Program for Session 16a

Wednesday 17th August AM: Floor 1 / Meeting Hall I

16a (Oral): Geochemical processes in mining environments: Introduction
Session chaired by Kate Campbell, Colleen Hansel & Kai-Uwe Ulrich

12:00  Keynote: Acid Mine Drainage and Responsible Mining
Nordstrom DK

Wednesday 17th August PM: Floor 1 / Meeting Hall I

16a (Oral): Geochemical processes in mining environments: Drainage, tailings, and treatment
Session chaired by Kate Campbell & Kai-Uwe Ulrich

14:00  Invited: Establishing Baseline Geochemical Conditions at Historic Gold Mines for Risk Assessment and Remediation
Parsons M, Goodwin T & Little M
14:15  Mercury Distribution and Speciation in a Seasonal Wetland Impacted by Mine Waste
O'Day P, Serrano S, Stilson T & Vlassopoulos D
14:30  Arsenic Mobilization in a High Andean Watershed Impacted by Legacy Mining
Leiva E, Ríos P, Escauriaza C, Bonilla C, Pizarro G & Pastén P
14:45  Characterization of Nanoparticulate Arsenic in Waters Draining Abandoned Gold Mine Tailings
Gault A, Parsons M & Jamieson H
15:00  Secondary Minerals in Mine Wastes at Sb Deposits in Slovakia
Klimko T, Majzlan J, Lalinská B, Chovan M, Goettlicher J & Steininger R
15:15  Geochemical Reactivity of Submarine Tailings from the Batu Hijau Mine
Sahami A, Waworuntu J & Fawcett S
15:30  Iron Oxides in Copper Mining Environments: Transformation and Reactivity
Antelo J, Fiol S, López R, Gondar D & Arce F
15:45  Speciation of Contaminant Metals in Red Mud from Ajka, Hungary
Burke I, Mayes W, Peacock C, Brown A, Jarvis A & Gruiz K
16:00  230Th-234U-238U Disequilibria along the River Catchments from the Iberian Belt (Spain) Affected by Acid Mine Drainage (AMD)
Ketterer M, Hierro A, Barbero L, Olias M, Bolivar JP, Casas-Ruiz M & Baskaran M
16:15  Development of an Active Mine Water Treatment Technology by Use of Schwertmannite
Janneck E, Burghardt D, Simon E, Damian C, Martin M, Schöne G & Meyer J
16:30  Pilot-Scale Barrier System for Removal of Nitrate in Mine Drainage
Herbert R & Winbjörk H
16:45  Metals and As in Mine Tailings Drainage Systems: Mobility and Removal
Yurkevich N & Saeva O

