Program for Session 08k

Wednesday 17th August PM: Floor 1 / Poster Area

08k (Poster): Water structure and hydrogen bonding on mineral and nanoparticle surfaces

1091  Formation of Nanoparticles with Stereochemical Effects Using the Polyphenol-Pseudoboehmite Complexation
Franke M
1092  Wetting of Mineral Surfaces – Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Tunega D, Solc R, Pašalić H, Gerzabek MH & Lishka H

Thursday 18th August PM: Floor 2 / Meeting Hall IV

08k (Oral): Water structure and hydrogen bonding on mineral and nanoparticle surfaces
Session chaired by Glenn Waychunas & Alejandro Fernandez-Martinez

14:00  Influence of Interfacial Water Structure on Surface Protonation and Ion Adsorption at Metal Oxide Surfaces
Machesky M, Wesolowski D, Vlcek L, Mamontov E, Kent P, Predota M, Rosenqvist J, Ridley M, Cummings P, Kubicki J, Sofo J, Kumar N, Lvov S, Bandura A, Fenter P & Zhang Z
14:15  Electrokinetic Properties of the Rutile/Water Interface: Zeta-Potential Prediction from Computer Simulations
Predota M, Machesky M, Wesolowski D & Cummings P
14:30  Keynote: Hydrogen Bonding and Molecular Ordering of Water at Mineral-Solution Interfaces
Kalinichev A, Wang J & Kirkpatrick RJ
15:00  Sum Frequency Vibrational Spectroscopy (SFVS) of Water and Hydroxyls on the Corundum (1-102) Surface: Acid-Base Properties from Direct Observation of Protonation States
Waychunas G, Sung J & Shen R
15:15  Aqueous CO2 Solutions at Silica Surfaces and Confined Environments
Chialvo A, Vlcek L & Cole D
15:30  Water Structure at the Structurally Heterogeneous Calcite Surface
Wolthers M, Di Tommaso D, Du Z & De Leeuw N
15:45  Thermodynamic Properties of Hydration Layers on Surfaces of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles
Ross NL, Spencer EC, Woodfield BF, Navrotsky A, Parker SF & Kolesnikov AI
16:00  Water Structure and Hydration Properties of Imogolite Nanotubes
Fernandez-Martinez A, Cuello G, Bourg I, Johnson M, Waychunas G, Sposito G & Charlet L