Program for Session 15b

Tuesday 16th August PM: Floor 1 / Panorama Hall

15b (Oral): Deep Ocean circulation in the past
Session chaired by Jeanne Gherardi Scao & Bob Anderson

14:00  Mn-Crusts Record Deep Ocean Ventilation Changes
Mangini A
14:15  Direct Ventilation of the North Pacific did not Reach 2300 m during the Last Glacial Termination
Jaccard S & Galbraith E
14:30  Invasion of Warm, Saline, and Well Ventilated Intermediate Water in Cold Stadials during the Last 30,000 Years? Evidence from the Middle Okinawa Trough Site MD01-2404
Lo L, Chang Y-P, Shen C-C, Chen M-T & Wei K-Y
14:45  Reconstructing Southern and Pacific Ocean Deep Circulation Using Nd Isotopes
Piotrowski A, Noble T & McCave N
15:00  A Spatial Perspective on Nd Isotope Records from the Western Indian Ocean: Evidence for a 'Boundary Exchange' Control?
Wilson D, Piotrowski A & Galy A
15:15  A Depth Transect of Four 25 kyr 231Pa/230Th Records from the Argentine Basin: Assessing Southern Component Flow Rates
Hickey B, Henderson G, Thomas A, Rae J, Chiessi C & Mulitza S
15:30  Did the Glacial Atlantic Overturning Circulation run Backwards?
Zahn R, Hall I, Henderson G, Masque P & Thomas A
15:45  Was Atlantic Deepwater Flow Reversed during the Last Glacial Maximum?
Anderson R, Fleisher M, Gersonde R & Kuhn G
16:00  An Atlantic Ocean Pa/Th Survey
Lippold J, Pichat S, Luo Y, Gherardi J-M & Francois R
16:15  Deglacial NW Atlantic Ventilation from Paired Deep-Water Coral Radiocarbon and Nd Isotopes
Crocket KC, van de Flierdt T, Robinson LF & Adkins JF
16:30  Response of Antarctic Intermediate Water to Weaker Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation during the Last Deglaciation
Xie R, Marcantonio F & Schmidt MW
16:45  Reconstruction of Permanent Thermocline Temperatures in the Atlantic during Heinrich Stadial 1
Groeneveld J, Chiessi C, Mackensen A & Tiedemann R

Tuesday 16th August PM: Floor 3 / Poster Area

15b (Poster): Deep Ocean circulation in the past

3090  Reconstruction of the Atlantic Circulation Back to the Last Interglacial by a Combined Proxy Approach
Böhm E, Lippold J, Weyer S, Gutjahr M & Mangini A
3091  Simulations of Glacial/Interglacial Cycles with Simple Box-Models. Key Triggers for Deglaciations
Herrero C, Garcia-Olivares A & Pelegri JL
3092  Tracing Water Masses with Radiogenic Isotopes: Water Column and Fe-Mn Crust Records from the Eastern Equatorial Pacific Ocean
Heuer L, Frank M, Eisenhauer A & Christl M
3093  Late Cenozoic History of Deep Water Circulation in the Western North Pacific: Evidence from Nd Isotopes of Ferromangnese Crusts
Hu R, Chen T & Ling H
3094  Neodymium Isotopic Composition of Gorgonian Corals as Reliable Tool to Reconstruct Water Mass Circulation
Montagna P, Lopez Correa M, Goldstein S, McCulloch M, Freiwald A, Taviani M, Trotter J & Raddatz J
3095  The Evolution of Surface, Intermediate and Deep Water Connections during the Closure of the Central American Seaway
Osborne A, Frank M & Tiedemann R
3096  Rare Earth Element Association with Foraminifera
Roberts N, Piotrowski A, Eglinton T & Lomas M
3097  Fractionated Enrichment of Zr-Hf and Nb-Ta in Ferromanganese Crusts
Schmidt K, Bau M & Koschinsky A