Program for Session 10f

Monday 15th August AM: Floor 3 / Chamber Hall

10f (Oral): Carbon sequestration analogues
Session chaired by Chris Ballentine & Dave Cole

09:30  Keynote: Geological Carbon Storage: Geochemical Processes
Bickle M
10:00  Monitoring CO2-H2O Interactions Using δ13C and δ18O at the CO2CRC Otway Project CO2 Storage Pilot
Kirste D, Boreham C, Stalker L & Underschultz J
10:15  Stepwise C & O Stable Isotope Shows No Detectable CO2-sequestration by Cements in Analogue for Engineered Storage
Heinemann N, Wilkinson M, Fallick A & Haszeldine S
10:30  Predicting CO2 EOR and Geological Sequestration Processes with Artificial Noble Gas Tracers
Zhou Z, Bickle M, Galy A, Chapman H, Kampman N, Dubacq B, Wigley M, Warr O, Sirikitputtisak T, Hannah P & Ballentine C
10:45  Natural and Artifical Noble Gases as Tracers of Injected CO2 Migration within a Deep Reservoir
Gilfillan S, Haszeldine RS, Poreda R & Hovorka S
11:00  Laboratory Experiments and Modeling of CO2 Dissolution in Water for Carbon Sequestration
Stute M, Fernandez de la Reguera D & Matter J
11:15  Geophysical and Geochemical Data Used to Infer Origin and Evolution of Natural CO2 in Italy
Battani A, Brosse E & Loiselet C
11:30  Nanometer to Centimeter Scale Analysis and Modeling of Pore Structures in Geologic CO2 Storage Formations and Caprocks
Anovitz L, Vlcek L, Rother G & Cole D
11:45  Changes to Porosity and Pore Structure of Mudstones Resulting from Reaction with CO2
Navarre-Sitchler A, Mouzakis K, Heath J, Dewers T, Rother G, Wang X, Kaszuba J & McCray J
12:00  Geologic Carbon-Sulfur Co-sequestration: Experimental Investigation of a Natural Analogue, Madison Limestone, SW Wyoming USA
Chopping C & Kaszuba J
12:15  Trace Element Mobilisation in a Natural Analogue CO2 Storage Site
Wigley M, Bickle M, Kampman N, Dubacq B & Champan H

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 3 / Chamber Hall

10f (Oral): Carbon sequestration analogues
Session chaired by Chris Ballentine & Dave Cole

14:00  Contribution of the Reactive Mineral Surface Area on CO2 Mineralization Under Natural Conditions
Rillard J & Zuddas P
14:15  Tracking Permanent CO2 Storage in Basaltic Rocks Using Conservative and Reactive Tracers at the CarbFix Injection Site, Iceland
Matter J, Stute M & Broecker W
14:30  CO2 Sequestration in Olivine Rich Basaltic Aquifers: A Reactive Percolation Experimental Study
Peuble S, Godard M, Gouze P & Luquot L

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 2 / Poster Area

10f (Poster): Carbon sequestration analogues

2053  On Carbonatization Fronts in Serpentinite: Implications for in situ CO2 Storage
Beinlich A, Plümper O, Hövelmann J, Austrheim H & Jamtveit B
2054  Natural Analogue of CO2 Mineral Sequestration: The Tuscan Magnesite Deposits
Boschi C, Dallai L, Dini A & Ruggieri G
2055  Mineralogy and Geochemistry of a Potential CO2 Sequestration Reservoir and Seal System, Illinois Basin, USA
Bowen B, Lovell T, Neufelder R, Rupp J, Brophy J & Lahann R
2056  CO2 Sequestration in Deep Aquifers: Insights into Future Hazards from a Natural Analog (Campi Flegrei, Italy)
Capobianco R, Esposito R, Bodnar R, Chiodini G & Rimstidt JD
2057  Acid Gases Speciation in H2S-CO2-Portland Cement-H2O System
Centeno J
2058  CO2 Degassing and Groundwater Mixing in the Navajo Aquifer, Green River, Utah
Dubacq B, Kampman N, Assayag N, Wigley M & Bickle M
2059  High CO2 Concentrations Negatively Affect Methanogenesis and Sulphate Reduction in Gas Fields of the North German Plain
Frerichs J, Gniese C, Schulz A, Richnow H-H, Kock D & Krüger M
2060  Hydrogeochemical Survey of CO2 Geological Leakage Using Noble Gases: Application to the Furnas Caldera (Azores, Portugual)
Gréau C, Moreira M, Agrinier P, Lagneau V, Schneider H, Madureira P & Ruzié L
2061  The Variability in Formation Water Composition and the Implications for CO2 Storage Conditions
Haese R & Preda M
2062  Short-Term CO2-Fluid-Mineral Interactions in a CO2 Injection Experiment, Wyoming
Kampman N, Bickle M, Galy A, Chapman H, Zhou Z, Dubacq B, Wigley M, Warr O, Sirikitputtisak T & Ballentine C
2063  Carbonate Dissolution at Oceanic Atolls: A CO2 Sequestration Option
Ohsumi T
2064  Surface and Subsurface Geochemical Monitoring of an EOR-CO2 Field: Buracica, Brazil
Magnier C, Rouchon V, Bandeira C, Goncalves R, Miller D & Dino R
2065  Volcanic Ashes as the Source of Dissolved Calcium in Seawater
Savenko A & Savenko V
2066  Kinetic Study of Brucite Carbonation
Zhu C, Zhao L, Gao X, Ji J, Chen J & Teng HH