Program for Session 21a

Monday 15th August AM: Floor 4 / Conference Hall

21a (Oral): Global Water Sustainability
Session chaired by Chen Zhu

09:30  Keynote: Groundwater Depletion: A U.S. National Assessment and Global Perspective
Konikow L
10:00  Enhancing Heavy Metal Immobilization in SuDS
Norris M, Phoenix V, Pulford I, Haynes H & Dorea C
10:15  What Defines a Saline Aquifer for CO2 Injection?
Blondes M & Corum M
10:30  Assessment of Water/Rock Interaction to Safeguarding Drinking Water Quality
Rezvani Khalilabad M
10:45  GIS Based Spatial Distribution Mapping for Surface Waters in Solaklı Basin (Trabzon, Turkey)
Firat Ersoy A, Gultekin F, Hatipoglu E & Celep S
11:00  Wadi as Collectors of Drinking Water in the South Mongolia
Juřička D, Yondon M, Novotná J & Kynicky J
11:15  Hydrochemical Characteristics of Bigadiç (Balıkesir) Geothermal Area, Turkey
Gocmez G & Ölmez E
11:30  Geochemical Significance of 14C, 3H, δ18O, δ2H and 87Sr/86Sr Isotopic Data in the Hot Spring Waters of South Korea
Lee S-G, Nakamura T, Yoon YY, Kim T-K, Ohta T & Lee T
11:45  REE in Groundwater as Indicators of Catchment Lithology in Semi-Arid Regions
Möller P, Siebert C & Geyer S
12:00  Oxygen and Hydrogen Stable Isotope Composition of Precipitation in Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Northeastern Italy)
Michelini M, Cucchi F, Flora O, Stenni B, Treu F & Zini L
12:15  Tracing Sedimentary Pyrite Oxidation during Managed Aquifer Recharge
Seibert S, Skrzypek G, Descourvieres C, Hinz C & Prommer H

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 4 / Conference Hall

21a (Oral): Global Water Sustainability
Session chaired by Chen Zhu

14:00  Testing a Geochemical Tracer Tool in New Zealand Water
Slade A, Warner N, Vengosh A & Whitehead B
14:15  Hydrogeochemistry Groundwater Quality and Pollution Potential Studies of Satna City, Madhya Pradesh, India
Tiwari Rabindra RN
14:30  Influence of Major Hydraulic Projects on Saltwater Intrusion in the Yangtze River Estuary
Zheng M, Liu S & Jiang S

