Program for Session 07b

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 2 / Poster Area

07b (Poster): Trace elements at the intersection of biological and geochemical evolution

2001  Silicon Isotope Composition of Chert in Carbonate Rocks, as an Indicator of Paleo-Environmental Variation in Ocean
Ding T, Gao J & Tian S
2002  Concentration of Ge in Thermophilic Cyano-Bacterial Community
Lazareva E, Bryanskaya A, Taran O, Melgunov M, Peltek E & Zhmodik S
2003  Origins of Chromite found in Chemical and Clastic Sedimentary Rocks of the 3.2 Ga Moodies Group, South Afirica
Otake T, Sakamoto Y & Kakegawa T
2004  Mn(IV) Reduction: A Driving Mechanism for Mg2+ -enrichment in Shallow Marine Carbonates?
Petrash D, Lalonde S, Gingras M & Konhauser K
2005  The Evolution of the Marine Zn Reservoir: Comparing the Proteomic and Sedimentary Records
Robbins L, Lalonde S & Konhauser K
2006  Colonization of Contaminated Sediments: Implications in Recovery of Mass Extinctions Events
Rodriguez-Tovar FJ & Martín-Peinado FJ

Tuesday 16th August AM: Floor 2 / Terrace 2

07b (Oral): Trace elements at the intersection of biological and geochemical evolution
Session chaired by Aubrey Zerkle & Stefan Lalonde

09:30  Invited: First Episode of Widespread Ocean Oxygenation 551 Myr Ago
Kendall B, Komiya T, Lyons T, Bates S, Jiang G, Creaser R, Xiao S, McFadden K, Sawaki Y, Tahata M, Shu D, Han J, Li Y, Chu X & Anbar A
09:45  Sensitivity and Feedback in the Oceanic Molybdenum Cycle
Reinhard C, Scott C & Lyons T
10:00  Keynote: Rapid Expansions in Biological Metal Utilization
Dupont C
10:30  Iron and Other Metals in the Proterozoic Oceans
Planavsky N, Scott C, McGoldrick P, Li C, Reinhard C, Love G, Bekker A & Lyons T
10:45  Marine Redox Conditions and Sulfur Cycling during the Deposition of the 2.3 Ga Timeball Hill Formation
Diekrup D, Kaufman AJ, Kendall B & Strauss H