Program for Session 14a

Thursday 18th August PM: Floor 3 / Poster Area

14a (Poster): Critical zone processes at multiple scales

3001  Geochemical Study of the Stone Deterioration in a Granitic Monument of Oporto, Northern Portugal
Lobo J & Almeida A
3002  Shale to Soil: Geochemistry and Clay Mineral Transformations
April R, Lemon S & Keller D
3003  Integrating Multi-Scale Experiments and Modeling to Couple Biotic Weathering at Nano and Global Scales
Bridge J, Taylor L, Banwart S, Leake J, Beerling D, McMaster T & Benning L
3004  Si Isotope Signatures in Soils by UV Femtosecond Laser Ablation
Steinhoefel G, Breuer J, von Blanckenburg F, Horn I, Kaczorek D & Sommer M
3005  Long-Term Versus Short-Term Weathering Fluxes in Contrasting Lithologies at the Luquillo Critical Zone Observatory, Puerto Rico
Buss H, White A, Blum A, Schulz M & Vivit D
3006  Mass-Dependent Fractionation and Mass-Independent Fractionation of Hg Isotopes in Aqueous Environment
Chen J-B, Hintelmann H & Feng X-B
3007  Geochemical Expression of Buried Iron-Oxide Copper Gold Mineralisation within Physical and Chemical Interfaces of the Deep Cover at the Hillside Prospect, South Australia
Dietman BJ & Hill S
3008  Irreducible Uncertainty in Estimates of Silicate Mineral Weathering Rates
Futter M, Klaminder J, Lucas R & Köhler S
3009  Speciation of Trace Elements in Strengbach Soil Solutions by Ultrafiltration
Gangloff S, Stille P & Chabaux F
3010  Dissolution Rates of Plagioclase Feldspars as a Function of Solution Composition
Gudbrandsson S, Wolff-Boenisch D, Gislason S & Oelkers E
3011  Colloidal Processes in Gold Transport and Deposition
Hough R
3012  Ni and Cr Speciation in Soils Formed on Ultramafic Rocks from Barberton Greenstone Belt (South Africa)
Jerzykowska I & Michalik M
3013  Sedimentary Basin Acid Sulfate Weathering: Its Recognition and Palaeo-Environmental Implications in the Eucla Basin, South Australia
Johnson A, Hill SM, Chittleborough D & Mitchell D
3014  Trends in Buffer Capacity, pH and Al at the Swedish Integrated Monitoring Sites
Köhler SJ, Zetterberg T, Futter M, Fölster J & Löfgren S
3015  Solute Compositions and Fluid Residence Times along an Erosional Gradient, Middle Fork of the Feather River, CA
Kouba C, Maher K, Mayer K, Yoo K, Weinman B, Mudd S & Attal M
3016  Role of Fe- and Mn- Redox Coupling on the Carbon Cycle in a Mixed Land Use Watershed: Christina River Basin Critical Zone Observatory
Lazareva O, Sparks DL, Aufdenkampe A, Yoo K, Hicks S & Kan J
3017  SoilTrEC: An International Consortium to Assess Soil Processes and Functions Using a Global Network of Critical Zone Observatories
Menon M, Chabaux F, Lundin L, Novak M, Brandao M, Nikolaidis N, Panagos P, van Gaans P, Kram P, Blum W, deRuiter P, Bernasconi S, Rousseva S, White T, Ragnarsdóttir KV, van Riemdijk W, Banwart S, Reynolds B & Lair G
3018  Geochemical and Physical Characterisation of Palaeo and Contemporary Redox Interfaces within Late Palaeozoic Sediment Sequences in South Australia
Normington V, Hill S & Dart RC
3019  Long Term Chemical Variations in Stream Waters Draining a Granitic Catchment (1986-2010). Link between Hydrology and Weathering (Strengbach Catchment, France)
Pierret M-C, Viville D, Chabaux F, Stille P & Probst A
3020  Human Impact on Global Element Cycles
Sen I & Peucker-Ehrenbrink B
3021  Effects of Diagenesis in Triassic Limestone of Opolskie Voivodesip
Stanienda K
3022  How Deep is Deep? Plant Biogeochemistry for Detecting Deep Mineralisation
van der Hoek B, Hill SM & Dart RC
3023  Cryogenic Cave Carbonates – A New Tool for Estimation of Former Permafrost Depths
Zak K, Filippi M, Zivor R & Richter DK

Friday 19th August AM: Floor 2 / Terrace 2

14a (Oral): Critical zone processes at multiple scales
Session chaired by Heather Buss & Jérôme Gaillardet

09:30  Keynote: Integrating Climate and Landscape Controls on Regolith Depth, Chemistry and Mineral Assemblage
Rasmussen C, Lybrand R, Jardine A, Pelletier J, Troch P & Chorover J
10:00  Invited: Quantifying Rates and Mechanisms of Shale Weathering Across a Continental-Scale Climosequence
Brantley SL, Dere A & White T
10:15  Influence of Soil Shielding on Local to Global Chemical Weathering Rates
Hartmann J, Moosdorf N & Lauerwald R
10:30  Invited: The Effect of Time and Climate on Volcanic Soil Formation
Gislason S, Eiriksdottir E, Alfredsson H, Sigfússon B, Jones M & Oelkers E
10:45  Invited: Assessing the Factors Controlling the Temporal Variations of Weathering Fluxes in a Tropical Watershed: Mule-Hole (South India)
Riotte J, Braun J-J, Maréchal JC, Violette A, Deschamps P, Ruiz L, Lagane C, Muddu S, Subramanian S, Kumar C & Audry S
11:00  Invited: Seasonal Magnesium Isotope Variations in Soil Solutions Reflecting Physico-Chemical Processes Controlling Soil Weathering Fluxes
Opfergelt S, Georg B, Burton K, Guicharnaud R, Siebert C, Gislason S & Halliday A
11:15  Invited: Probing the Silicon Isotope Signature of Supply Limited Chemical Weathering in the Cordillera Central of Costa Rica
West AJ, Opfergelt S, James R, Pogge von Strandmann P & Burton K
11:30  Agriculture’s Impact on the Si Cycle by Accelerated Biomineralisation
Sullivan L & Parr J
11:45  Modeling of Soil Degradation in the Czech Critical Zone Observatories
Kram P & Hruska J
12:00  Assessing Organic Carbon Distribution in the Koiliaris Critical Zone Catchment (Greece) by Using Geostatistical Techniques
Aksoy E, Panagos P, Nikolaidis N & Montanarella L
12:15  Invited: Christina River Basin Critical Zone Observatory: Carbon-Mineral Interactions from Molecular to Basin Scales in the Anthropocene
Yoo K, Aufdenkampe A, Chen C & Sparks D