Program for Session 11a

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 2 / Poster Area

11a (Poster): Black shales and ocean-atmosphere evolution: implications for metal accumulation - sponsored by SGA

2067  Difference of Organic Matter in the Early Cambrian Ni-Mo-Bearing Black Rock Series in the Zunyi City of South China: Implications for the Origin of the Deposits
Cao J
2068  Spectral Gamma-Ray Applications to Marine Organic-Rich Sediments of the Lower Jurassic of Portugal
Correia GG, Duarte LV, Pereira AC, Silva RL & Mendonça Filho JG
2069  Features of the Pyrites in Black Shale Series in Southern Anhui Province
Guan Y, Zhan Y, You H, Shi G & Ma M
2070  Geochemical Characteristics of Black Slate-Hosted Uranium Deposits in the Okcheon Metamorphic Belt, Korea
Shin D, Kim S & Choi M
2071  Origin of Dissolved Metals in Produced Water from the Devonian Marcellus Shale, USA: Sr Isotope Systematics
Stewart B, Chapman E, Capo R, Hammack R, Schroeder K & Edenborn H
2072  Platinum-Group Element Mineralization in Black Shales in Xinjiang, China
Yang Y, Zhao Y & Pirajno F
2073  Geological Characteristics of Black Shale Series in Southern Anhui Province
You H, Zhan Y & Guan Y
2074  Whether has Platinum Group Elements (PGE) Enriched in Sulfide-Rich Black Shale Series in Southern Anhui Province?
Zhan Y, You H, Guan Y, Shi G & Ma M
2075  Mineralization Features and Metallogeny of Polymetallic Deposit in Black Shale Series in Southwest China
Zhang C, Xu Z & Ni J

Tuesday 16th August AM: Floor 3 / South Hall

11a (Oral): Black shales and ocean-atmosphere evolution: implications for metal accumulation - sponsored by SGA
Session chaired by Bernd Lehmann & Jan Pasava

11:00  Metalliferous Organic-Rich Black Shales: Where do the Metals Come from?
Emsbo P & Breit G
11:15  Uranium Minerals in Black Shale, South Korea
Kim YJ, Lee HE, Kang S-A, Shin JK, Jung SY & Lee YJ
11:30  Trace Elemental Geochemistry of Black Shale from Chengkou District, Chongqing, Southwest China and its Genetic Significances
Li H
11:45  Talvivaara Ni Deposit and Ore Potential of Palaeoproterozoic Black Shale Formations in Finland
Loukola-Ruskeeniemi K, Hyvönen E, Arkimaa H, Airo M-L, Vanne J, Lerssi J & Vuoriainen S
12:00  Re-Os Geochronology of Black Shale from the Barents Sea: Refining the Triassic Time Scale
Xu G, Hannah J, Stein HJ, Mørk A, Bingen B & Lundschien BA
12:15  Reconnaissance Trace Element and Os-Mo-Nd Isotope Geochemistry of Late Archean Black Shales in the Carajás Iron Ore District, Brazil
Lehmann B, Creaser R, Nägler T, Voegelin A, Belyatsky B, Cabral AR, Galbiatti H & Seabra A