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 4 / Poster Area

21a (Poster): Global Water Sustainability

4036  Integrated GIS Approach for Characterisation of Hydrogeochemical Processes Governing the Groundwater Quality in Sabarmati Basin, Gujarat, India
Kumari R, Singh CK & Mukherjee S
4037  Sustainable Water Resource Management in Eastern Punjab Using Remote Sensing and GIS to Demarcate Water Potential Zones
Singh RP, Singh CK & Mukherjee S
4038  Major Ion Chemistry of Subsurface Water Samples Around Waste Disposal Sites of Hyderabad City, India
Parth V, Murthy NN & Saxena PR
4039  Flour Content in the Groundwater Samples of Chahar-Farsakh Area, South Khorasan, Iran
Khazaii M, Abedi A & Jalayeri H
4040  Contaminant Transport Modeling in the Candidate VLLW Disposal Site
Cai X, Wang Y & Duo T
4041  Geochemistry of Groundwater from Graciosa Island (Azores): A Contribution to the Hydrothermal System Conceptual Model
Carvalho MR, Carreira P, Marques JM, Capasso G, Grassa F & Munes JC
4042  Adsorption of a Textile Dye (Acid Red 88) by Montmorillonitic Clay: Estimation of Equilibrium, Kinetic and Thermodynamic Parameters
Dikmen S, Ersoy B & Günay A
4043  Geoenvironmental Factors Evaluate the Underground Waters in the Eastern Desert of Egypt
El Gammal ES
4044  The Biodegradation of [omim][PF6] with Activated Sludge in Anoxic Conditions
Dai N
4045  Treatment of Rural Effluents by Infiltration Percolation Process Using Sand-Clay Fortified by Pebbles
Eturki S, Jedidi N & Ben Dhia H
4046  Land Use Control of Groundwater Chemistry in the Pyosun Watershed, Jeju Island, Korea
Go Y-H, Yun S-T, Kang K-G, Mayer B, Kim K-H & Hyun H-N
4047  3H–3He Isotopic Tracer for Age Estimating of the Ground Waters (Aquifers of the Khibiny Slopes, Kola Peninsula)
Gudkov A, Igor T & Ivanov S
4048  Sorption Mechanism of Dilute Fluorine in Wastewater Using Aluminum Hydroxide Coprecipitation Method
Haraguchi D, Tokoro C & Owada S
4049  Integrating Multivariate Statistical Analysis for Geochemical Assessment of Groundwater Quality in Gümüşhacıköy Plain (Amasya, Turkey)
Firat Ersoy A, Hatipoglu E & Gultekin F
4050  Contamination by Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Tianjin Rivers, China
Hu J, Liu D, Zhang Y & Zhang G
4051  Isotope Evidence for Regional Precipitation Characteristics in the Poyang Lake Basin
Hu C-H, Zhou W-B, Jiang J-H, Guo C-J & Zhang P
4052  The Uraniferous Groundwaters and Minerals in the Two-Mica Granite of the Daejeon Area, South Korea
Hwang J & Moon SH
4053  Trace Element Geochemistry of Soils in Fluoride-Rich Shallow Groundwater Sites in Sri Lanka
Jayawardana DT, Pitawala A & Hiroaki I
4054  Hydrogeochemistry and Origin of Cold High pCO2 Waters of Gonjinskoe Spa (Priamurye, Russia)
Kharitonova N, Tarasenko I & Chelnokov G
4055  Groundwater Recharge in the Santo Tomás Valley, Baja California, México
Kretzschmar T & Thomas W
4056  Geochemical Characteristics of the Nakdong River, Korea
Lee G, Kim J & Kim Y
4057  Hydrochemical and Isotope Study of Groundwater Contamination by Fecal Microbes
Lee J-H, Yun S-T, Jeong YS, Mayer B, Jheong W-W & Yoo C-H
4058  Sources and Fate of Nitrate in a Dam-Controlled Subtropical River, Southwest China
Li X-D, Liu C-Q, Yin Z-Y, Liu X-Y & Bao L-R
4059  Application of Remote Sensing Method for Detecting and Monitoring Water Contamination
Liu Y & Zhang J
4060  Geochemical and Geophysical Coupling Study of the Karstic Aquifer between Saïs Basin and the Causses of the Middle Atlas (Morocco). Fez-Meknès Area
Miche H, Mayer A, Rouai M, Saracco G, Dekayir A, Chalikakis K & Emblanch C
4061  Evaluation of Anthropogenic Contamination of Bedrock Groundwater Using Hydrochemical Data: An Example from Suburban Areas in Korea
Park S-S, Yun S-T, Kim K-H, Kim HM & Jang E-S
4062  Isothermal, Kinetic and Mechanism Studies of Uranium Biosorption by Aspergillus niger from Aqueous Solutions
Dhankhar R & Hooda A
4063  Phosphorus Mobility in Lake Sediments
Ribeiro D, Martins G, Brito A & Nogueira R
4064  Solid – Liquid Equilibria in the Quaternary K2B4O7 -K2SO4-KCl-H2O System at 323 K
Sang S-H
4065  Deep Ground Water Migration in Brazilian Federal District Based on Isotope Geochemistry
Santos R, Pacheco W & Mancini L
4066  Composition Modeling of Pollution of Groundwater by Usage of Geoelectrical & Hydrogeochemical Studies
Shabankareh M, Ghasemi A & Afshari S
4067  Evolution Mechanism of Groundwater Environmental Factors Under Artificial Recharge
Shi X & Zhang W
4068  How to Safely Store Water Samples Prior to Stable Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotope Analyses?
Spangenberg JE
4069  Assessment of Heavy Metal Contamination in Surface Water of Ranipet Industrial Area, Tamil Nadu, India
Srinivasa Gowd S & Ramakrishna Reddy M
4070  Biodegradation of Petroleum Hydrocarbon in Shallow Groundwater from Carbon and Sulfur Isotope Evidence
Su X-S, Lv H & Zhang W-J
4071  Extraction Time for Soil Water of Desert Sand Used in Stable Isotope Analysis
Sun X
4072  Soil Water Movement Traced by Oxygen Isotope in the Mu Us Sandy Land, North China
Sun J
4073  Boron Contamination in the Groundwater of Chahar-Farsakh Area, South Khorasan ,Iran
Khazaii M, Abedi A & Tabasi S
4074  Study of Naryn River (Central Asia) Runoff Formation by Stable Isotope
Samsonova A & Tokarev I
4075  Hydrogeochemical Analysis of the Sahl-Abad Playa Brines (East of Iran)
Torshizian HA, Javanbakht M, Mollaei H & Ketabdari MR
4076  Transboundary Problems of Water Resources Quality in the Selenga River Basin
Ulzetueva I, Zhamyanov D, Gomboev B & Khakhinov V
4077  The First Data About the Concentrations REEs in Waters from Weathering Zone of Berezitovoe Gold Deposit (Priamurye, Russia)
Vakh E, Vakh A & Kharitonova N
4078  Isotopic Tracing of Lithium Sources in the Seine River, Paris (France)
Vigier N, Gaillardet J, Louvat P & Chen J
4079  Integrated Development and Management of Water Resources: A Typical Area in China
Wang D, Wu J, Wang L & Shi Y
4080  Water Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotope Composition Characterization in the Tea Ditch of Anxian, China
Wang Y, Ni S & Zhang C
4081  Advances and Challenges in the Study of Mechanisms on Salinization and Contamination of Deep Groundwater in the North China Plain
Wu J, Yang Y, Zhang Y & Zhu X
4082  Impact of Water-Level Fluctuations on Concentration Trends of Petroleum Contaminants in Pipeline Leakage Area
Xiaosi S, Wei W & Zhaoxian Z
4083  Water Resources Issues in the Basin of Transboundary Selenga River
Zhamyanov D, Ulzetueva I, Batomunkuev V & Sanzheev E
4084  Variation of Hydro-Chemistry in Lower Reaches of the Chinese Golmud-River and its Effects on the Groundwater
Zhang WJ & Tan H
4085  Analysis of Poyang Lake Water Body Dissolved Inorganic Carbon Isotopic Tracing and its Carbon Source Contribution
Zhou W-B, Hu C-H, Jiang J-H, Guo C-J & Lou Q