Program for Session 17i

Thursday 18th August PM: Floor 3 / Poster Area

17i (Poster): Linking "Omics" to biogeochemical fluxes

3105  Oxygen Isotope Modification through Assimilatory Sulphur Cycling
Tostevin R, Turchyn AV, Smith AG, Zori M, Howe CJ & Lea-Smith D
3106  Molecular Characterization of Soil Organic Matter by Laser-Desorption Ionization Fourier-Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry (LDI-FT-ICR-MS)
Abiven S, Fuchser J, Schmidt MWI & Dittmar T
3107  Genetic and Functional Properties of Uncultivated Miscellaneous Crenarchaeota Group (MCG): Implication from the Metagenome Analysis
Wang F-P, Meng J, Zheng Y-P, Qin D, Xu J & Xiao X

Friday 19th August PM: Floor 2 / Forum Hall

17i (Oral): Linking "Omics" to biogeochemical fluxes
Session chaired by Peter Girgius, Jutta Niggemann & Thorsten Dittmar

14:00  Linking Geochemistry to Microbial Community Structure and Function in Sulfidic Geothermal Systems of Yellowstone National Park
Jay Z, Planer-Friedrich B, Rusch D & Inskeep W
14:15  Insights into Marine Microbial Communities that Couple Anaerobic Biogeochemical Cycles to Remote Oxidants
Girguis P, Song P & Nielsen M
14:30  Controls on Microbes in an Actively Venting Chimney and in Low-Temperature Hydrothermal Fluids
Perner M & LaRoche J
14:45  Enzymatic Extracellular Superoxide in Microbial Mn(II) Oxidation
Learman D & Hansel C
15:00  Sulfate Reduction in Peatlands – Ecophysiology of a Rare Microorganism that Contributes to a Process with Increasing Importance for the Global Climate
Pester M, Hausmann B, Deevong P, Wagner M & Loy A
15:15  Coupling Isotope Labelling with Compound Specific Stable Isotope Analysis of Microbial Biomarkers
Dippold M, Apostel C, Sauheitl L, Glaser B & Kuzyakov Y
15:30  “Geo-Metabolomics” – A Key for Understanding Function and Reactivity of Dissolved Organic Matter
Niggemann J, Gerdts G & Dittmar T
15:45  Comparison of Internal and External Metabolites Produced by a Diatom
Kujawinski E, Kido Soule M & Longnecker K
16:00  Compositional and Structural Dynamics of Dissolved Organic Matter in Taihu Lake, China
Hertkorn N, Zhang F, Schmitt-Kopplin P, Fekete A, Gaspar A, Wu Y & Zhang J
16:15  Assessing the Role of Microorganisms in Biogeochemical Processes by Protein Immunodetection Using nanoSIMS
Milucka J, Polerecky L, Lieberwirth I, Schüler M, Keil T, Vagner T, Widdel F & Kuypers M
16:30  Isotopic Analysis of Microarrays to Link Microbial Identity and Function
Mayali X, Weber PK, Brodie EL, Mabery S, Hoeprich PD & Pett-Ridge J