Program for Session 22c

Wednesday 17th August PM: Floor 4 / Poster Area

22c (Poster): General Biogeochemistry

4075  Tracing the Geographical Origin of Beefs Based on Carbon and Oxygen Isotopes
Bong Y-S, Lee K-S & Shin W-J
4076  Research on Pretreatment of Highly Concentrated Dye-Printing Wastewater Using Surplus Sludge Together with Powder Ash
Chen J
4077  Coupled Geochemical and Foraminiferal Response to Environmental Changes during the Deposition of Upper Cretaceous Oil Shale in the Negev, Israel
Illner P, AshckenaziI-Polivoda S, Berner Z, Abramovich S, Almogi-Labin A & Feinstein S
4078  Determining the Geographical Origin of Ginseng Using Strontium Isotopes, Multielements, and Metabolite Analysis
Lee A-R, Gautam M, Shin W-J, Choi M-S, Bong Y-S & Lee K-S
4079  MUMIA VERA – Vera Mumia?
Scholz-Böttcher B, Rullkötter J & Nissenbaum A
4080  Provenance Discrimination of Plants from Three Bedrock Types Using Strontium Isotopes and Chemical Analysis
Song B-R, Gautam M, Shin W-J, Choi M & Lee K-S
4081  Biomineralization and Growth Mechanism of Morphologically Controlled Strontium Carbonate
Sreedhar B, Satya Vani C, Keerthi Devi D & Parthasarathy G
4082  UV-Vis Absorbance, Fluorescence and Concentration of Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) of Sea-Surface Microlayer Samples Collected at Okinawa, Japan
Toyama Y, Miyagi Y & Arakaki T
4083  Readily Available Acidity in Schwertmannite
Vithana C, Sullivan L, Bush R & Burton E
4084  Determination on Nitrate Use Capacity in Plants via Isotope Tracer
Wu Y

Thursday 18th August PM: Floor 2 / Terrace 2

22c (Oral): General Biogeochemistry
Session chaired by Juraj Farkas

15:30  Composition of Hippopotamid Enamel: Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction and Enamel Formation
Brügmann G, Krause J, Brachert T, Kulmer O & Ssemmanda I
15:45  Organic Geochemical Analysis of the Impact of Cadaver Burial on Soil
Ismail SS, Bull I & Evershed R
16:00  Molecular-Level Studies of Fe(III) in Aquatic Systems
Karlsson T, Persson P & Skyllberg U
16:15  Biogas Generating Simulation from Source Rock and Oil in Jiyang Depression, Bohai bay Basin, China
Luo X, Hou LH, Yang C & Wang JH
16:30  Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Pollutant Mass Transport in Biofilms
Ramanan B, Holmes W, Sloan W & Phoenix V
16:45  Biogeochemical Characteristics and Environmental Effects of Low Molecular-Weight Organic Acids in Lacustrine Ecosystem
Xiao M & Wu F