Wednesday 17th August PM: Floor 3 / Poster Area

16a (Poster): Geochemical processes in mining environments - sponsered by MIBRAG

3016  Mining-Induced Groundwater Environmental Impact Assessment at Shuyang County, Jiangsu Province, China
Zhu X, Wu J, Wu J & Xia Y
3017  Research of Three-Dimensional Engineering Geology Strata Modeling in Urban Underground Space
Huang J-L
3018  Distribution of Potentially Toxic Elements Around Dolly Au-Cu Mine, Central Iran
Alavi Tabaee F, Modabberi S & Asadi-Haroni H
3019  Natural Fe-Oxidizing Lagoon as a Pretreatment in AMD Remediation
Macias F, Ayora C, Caraballo M, Nieto JM & Roetting T
3020  REE Behaviour in Acid Mine Drainage Conditions in the Ríos Tinto and Odiel (Iberian Pyrite Belt, SW Spain)
Barbero L, Olías M, Hierro A, Casas-Ruiz M & Bolívar JP
3021  Groundwater Flow Impacts on Sediment Biogeochemistry: A Multivariate Statistical Approach
Beer J, Neumann C, Fleckenstein JH, Peiffer S & Blodau C
3022  Element Behavior in Technogenic Systems and Methods of Mine Waste Treatment
Bogush A, Lazareva E, Voronin V, Galkova O & Ishuk N
3023  The Effect of Sb(V) on the Transformation of Ferrihydrite to Goethite, Hematite, and Feroxyhyte
Bolanz R, Majzlan J & Ackermann S
3024  An Attempt to Set the Relation between Chemical Composition and Microbiological Activity in AMD Reservoirs in the Łęknica Region (the Muskau Arch, Western Poland)
Bożęcki P & Rzepa G
3025  Occurrences of Nickel in Different Host Phases of a Laterite Deposit: An Example from Berong, Philippines
Calibo M, Arcilla C, Ong R, Tejada ML & Rafols J
3026  Kinetic Modeling of Microbial Fe(II) Oxidation, Fe(III) Hydrolysis, and Mineral Precipitation in Acid Waters
Campbell K & Nordstrom DK
3027  Fe-Rich Stalactites from Libiola Mine: Mineralogical and Geochemical Features
Carbone C, Dinelli E, Marescotti P & Lucchetti G
3028  Radionuclides in Uranium Milling Tailings and Environment Remediation
Carvalho F, Oliveira J & Malta M
3029  Characteristic Elements and Lead Isotope of Kaempferia Galangal from Yangchun, Guangdong, China
Chang XY, Fu SM, Chen N, Liu H, Zhang HY, Wu QH, Zhao XF & Zhu BQ
3030  Natural Water Contamination Under Chromite Deposit Mining
Cherkasova E & Ryzhenko B
3031  Geochemical Position of Pb, Zn and Cd in Soils Near the Mine/Smelter: Effects of Land Use, Type of Contamination and Distance from Pollution Source
Chrastny V, Vanek A, Komarek M & Novak M
3032  Studies of Metalotolerant Vegetable Species and their Potential for Biogeochemical Prospecting and Environmental Restoration (Cavalo Old Mining Area, Central Portugal)
Pratas J, Favas P & Conde L
3033  Solid Speciation of As, Pb and Sb-Rich Anthropogenic Residues
Courtin-Nomade A, Rakotoarisoa O, Bril H, Kunz M & Tamura N
3034  Rock Alteration and Element Transfer during Formation of U Deposits Related to Na-Metasomatites in the Ukrainian Shield
Emetz A, Cuney M, Mercadier J, Mykhaylov V & Nazarchuk N
3035  Gaseous Mercury in Soils over Deeply Buried Sulfide Deposits
Barros F, Enzweiler J, Licht O, Castilhos Z & Araujo P
3036  Building Stone Potential of the Eastern Black Sea Region, NE Turkey
Ersoy H, Yalcinalp B & Arslan M
3037  Dissolution of Gold in Hydrochloric Acid
Garijo Marcos D & Shikazono N
3038  Accelerated Carbon Sequestration in Mine Tailings Using Elevated pCO2
Harrison AL, Power IM & Dipple GM
3039  Metal Attenuation in Tailings
Hedlund T, Lövgren L & Karlsson T
3040  Arsenic, Copper, and Zinc Leaching through Preferential Flow in Mining-Impacted Soils
Helmhart M, O'Day P, Garcia-Guinea J, Serrano S & Garrido F
3041  Geochemical Impact of Seepage from a Canadian Oil Sands Tailings Pond: A Radial Diffusion Cell Study
Holden A, Mayer U & Ulrich A
3042  A Multi-Isotope Study for Identifying Groundwater Movement Near Disturbed Salt Domes: Case Study Stassfurt, Germany
Stadler S, Holländer H, Sültenfuss J, Jahnke C & Bohn A
3043  F,Cl-Rich Mineral Assemblages from Burned Spoil-Heaps in the Rosice-Oslavany Coalfield, Czech Republic
Houzar S, Hršelová P, Cempírek J & Sejkora J
3044  Semi Detail Orientation Survey in Semi Arid Conditions and Mineral Influensed Basin, Case Study in Southestern Iran
Kazemi Mehrnia A & Rasa I
3045  Effects of Mining on Groundwater Quality in Gaft Chromite Mine, Iran
Dahrazma B, Kharghani M & Akhiani M
3046  Factors Affecting the Stability of Slags and Metal Release: The Case Study of Historical Cu Slags from Lower Silesia (SW Poland)
Kierczak J, Pietranik A & Potysz A
3047  Arsenic Mobility in a Waste Rock Pile at Dlouhá Ves, Czech Republic
Kocourková E, Sracek O, Houzar S, Cempírek J, Losos Z, Filip J & Hršelová P
3048  Use of Sequential Extraction to Evaluate the Mobility of Heavy Metals in the Huanuni Basin (Bolivia)
Kralj M, Marchesi M, Dinelli E, Soler A, La Fuente S & Coronado F
