Program for Session 15h

Wednesday 17th August PM: Floor 1 / Panorama Hall

15h (Oral): Submarine hydrothermal processes and alteration of the oceanic lithosphere
Session chaired by Frieder Klein, Marguerite Godard, Gretchen L. Früh-Green & Niels Jöns

15:30  Keynote: Serpentinization and Hydrogen Generation
McCollom T, Klein F, Bach W, Jons N & Templeton A
15:45  Iron Speciation in Serpentine during Oceanic-Type Serpentinization
Andreani M, Munoz M, Marcaillou C & Delacour A
16:00  On Organic Synthesis Reactions Driven by Serpentinization
Hentscher M, Bach W & Klein F
16:15  The Stability of Amino Acids Under Redox-Constrained Hydrothermal Conditions
Lee N, Foustoukos D, Sverjensky D, Cleaves HJ, Klochko K & Hazen R
16:30  Microbial Utilization of the Products of Serpentinization at the Lost City Hydrothermal Field
Lang S, Fruh-Green G, Bernasconi S, Butterfield D, Lilley M, Proskurowski G & Mehay S
16:45  Cryptoendolithic Colonization in the Hydrating Mantle along Mid Ocean Ridges
Pasini V, Ménez B & Brunelli D

Wednesday 17th August PM: Floor 3 / Poster Area

15h (Poster): Submarine hydrothermal processes and alteration of the oceanic lithosphere

3001  Rutile Included in the Podiform Chromitite from Ocean Floor at MAR 15°20’N FZ, Site 1271, ODP Leg 209
Abe N
3002  Growth-Zoned Chromian Spinel in Rodingite: Evidence for Cr Mobility in Hydrothermal Solution
Akizawa N, Arai S, Tamura A & Uesugi J
3003  Modeling of Ultramafic-Hosted Hydrothermal Systems Using CAST3M
Perez F, Charlou JL, Jean-Baptiste P & Mugler C
3004  Polyphase Serpentinization History of Mariana Forearc Mantle: Observations on Ultramafic Clasts from ODP Leg 195, Site 1200
Kahl W-A, Jöns N, Bach W & Klein F
3005  Low Temperature Alteration of Serpentinized Dunite; A Case Study from the Leka Ophiolite Complex
Økland I, Thorseth I, Huang S & Pedersen RB
3006  Microbial Life Associated with Low Temperature Alteration of Ultramafic Rocks in the Leka Ophiolite Complex
Daae FL, Thorseth I, Dahle H, Jørgensen SL & Pedersen RB
3007  A Profile of Multiple Sulfur Isotopes for the Oman Ophiolite
Oeser M, Strauss H, Peters M, Wolff E, Koepke J, Garbe-Schönberg D & Dietrich M
3008  Hydrothermal Circulation and Post-Obduction Hydration & Carbonation of Oceanic Lithosphere – 87Sr/86Sr and Oxygen Isotopic Study of Oman Ophiolite
Chen C, Andronicos C, Cathles L & White W
3009  High–Temperature Hydrothermal Activity in the Lower Oceanic Crust: Petrological and Geochemical Evidence for Fluid Pathways in the Oman Ophiolite
Wolff PE, Garbe-Schönberg D, Koepke J & Streuff K
3010  Fluid and Temperature Conditions in an Oceanic Detachment Fault Footwall: Insights from Late-Stage Mineral Veins (ODP Leg 304/305)
Jöns N, Bach W, Rosner M & Plessen B
3011  Dolomitization of Serpentinized Harzburgite from the Atlantis Massif
Klein F
3012  Spatial and Temporal Variability of Fluid and Gas Chemical Composition at the Lucky Strike Hydrothermal Vent Site (Mid-Atlantic Ridge)
Chavagnac V, Boulart C, Monnin C & Castillo A
3013  Compositions of Phyllosilicates from the TAG Hydrothermal System at 26°N on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge as Guide to Subseafloor Entrainment of Seawater: Results from ODP Leg 158
Shu L, Bach W, Klügel A & Jöns N
3014  Analysis of As and Sb in Samples from Turtle Pits Hydrothermal Field Using New Standard Material
Wohlgemuth-Ueberwasser CC, Schuth S, Berndt J & Viljoen F
3015  Sulfur and Strontium Isotope Study of Hydrothermal Mineralization from the SE Afar Rift
Moussa N, Rouxel O, Nonnotte P, Fouquet Y, Ponzevera E & Etoubleau J

Thursday 18th August AM: Floor 1 / Panorama Hall

15h (Oral): Submarine hydrothermal processes and alteration of the oceanic lithosphere
Session chaired by Frieder Klein, Marguerite Godard, Gretchen L. Früh-Green & Niels Jöns

09:30  H2-rich Fluids Issued from the Kulo Lasi Volcano: A New Active Hydrothermal Field Recently Discovered in the South-West Pacific
Charlou JL, Donval JP, Konn C, Guyader V & Fouquet Y
09:45  Discovery of New Hydrothermal Active Fields in the South-West Pacific. Organic Geochemistry of the Fluids
Konn C, Charlou J-L, Donval J-P, Birot D, Guyader V, Perez F, Jean-Baptiste P, Fourre E & Fouquet Y
10:00  Phase Separation, Degassing and Anomalous Methane at the Menez Gwen Hydrothermal Field
Reeves E, Prieto X, Hentscher M, Rosner M, Seewald J, Hinrichs K-U & Bach W
10:15  Formation of Barite Chimneys in Hydrothermal Systems
Eickmann B, Peters M, Strauss H, Thorseth IH & Pedersen RB
10:30  Cu, Zn and Fe Isotope Systematics of Low-T Hydrothermal Fe-Si Deposits
Moeller K, Schoenberg R, Thorseth IH & Pedersen R-B
10:45  Calcium Carbonate Veins in Ocean Crust Record a Threefold Increase of Seawater Mg/Ca and Sr/Ca in the Past 30 Million Years
Rausch S, Böhm F, Eisenhauer A, Klügel A & Bach W
11:00  Oceanic Plagiogranites as Products of Hydrothermal Activity at Slow-Spreading Ridges
Koepke J, Wolff E & Feig S
11:15  Chlorine Chemistry of Altered Oceanic Crust
Barnes J
11:30  Secondary Crustal Effects on MORB Composition at the Kolbeinsey Ridge
Elkins L, Sims K, Prytulak J, Mattielli N, Elliott T, Dunbar N, Blichert-Toft J, Devey C, Mertz D, Schilling J-G & Murrell M
11:45  The Ligurian Ophiolite: An Analogue to Marine Serpentinite-Hosted Hydrothermal Systems
Schwarzenbach E, Früh-Green G & Bernasconi S
12:00  Characterization of Hyperalkaline Fluids Produced by Serpentinization of Mantle Peridotites in Oman and in Liguria (Northern Italy)
Monnin C, Chavagnac V, Ceuleneer G, Boulart C & Hoareau G
12:15  The Evolution of a Serpentinizing Environment Inferred from Andradite Vein Networks
Plümper O, Beinlich A, Janots E & Austrheim H