Program for Session 15i

Thursday 18th August PM: Floor 3 / Poster Area

15i (Poster): Metal Stable Isotope Signals in Earth's Oceans and Seas

3024  On the Radiogenic 40Ca Anomaly in Seawater and Limestone
Bender M & Higgins J
3025  Low Molybdenum Isotope Compositions in Euxinic Sapropel S1
Azrieli I, Matthews A, Bar-Matthews M, Almogi-Labin A, Vance D, Archer C & Teutsch N
3026  The Suitability of 236U as an Ocean Tracer
Eigl R, Wallner G, Srncik M, Steier P & Winkler S
3027  Mercury Stable Isotopic Variations in Arctic Ocean Pelagic Sediment
Gleason J, Blum J, Moore T, Polyak L & Jakobsson M
3028  Selenium Adsorption and Associated Selenium Isotope Fractionation
Mitchell K, Couture R-M, Johnson T, Mason P & Van Cappellen P
3029  Isotopic Fractionation of Mg, Ca and Sr in Calcite and Aragonite
Ohno T, Wakabayashi T, Hirata T, Tipper E & Galy A
3030  Equilibrium Se Isotope Fractionation Parameters: A First-Principles Study
Li X & Liu Y
3031  Kinetics of Fe-Isotope Exchange with Pyrite at Hydrothermal Conditions
Syverson D, Seyfried W & Shanks WC
3032  The Evolution of Zn and Cd Isotopes in the South China Sea
Lee D-C, Yang S-C & Ho T-Y
3033  Calcium Isotope Fractionation during Dolomite Formation
Böhm F, Eisenhauer A, Fietzke J, Rausch S, Klügel A & Bach W
3034  100-year Record of 236U/238U in Coral as a Step Towards Establishing 236U as Oceanic Tracer
Winkler S, Carilli J & Steier P
3035  Using Lead Isotopes in Marine Barite to Understand Intermediate Water Dynamics
Erhardt A & Paytan A

Friday 19th August AM: Floor 1 / Panorama Hall

15i (Oral): Metal Stable Isotope Signals in Earth's Oceans and Seas
Session chaired by Thomas Bullen & Matthew Fantle

09:30  Sr Isotopic Composition of Manganese Nodules: Recorder of Cambrian Ocean
Harlavan Y, Bar-Matthews M & Matthews A
09:45  The Strontium Stable Isotope Composition of Seawater during Glacial Intervals
Stevenson E, Burton K, Parkinson I, Anand P, Hathorne E & Mokadem F
10:00  Keynote: Strontium Isotope Fractionation and its Application in Earth System Sciences
Eisenhauer A, Böhm F, Vollstaedt H, Krabbenhöft A, Liebetrau V, Fietzke J, Kisakürek B & Erez J
10:30  Stable Sr Isotopes in Seawater
Galer S, Krabbenhöft A, Abouchami W, Borngässer G & Feldmann H
10:45  The Paleozoic δ88/86Sr-Seawater Record – Quantifying Carbonate Production Rates at Mass Extinction Events
Vollstaedt H, Eisenhauer A, Böhm F, Fietzke J, Krabbenhöft A, Liebetrau V, Farkas J & Veizer J
11:00  Paired Sr Isotope (87Sr/86Sr, δ88/86Sr) Systematic of Pore Water Profiles: A New Perspective in Marine Weathering and Seepage Studies
Liebetrau V, Haeckel M, Eisenhauer A, Scholz F, Hensen C & Reitz A
11:15  Cadmium Isotopic Composition in Cultured Marine Phytoplankton
Gault-Ringold M, Strzepek R, Stirling C, Frew R & Hunter K
11:30  Cd Isotope Fractionation in Some Phytoplankton: A Novel Proxy for Fe Limiting Status in the Oceans
Ho T-Y, Yang S-C & Lee D-C
11:45  Isotopic Fractionation of Cadmium into Calcite
Horner T, Rickaby R & Henderson G
12:00  Cd Behaviour in Arctic Estuarine Systems Using Cd Isotopes and Concentrations Analysis
Lambelet M, Rehkämper M, Van De Flierdt T, Xue Z, Kreissig K, Coles B, Andersson P & Porcelli D
12:15  Biogeochemical Cycling of Cadmium in the Tasman Sea: Constraints from Cadmium Isotopes
Stirling C, Gault-Ringold M, Breitbarth E & Butler E

Friday 19th August PM: Floor 1 / Panorama Hall

15i (Oral): Metal Stable Isotope Signals in Earth's Oceans and Seas
Session chaired by Thomas Bullen & Matthew Fantle

14:00  δ44/40Ca Variability in Modern Shallow Water Carbonates
Holmden C, Papanastassiou D, Blanchon P & Evans S
14:15  Unconstrained Fluxes to the Ocean: Calcium Isotopes in Dust-Producing Regions
Fantle M, Tollerud H, Eisenhauer A & Holmden C
14:30  Chromium Isotopes in the World’s Oceans: Potential Tracers of Redox Environments
Amor K, Galer S, Andersson P & Porcelli D
14:45  Chromium Isotopes in Saanich Inlet Sediments and Waters
Scheiderich K, Holmden C & Francois R
15:00  Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation in Pelagic Euxinia: Evidence from the Modern Black and Baltic Seas
Nägler TF, Neubert N, Böttcher ME, Dellwig O & Schnetger B
15:15  Marine Mo Isotope Inventory: The Role of Igneous Rock Weathering
Voegelin AR, Nägler TF, Neubert N, Pettke T, Steinmann M & Pourret O
15:30  Causes and Consequences of Isotopically Heavy Dissolved Molybdenum in Rivers
Vance D, Keech A, Matthews A & Archer C
15:45  Abiotic and Biotic Control of the δ65Cu and δ66Zn Composition of Seawater
Little S, Vance D & Sherman D
16:00  Fe and S Isotope Compositions of Hydrothermal Sulfides from the Northern Lau Basin
Sreenivas B, Ray D, Paropkari AL, Mazumdar A, Vijaya Gopal B, Surya Prakash L, Balu G & Bhaskar Rao YJ
16:15  Fractionation of 238U/235U during Weathering and Hydrothermal Alteration
Noordmann J, Weyer S, Sharma M, Georg B, Rausch S & Bach W
16:30  Pb Concentrations, Stable Isotopes and 210Pb in Seawater, Phytoplankton, Zooplankton, Sardines, Anchovy from the Gulf of Lion
Strady E, Veron A, Chiffoleau JF & Radakovitch O
16:45  Modelling Vertical Stable Isotope and Elemental Distributions in the Upper Ocean
Reynolds B & de Souza G