3049  Heavy Minerals in the Kafue River Sediments, Copperbelt Mining District, Zambia: Indicators of Industrial Contamination
Kribek B, Veselovsky F, Malec J, Knesl I, Sracek O, Mihaljevic M & Ettler V
3050  Uranium, Thorium and REE in Macrofungi from Pristine and Polluted Sites
Borovička J, Kubrová J, Rohovec J & Řanda Z
3051  Risk Assessment Analysis of Kadji-Sai Uranium Tailings Site, Kyrgyzstan
Kulenbekov Z & Merkel B
3052  Natural Attenuation of Metal Contaminants in a Large Mine-Impacted River: A Long-Term Case Study of Temporal and Spatial Trends
Moore JN & Langner HW
3053  Variability of the Element Content in Clays of the Poznan Series
Lech D, Bojakowska I, Brański P & Jaroń I
3054  The Characteristics of Tremolite Asbestos Occurred in Abandoned Asbestos Mines in South Korea
Hwang J, Oh J, Park G & Lee H
3055  Carbon Dioxide Sequestration within Jinchuan Copper-Nickel Mine Tailing, China
Li Z, Liu L & Ji J
3056  Distribution and Release of Strontium in Rivers Around Mine: An Indicator for the Oxidation of Sulfide Minerals in Carbonate Area
Li L, Zhang G, Liu H, Xiang M & Wei X
3057  Geochemical Characteristics of Heavy Metals in Soil Profile from an Old Metalliferous Mining Area in China
Yang L, Li Y & Li H
3058  Environmental Protection Design of Chinese Highway Tunnel
Lu J-F & Cui G-Y
3059  Migration of Toxic Elements in Biogeochemistry Chains in Residents and Farmlands Near a Pb-Zn Mine
Luo L, Chu B, Xu T, Wang X, Liu Y, Bo Y & Sun J
3060  Mine Hydrochemistry Evolution and Water-Inrush Discrimination Based on GIS: A Case in Panyi
Ma L, Wang X & Zhou X
3061  Thermodynamics of Crystalline iron(III) Arsenates Scorodite, Kaňkite, and Bukovskýite
Majzlan J, Drahota P, Filippi M, Novak M, Loun J & Grevel K-D
3062  Chemical Fractionation of Pb and Zn and Determination of Pb Isotopes in Deposited Blast-Furnace Sludge
Mansfeldt T, Schiedung H & Schuth S
3063  Impact of a Small Downstream Reservoir on Metal Cycling in Acid Mine Drainage Impacted Waters
Rademacher L, Faul K & McDaniel G
3064  Environmental Impacts of Abandoned VMS Deposits: An Example Case from NE Turkey
Sağlam ES, Akçay M & Çolak DN
3065  Changes in the Fe(II)/Fe(III) Ratio by Bacterial Activity According to Dynamics of an Acid Pit Lake
Santofimia E, López-Pamo E, González-Toril E & Aguilera A
3066  The Role of Impurity Atoms in Forming Cation Vacancies in the Pyrrhotite
Sazonov A & Onufrienok V
3067  The Speciation of Au, Ag, Hg, Th and U in Peat Polluted by Acid Mine Drainage
Scherbakova I, Lazareva E, Gustaytis M & Zhmodik S
3068  Manganese Precipitation and the Removal of Zinc from No Cash Creek, Keno Hills, Yukon, Canada
Sherriff B, Johnson B & Davidson S
3069  Discussion on Radioactively Environmental Problems during Phosphorite Mining and Processing in Longmenshan Area
Shi Z, Ni S & Zhang C
3070  The Impact of Heavy Metals Concentration on Soil Biological Properties in Kintyre Pb Mining Area, Jamaica
Shukurov N, Robinson C, Wright P & Lalor G
3071  Ore Processing and Metallurgy Technologies Applied to Soil Washing: Feasibility Studies in the Linares Area (Andalucía, Spain)
Sierra C, Jiménez-Gámez D, Menéndez-Aguado J, Afif E, Martínez J, Rey J & Rodríguez J
3072  Processes of Heavy Metals Immobilization in Mires
Smieja-Król B, Fiałkiewicz-Kozieł B & Wiedermann J
3073  Mobility of Elements from Cesium Formate Residue Emplaced on Pegmatite Tailings
Solylo P & Sherriff B
3074  “Hidden” Metals and Minerals: How to Detect Nanocompounds
Udubasa SS, Udubasa G, Constantinescu S & Popescu-Pogrion N
3075  Arsenate Precipitation: An Alternative Fate of As in Soils Contaminated with Mine-Related Wastes
Vaca Escobar K & Villalobos M
3076  Metal Pollution Assessment In Sediment of the Talar River, N. Iran
Vanaei M, Maghsoudi A, Saeedi AS & Najjaran M
3077  Optimizing the Use of Magnetite from an Iron Mine for Reduction of Aqueous Cr(VI)
Villacís - García M & Villalobos M
3078  Physico-Chemical and Mineralogical Transformations of Fluid Fine Tailings (FFT) Associated with the Alberta Oil Sands End Pit Lakes
Walshe G, Chen M, Chi Fru E & Weisener C
3079  Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollutions from Lead-Zinc Mining Activities in the North River Basin, China
Wang J, Liu J, Chen Y-H, Xiao T-F, Wang C-L, Li X-P & Qi J-Y
3080  Geochemical Characteristic Contrast of Heavy Metals between Sulphide Mines and Oxide Mines
Xu Z, Ni S, Teng Y & Zhang C
3081  Environmental Effects of Zarand Coal Mines and Coal Washing Plant in Kerman Province, Southeast Iran
Yaghubpur A & Hakkakzadeh B
3082  Migration and Speciation of Heavy Metals in Stream Sediments of a Mining-Influenced Basin, China
Yuan X, Liu Q & Zhang Q
3083  Origin and Fractionation of Heavy Metals of Sediments in the Drinking Water Source of Beijing
Zhu X & Ji H

