH4, N2O Flux Measurements from a Constructed Wetland
Kim D-S & Na U-S
3065  Geochemistry in a Boreal Stream after a Major Forest Fire – Implications for a Changing Climate
Nordblad F, Ecke F & Ingri J
3066  Radiocarbon Depression in Aquatic Foodwebs of the Colorado River, USA: Coupling between Carbonate Weathering and the Biosphere
Sickman J, Anderson M, Lucero D, McCullough J & Huang W
3067  Nd-Sr Isotopic Geochemistry of Fossils from the Bottom of Cambrian in the Yunnan, Sichuan and Xinjiang Region, China
Wang Y, Wang Y, Yang J & Li H

Friday 19th August AM: Floor 2 / Meeting Hall V

17a (Oral): Biogeochemical cycling in watersheds
Session chaired by Martin Novak & Maria Dittrich

09:30  Monitoring Nutrients Cycles at Catchment Scale
van Tol D & van der Grift B
09:45  Combining Spot Samples and Continuous Sampling to Study Small Catchment Storm Runoff
Palmer M, Gkritzalis-Papadopolous A & Mowlem M
10:00  Impact of Water Sources and Flow Paths on Carbon in Streams of Seasonally Snow-Covered Catchments
Perdrial J, Brooks P, Chorover J, Harpold A, Heidbuechel I, McIntosh J, Ray J & Zapata-Rios X
10:15  Mechanisms of Nitrogen Dissipation in an N-Saturated Subtropical Forest in Southwest China
Zhu J, Dörsch P, Silvennoinen H & Mulder J
10:30  Invited: Isotope Constraints on the Biogeochemical Cycling of Calcium (Ca) in a Base-Poor Forest Ecosystem
Farkaš J, Déjeant A, Novák M & Jacobsen S
10:45  Invited: Magnesium Isotope Fractionation in a Hardwood Forest of Southern Québec, Canada
Worsham S, Holmden C & Bélanger N
11:00  Usefulness of Stable Isotopes in Small Catchment Studies: Overview of Results from the Stressed Ecosystems of Central Europe
Novak M, Buzek F, Jackova I, Chrastny V, Farkas J, Fottova D, Voldrichova P, Stepanova M & Prechova E
11:15  Copper and Zinc Isotope Composition of China and India Dust Sources
Dong S, Weiss DJ, Najorka J, Ferrat M, Spiro B, Sun Y, Gupta S & Sinha R
11:30  Sources and Sinks of Acetate in an Acidic Peatland
Hädrich A, Heuer V, Herrmann M, Hinrichs K-U & Küsel K
11:45  Controls on Lignin Degradation in a Temperate Deciduous Forest
Klotzbücher T, Kaiser K & Kalbitz K