Program for Session 18c

Wednesday 17th August PM: Floor 4 / Poster Area

18c (Poster): Accurate and Consistent Time-Keeping in Geological History

4001  High-Precision Age for the Haifanggou Formation and its Implications for the Coevolution of Plants and Atmospheric CO2
Chang S-C, Zhang H, Hemming S, Mesko G & Fang Y
4002  Synthetic ‘Age Solutions’, Reference Materials for U-Th Geochronology
Condon D, Henderson G, Richards D & Woodhead J
4003  Re-Os Geochronology of Lacustrine Organic-Rich Sedimentary Rocks: Systematics and Implications
Cumming V, Selby D & Lillis P
4004  Intercalibration of Ar-Ar Standards and Samples at LDEO
Hemming S, Tsukui K, Mesko G, Ali G, Cai Y, Adler A, Campbell S, Crapster-Pregont E, Doherty C, Gombiner J, Russell J, Templeton J, Tremblay M & Vankeuren M
4005  A New Highly Effective Silicagel Emitter for Lead Isotopic Measurements
Huyskens M, Iizuka T & Amelin Y
4006  SHRIMP Studies of the Uranium Oxide-Based U/Pb SIMS Calibration
Magee C
4007  VisualAge: A Novel Approach to U-Pb LA-ICP-MS Geochronology
Petrus JA & Kamber BS
4008  Combined U-Pb Zircon Dating and Apatite Trace Element Compositions Applied to Paleozoic Tephrochronology
Sell B & Samson S

Thursday 18th August AM: Ground Floor / Small Hall

18c (Oral): Accurate and Consistent Time-Keeping in Geological History
Session chaired by Dan Condon, Fin Stuart & Claudine Stirling

09:30  The Evolving Landscape of U-Series Sea Level Chronologies
Dutton A
09:45  Best Practices for Ensuring Consistent Coral Geochronology
Thompson WG
10:00  Time Constraint on Brunhes-Matuyama Inversion Infered by U-Series Disequilibrium
Ghaleb B, Falguères C, Pozzi J-P, Rousseau L, Carlut J & Boudad L
10:15  Taking Advantage of Both U-Th and U-Pb Disequilibrium Methods for Speleothem Geochronology
Richards D, Smith C, Smart P, Farrant A, Parrish R & Ford D
10:30  Evaluating 238U/235U in U-Bearing Accessory Minerals: Implications for U-Pb Geochronology
Hiess J, Condon D, Noble S, Horstwood M, McLean N & Mattinson J
10:45  Further Progress Towards Synchronizing Geochronometers
Renne P
11:00  The Manicouagan Impact Crater: A Site for Testing the Accuracy of Revisions to the K-Ar System
Mark D & Morgan L
11:15  Improving the Accuracy of the 40Ar/39Ar Geochronometer
Morgan L, Mark D, Kuiper K, Postma O, Villa I & Wijbrans J
11:30  Toward Establishing Precise Chronologies for the Integration of Late Pleistocene Palaeoclimate Archives: An Example from Suigetsu SG06, Japan
Smith V, Mark D, Staff R, Blockley S, Bronk Ramsey C, Bryant C, Nakagawa T, Kim KH, Weh A, Takemura K & Danhara T
11:45  Development of a Micro-Interdigitated Electrode Array for Use in High Precision TIMS-Based Isotope Ratio Determinations
Farmer GL & Verplanck E
12:00  Pairing Re-Os Geochronology and Biostratigraphy – Dating Fossils
Hannah JL, Stein HJ, Yang G & Maletz J
12:15  Possible Rhenium Fractionation during Standard Re-Os Dissolution and Chemical Separation Procedures
Zimmerman A, Georgiev S, Yang G, Stein H & Hannah J