Thursday 18th August AM: Floor 1 / Meeting Hall I

16a (Oral): Geochemical processes in mining environments: Biological interactions, coupled processes, and bioremediation
Session chaired by Kate Campbell, Colleen Hansel & Kai-Uwe Ulrich

09:30  Invited: High-Resolution Metabolomics Reveals Unusual N-Methyl Lyso Phosphatidylethanolamines as Abundant and Strain-Specific Lipids in Acid Mine Drainage Biofilms
Wilmes P, Fischer C, Bowen B, Thomas B, Mueller R, Denef V, VerBerkmoes N, Hettich R, Northen T & Banfield J
09:45  Biogeochemistry and Stable Isotope Investigation of Acid Mine Drainage Associated with Abandoned Pb-Zn Mine in Balya, Turkey
Balci N, Gul Karaguler N, Sonmez MS & Sari E
10:00  Ecological Niches of Fe-Oxidizing Acidophiles in a Coal Mine Discharge
Jones D, Brown J, Larson L, Mills D, Burgos W & Macalady J
10:15  New Thiomonas and Bordetella Strains Involved in Iron Oxidation at a Slightly Acidic, Heavy Metal Contaminated Creek
Fabisch M, Beulig F, Akob DM & Küsel K
10:30  Biogenic Mn Oxide Formation at pH 5.5 and 7 by New Mn-Oxidizing Bacteria from a Former U Mining Site
Akob D, Beyer A, Schäffner F, Händel M, Merten D, Büchel G, Totsche KU & Küsel K
10:45  Invited: Hydrological Constraints for Biogeochemical Processes in Acidic Mining Lakes
Peiffer S
11:00  Schwertmannite and Fe Oxides Formed by Biological Low-Ph Fe(II) Oxidation Versus Abiotic Neutralization
Larson L, Luan F, Troyer L, Borch T & Burgos W
11:15  Understanding O2-Deficient and CO2-enriched Gas Production and Migration in the Subsurface Above a Coal Post-Mining Area through in situ Gas Monitoring and Modelling
Lafortune S, Charmoille A & Pokryszka Z
11:30  Bench Scale Experiments Modeling the Effects of a Phytostabilization Strategy for Arsenic and Lead Containing Mine Tailings in the Semi-Arid Southwestern United States
Hammond C, Root R, White S, Maier R & Chorover J
11:45  Speciation and Micro-Scale Spatial Distribution of As in a Mining-Affected River Floodplain
Kretzschmar R, Mandaliev P, Mikutta C, Barmettler K & Kotsev T
12:00  Mechanism of Uranium Accumulation in a Mining-Impacted Acidic Peatbog
Wang Y, Frutschi M, Phrommavanh V, Descostes M & Bernier-Latmani R
12:15  Linking Geochemistry and Texture of Mine Tailings and Soils to the Evolution of Plant Community in a Contaminated Copper-Sulphide Mining Area
Anawar HM & Freitas MC

Thursday 18th August PM: Floor 1 / Meeting Hall I

16a (Oral): Geochemical processes in mining environments: Field/lab studies, modeling, and new strategies
Session chaired by Kate Campbell & Colleen Hansel

14:00  Invited: Amendment of Mill Tailings for in situ Treatment of Mine Drainage
Blowes D, Lindsay M, Hulshof A, Ptacek C & Gould D
14:15  Geochemical Behavior of (Thio)arsenates with Fe-Minerals
Couture R-M, Wallschläger D, Mitchell K & Van Cappellen P
14:30  Dissolved Metals and As from Metal Mine Waste – Laboratory vs. Field Determination
Turner A, Braungardt C & Rieuwerts J
14:45  Mine Water Geochemistry and Biogeochemical Modeling
Parmentier M, Croiset N, Battaglia-Brunet F & Azaroual M
15:00  Formation of Secondary Minerals – A Lysimeter Approach
Schäffner F, Merten D, De Giudici G, Ricci PC & Büchel G
15:15  Geochemical Modeling of Reactive Minerals Associated with in situ Recovery of Uranium
Longmire P, Lagneau V & Bouzid M
15:30  Long-Term Forecast of Acidity Load from Overburden Substrate into a Mining Pit Lake: An Integrated Approach
Ulrich K-U, Guderitz I, Heinrich B, Weber L, Pokrandt K-H & Nitsche C
15:45  Balancing of Geological Acidity and Buffering Potentials of Mid German Lignite Open Casts by Long-Term Experiments
Simon A, Hoth N, Rascher J & Jolas P
16:00  Enhancing the Accuracy of the Environmental Monitoring Systems in Mining Areas
Baciu C, Costin D, Pop C & Lazar L