Program for Session 03d

Tuesday 16th August PM: Floor 1 / Poster Area

03d (Poster): Cratonic mantle processes: Insights from diamonds and xenoliths

1020  The Effect of Diffusion on P-T Conditions Inferred by Cation-Exchange Thermobarometry
Andrews A, Wang Z, Bolton E & Eckert J
1021  Origin of Craton Mantle Layering According to PT Reconstructions
Ashchepkov I, Ionov D, Ntaflos T, Hilary D & Palessky S
1022  Zone of Anomalous Mantle
Davies A & Davies R
1023  Os Isotope and PGE Data on the Age and Evolution of Lithospheric Mantle in the Central Siberian Craton
Doucet L-S, Ionov D, Carlson R, Golovin A & Ashchepkov I
1024  Diamond Record of Metasomatism
Fedortchouk Y & Zhang Z
1025  Redox State of Lithospheric Mantle in Central Siberian Craton: A Mössbauer Study of Peridotite Xenoliths from the Udachnaya Kimberlite
Goncharov A, Ionov D, Doucet L-S & Ashchepkov I
1026  Fluid Microinclusions in Octahedral Diamonds
Kiflawi I, Weiss Y, Griffin WL & Navon O
1027  Origin and Evolution of Carbonatite Magma Parental for Diamond and Syngenetic Inclusions Therein
Litvin Y
1028  Late Metasomatic Addition of Garnet to the SCLM: Os-Isotope Evidence
Malkovets V, Griffin W, Pearson N, Rezvukhin D, O'Reilly S, Pokhilenko N, Garanin V, Spetsius Z & Litasov K
1029  Pyroxene and Olivine Exsolution Textures in Majoritic Garnets from the Mir Kimberlitic Pipe (Yakutia)
Sirotkina E, Bobrov A, Garanin V, Bovkun A, Shkurskii B & Korost D
1030  Effects of Melt Percolation on Platinum Group Elements and Re-Os Systematics of Peridotites from the Tan-Lu Fault Zone, Eastern North China Craton
Xiao Y & Zhang H-F

Wednesday 17th August AM: Floor 1 / Club D

03d (Oral): Cratonic mantle processes: Insights from diamonds and xenoliths
Session chaired by Maya Kopylova & Paolo Nimis

09:30  Comparative Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf-Os Isotopic Systematics of Xenolithic Peridotites from Yangyuan, North China Craton
Liu J, Carlson R, Rudnick R, Walker R, Wu F & Gao S
09:45  Redox Profile through the Siberian Craton: Fe K-Edge XANES Determination of Fe3+/Fe2+ in Garnet from Peridotite Xenoliths of the Udachnaya Kimberlite
Yaxley G, Berry A, Kamenetsky V, Woodland A, Paterson D, de Jonge M & Howard D
10:00  Keynote: Peridotite Xenolith Inferences on the Formation and Evolution of the Central Siberian Cratonic Mantle
Ionov D, Doucet L-S, Carlson R, Pokhilenko N, Golovin A & Ashchepkov I
10:30  Diamondiferous Conglomerate Preserves Evidence for Kimberlite and the Deep Cratonic Root of the Mesoarchean Southern Superior Craton
Kopylova M, Afanasiev V, Bruce L & Ryder J
10:45  The Age and Origin of the Limpopo Sub-Continental Lithospheric Mantle
van der Meer Q, Klaver M, Reisberg L, Davidheiser B & Davies G
11:00  Re-Os and Lu-Hf Dating in Letlhakane Peridotite Xenoliths (Botswana)
Luguet A, Behrens M, Herwartz D & Pearson G
11:15  Chronological and Thermal History of the Lithospheric Mantle Underneath the Gibeon Kimberlite Field, Namibia
Luchs T, Brey G & Gerdes A
11:30  Geochemistry of Xenoliths from the Gibeon Kimberlite Province, Namibia
Longo M, Nimis P, Ziberna L, Marzoli A, Zanetti A & Franz L
11:45  Ultra-Depleted Eclogites: Residues of TTG Melting
Shu Q & Brey G
12:00  Geochemistry of Mantle Microxenoliths from Zagadochnaya Kimberlite (Yakutia, Russia)
Ziberna L, Nimis P, Zanetti A, Sobolev NV & Marzoli A
12:15  Experimental Investigation of Garnet-Cpx Geobarometers in Eclogites
Pickles J, Blundy J, Sweeney R & Smith C

Wednesday 17th August PM: Floor 1 / Club D

03d (Oral): Cratonic mantle processes: Insights from diamonds and xenoliths
Session chaired by Maya Kopylova & Paolo Nimis

14:00  Evidence for Evolution of Growth Media in Superdeep Diamonds from Sao-Luis (Brasil)
Zedgenizov D, Ragozin A, Shatsky V, Kagi H, Odake S, Griffin W, Araujo D & Yuryeva O
14:15  On the Peculiarities of Australian and Venezuelan Pink Diamonds: Influence of the Geologic Settings
Gaillou E, Butler J & Post J
14:30  Crystallographic Relationships between Diamond and its Olivine Inclusions
Nestola F, Nimis P & Harris JW
14:45  "Table" vs "Bench": Trace Elements in Fibrous Diamonds
Navon O, Griffin WL & Weiss Y
15:00  Mixed-Habit Diamonds: Evidence of a Specific Mantle Fluid Chemistry?
Howell D, Griffin W, O'Reilly SY, O'Neill C, Pearson N, Piazolo S, Stern R, Stachel T & Nasdala L
15:15  The Formation of Micro-Diamonds in Cracks Caused by a C-O-H Rich Fluid Under Medium to Low Pressure Conditions
Potgieter J, Sommer H, Regenauer-Lieb K, Jung H & Gasharova B
15:30  “WEERTMAN” Cracks: A Possible Mechanism for Near Sonic Speed Diamond Extraction from the Earth´s Mantle
Sommer H, Regenauer-Lieb K, Gaede O, Jung H & Gasharova B
15:45  Water Content of Lithospheres Deduced from Xenoliths: The Example of Kerguelen Islands and South African Craton
Ingrin J, Liu J, Xia QK, Deloule E & Grégoire M
16:00  Quantitative Mapping of the Oxidation State of Iron in Mantle Garnet
Berry A, Yaxley G, Hanger B, Woodland A, de Jonge M, Howard D & Paterson D