Program for Session 07e

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 2 / Terrace 2

07e (Oral): Mesozoic and early Cenozoic Greenhouse Episodes: Insights into the Anthropocene
Session chaired by Stuart Robinson, Tom Dunkley Jones & Jim Zachos

14:45  Keynote: Impacts and Feedbacks: Are the PETM and Eocene Hyperthermals Relevant to Future Global Change?
Bowen G
15:15  An Eocene Analogue for the Future Oceanic Response to Increased CO2 – Existence of a Tropical Thermostat?
Evans D, Müller W, Todd J & Renema W
15:30  Hot Summers in the Western United States during the Late Cretaceous and Early Cenozoic
Snell K, Thompson J, Foreman B, Wernicke B, Chamberlain CP, Eiler J & Koch P
15:45  Ocean Oxygenation during the PETM: Mo Isotope Data from the Arctic and Tethyan Oceans
Dickson A, Cohen A, Coe A, Gavrilov Y & Shcherbinina E
16:00  Response of Continental Biogeochemical Processes to Short- and Long-Term Global Warming
Pancost R, Taylor K, Hollis C, Handley L, Rees-Owen R, Crouch E & Schouten S
16:15  A Continental Amplifier for Marine Carbon Sequestration in a Greenhouse Ocean
Kennedy M & Wagner T
16:30  Quantifying Biotic Responses to Past Abrupt Climate Change: Thresholds and Sensitivities
Gibbs S, Edgar K, Bown P, O'Dea S, Sluijs A, Murphy B & Zachos J
16:45  Low Biodiversity Tropics in a High CO2 Median Mesozoic World
Olsen P, Whiteside J & Schaller M

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 2 / Poster Area

07e (Poster): Mesozoic and early Cenozoic Greenhouse Episodes: Insights into the Anthropocene

2023  Geochemical Heterogeneity of the Clinoform Sequence by the Example of Neocomian Sediments of the West Siberian Plate
Afonin I, Tatyanin G & Tishin P
2024  First High-resolution δ13C-records of the Early Aptian OAE 1a within the Mid-latitudes of NW-Europe (Germany, Lower Saxony Basin)
Heldt M, Luppold FW, Weiss W, Mutterlose J, Berner U & Erbacher J
2025  Stable Carbon Isotope Chemostratigraphy and Implications for Global Carbon Cycling, Cretaceous Western Interior Basin
Joo YJ, Hurtgen M & Sageman B
2026  Early and Middle Jurassic δ13C and δ18O Trends: A High Resolution Dataset from the UK
Korte C, Hesselbo SP & Ullmann CV
2027  C, O, Sr Isotope Compositions of Sediments of the Mesozoic Kutch Basin, NW India
Patil D, Sreenivas B, Srikarni C, Ramamurthy PB, Babu EVSSK, Vijaya Gopal B & Dayal AM
2028  A Synthesis of Cretaceous SST Estimates
Robinson S, Littler K, Bown P & Lees J
2029  Recognition of Mucilage and Microbial Events on the Early–Late Pliensbachian (Lusitanian Basin, Portugal)
Silva RL, Duarte LV, Mendonça Filho JG, da Silva FS, Silva TF & Comas-Rengifo MJ
2030  Late Paleocene Sea Surface Cooling in Southeast New Zealand
Taylor K, Hollis C, Handley L, Morgans H, Crouch E, Schouten S & Pancost R
2031  Mo Isotope Signature of OAE 1a: New Insights from the Western Tethys
Westermann S, Vance D, Archer C & Robinson S
2032  Nd-Isotope Evolution in the Cretaceous Gault and Chalk Seas (Albian–Maastrichtian)
Zheng X, Jenkyns H, Henderson G, Ward D & Gale A