Program for Session 20j

Thursday 18th August PM: Floor 4 / Poster Area

20j (Poster): Structure, elasticity and thermodynamics of minerals

4010  The Roentgenoluminescence of Feldspars from Granitoids of the Kolyvan'-Tomsk Folded Belt as a Typomorphic Character
Boroznovskaya N, Nebera T, Konovalenko S, Bayova A & Zherebetskaya O
4011  Using Mössbauer Spectra to Characterize and Differentiate Tourmaline Crystals from China
Guo Y, Yang S, Min J, Wang L & Xia Y
4012  Clay Minerals Deposit of Halakabad (Sabzevar, Iran)
Hashemi SM
4013  Formation of a Layered FeIII (Hydr)oxide Intercalated with Dodecanoate
Huang L-Z, Ayala-Luis K, Bender Koch C & Hansen HCB
4014  Optimization of Thermodynamic Properties and Phase Diagrams of P2O5 and CaO-P2O5 Systems
Hudon P & Jung I-H
4015  Interperetaion of Microtexture and Microstructure in the Dynamic Metamorphic Rocks in Mouteh Mine area,Iran
Mousavi SZ & Panahi K
4016  Measuring the Elastic Properties Under Simulated Earth's Mantle Conditions
Mueller HJ, Lauterjung J, Schilling FR, Lathe C & Wehber M
4017  The Elasticity of Hydrous Minerals in the Lower Mantle
Pamato MG, Boffa Ballaran T, Frost DJ, Kurnosov A & Trots DM
4018  Micro-Xrd and ICP-MS Analysis of Sub-Milligram Sized Mineral Samples
Ross KC & Kamber BS
4019  Zircon as a Raman Spectroscopic Pressure Sensor
Schmidt C, Steele-MacInnis M & Wilke M
4020  Spectroscopic Studies of Silicate Minerals from North-Eastern India
Saikia BJ & Sharma NC
4021  Determining the Porosity of Analcime by X-Ray Reflectometry
Ulyashev V
4022  Composition and Structure of the 3.65 Å Phase: A DHMS with Exclusively Six-Fold Coordinated Si
Wunder B, Wirth R, Koch-Müller M & Jahn S
4023  Structure and Stability of Nickel Hydroxide at High T-P Conditions
Xu H, Hickmott D, Zhang J, Zhao Y, Vogel S & Daemen L
4024  Automated Fitting of XRD Profiles of Interstratified Phyllosilicates
Yuan H & Bish D

Friday 19th August AM: Ground Floor / Small Theatre

20j (Oral): Structure, elasticity and thermodynamics of minerals
Session chaired by Michael A. Carpenter, Tiziana Boffa Ballaran & Alan Woodland

09:30  Medal: Tilts Without Tears – Structure and Elasticity of Feldspars
Angel R
10:15  Keynote: The Nanoscale Structure of Complex Perovskite-Type Oxides with Superb Dielectric Properties
Mihailova B
10:45  Structural Distortion of MgSiO3 Perovskite and the Influence of Fe and Al at Pressures of the Earth's Lower Mantle
Boffa Ballaran T, Kurnosov A, Glazyrin K, Merlini M, Hanfland M & Frost DJ
11:00  Raman Spectroscopic Insight into Structural Changes in Berlinite with High Pressure and Temperature
Watenphul A & Schmidt C
11:15  A Novel Technique for F/OH Apatite Series Synthesis and Early Results on Thermodynamic Mixing Properties of Fluor-Hydroxylapatite Solid Solutions
Hovis G
11:30  Na-Bearing Majoritic Garnets in the System Mg3Al2Si5O12–Na2MgSi5O12 at 11−20 GPa: Solid Solutions and Structural Peculiarities
Bobrov A, Dymshits A, Bindi L, Litasov K, Shatskiy A, Ohtani E & Litvin Y
11:45  Elastic Anomalies due to Spin State Transitions in Cobaltate Perovskites: Analogue Behaviour for Fe2+ in (Mg,Fe)SiO3
Zhang Z, Koppensteiner J, Schranz W & Carpenter MA
12:00  Anelastic Processes in Minerals at High Temperature: Examples of Quartz and Spinel
Redfern S, Peng Z, Walsh J & Daraktchiev M
12:15  Elasticity and Anelasticity of Relaxor Ferroelectrics
Carpenter M, Bryson J, Kisi E, Farnsworth S & Catalan G

Friday 19th August PM: Ground Floor / Small Theatre

20j (Oral): Structure, elasticity and thermodynamics of minerals
Session chaired by Michael A. Carpenter, Tiziana Boffa Ballaran & Alan Woodland

14:00  Structural Systematics of Mg-Fe2+-bearing Spinels and Spinelloids
Woodland A, Angel R & Koch M
14:15  The Crystal Chemistry of (As,Sb,Bi)-bearing Dumortierite
Groat L, Evans J, Grew E & Pieczka A
14:30  The Effect of Pressure on Tetrahdral Tilting in Feldspars
Sochalski-Kolbus L & Angel R